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Karen Hawkins quotes

Tis a sad day when ye ha’ t’ pinch yerself t’ see if ye’re awake or in th’ midst o’ a night terror. ‘Tis a really sad day when ye have t’ pinch yerself twice.”Old woman Nora to her three wee granddaughters on a cold winter’s night

— Karen Hawkins, Sleepless in Scotland

Once ye made up yer mind to do somethin’, ’tis better t’stumble o’er the small hillock of jump-ahead than t’bash yer head on the jagged rocks of did-nothing.Old Woman Nora of Loch Lomand to her three wee granddaughtersone cold evening

— Karen Hawkins, To Catch a Highlander

Old Woman Nora of Loch LomondTo her three wee Grandaughters one cold night.

— Karen Hawkins

Men think they like to be challenged. The truth is, they only like to be challenged if they win.

— Karen Hawkins, How to Capture a Countess

No woman worth her salt would listen to a proposal without the word ‘love’ in it.

— Karen Hawkins, How to Capture a Countess

He slipped his tongue between her lips and thrust it wantonly inside her mouth over and over, echoing the enticing move of his hips against hers. She clutched him closer, reveling in the feel of him, and the fact that she’d made him moan for her, whisper her name over and over, beg her without words for more. To kiss him more. To touch him more.

— Karen Hawkins, The Princess Wore Plaid

With a hoarse moan, he swept her against him, kissing her wildly, passionately, his mouth promising and teasing, as if her kiss had broken the dam that had held back his passion.

— Karen Hawkins, The Princess Wore Plaid

Buchan had discovered a wealth of small tidbits. He now knew her first name – Tatiana. Like Shakespeare’s fairy queen. “Be she but little, she is fierce.

— Karen Hawkins, The Princess Wore Plaid

It was a chaste kiss, but as her lips brushed his warm cheek, her eyes met his. They were deep and dark, warm with passion and longing. And somehow she knew, without question, what he thought. What he felt. Time held its breath – and in that moment, looking into Buchan’s warm, tormented gaze, Tatiana’s heart awoke.

— Karen Hawkins, The Princess Wore Plaid

You don’t have to say a thing except yes. You don’t have to do anything, either, I’m quite willing to plan it all.” “You?””Yes me.””You’d plan all of it? Even the wedding?””Why not?””You don’t even like to plan your own breakfast.”He grinned. “You mean more to me tban bacon.””More than [i]bacon?[/i] I’m honored.””You should be, my foolish pea brain.

— Karen Hawkins, The Taming of a Scottish Princess

I’ve often thought it unfair that women are expected to stay at home when there’s a fight to be won. If awoman has the strength to bear a child, she can swing a sword as well as any man.

— Karen Hawkins, How to Abduct a Highland Lord

From the Diary of the Duchess of RoxburgheI vow, I cannot seem to walk past a window without seeing my great-nephew carrying Miss Balfour somewhere. All great romantic poems have such scenes where the hero, in a fit of passion, sweeps the heroine off her feet. Sadly, it appears that Sin’s technique is questionable.I’m surprised that, with all of his supposed experience with the gentler sex, he doesn’t realize that women do not like to be carried in a way that musses their hair and leaves them with unattractively red faces. Sadly, yet another conversation I shall have to have with that boy.

— Karen Hawkins, How to Capture a Countess