10 Inspiring Heather McVea Quotes (Free List)

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Heather McVea quotes

Calina studied Nessa’s profile in the dim light of dawn. Her pulse raced as she formed a question in her mind. “Who do you want to be bothered by?”Calina felt like anything could happen in the silence that followed. It wrapped around Nessa and her, stifling the breath from her body and tightening her throat.Nessa shifted and turned so she was facing Calina. It was too dark for Calina to see Nessa’s eyes, but she could feel them wandering over her face.“You.” The word was exhaled from Nessa as if a great relief had washed over her. “I want to be bothered by you.

— Heather McVea, November’s End

You’ll sacrifice for your child in ways you had never imagined. And they’re not exciting and earth shattering ways, either. They’re small, seemingly insignificant gestures that mean the world to them.

— Heather McVea, Hidden Elements

We’re animals. No shame, no guilt – no sin…

— Heather McVea, Turn Darkly

Trust me, somewhere over the rainbow, happily ever after, etcetera, etcetera – looks far less likely in your mid-thirties.

— Heather McVea, Fallen Elements

Bailey took an exasperated breath and sat up in the seat. “You can’t reason with a teenage girl.”Elise’s eyebrow shot up. “Bailey, you’re a teenage girl.”“Exactly.

— Heather McVea, Hidden Elements

What a waste.” The woman sighed and moved away. Looking at Victoria, she rubbed her thumb and forefinger together absently. “Burn him. Slowly. From the inside out.

— Heather McVea, Dying Forever

I’ve been so careful my whole life that I don’t even want to imagine what I’ve missed.” Sara realized she was speaking so quickly she hadn’t taken a breath, and suddenly felt lightheaded. “I can’t miss you.

— Heather McVea, Waking Forever

You’re candy to her. Something sweet, but nonessential.

— Heather McVea, Becoming Forever

Stop wiggling – you’ll move when I move you.

— Heather McVea, Ela: Forever

It’s a vampire cabal and I’m feeling like the odd human out…or lunch.

— Heather McVea, Dying Forever

I miss the days of burning your kind at the stake. For generations we have settled for financial ruin and ostracization of your whorish ancestors – but know this, I will personally gut you and put your head on a pike in my parlor.

— Heather McVea, Fallen Elements