15 Quotes about Love by Kristen Ashley (Free list)

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Kristen Ashley quotes about love

And I wake up happy, baby, because I possess beauty and I own that beauty in all the forms it can take and the least important of those are physical.

— Kristen Ashley, Knight

I’ve shared more breakfasts with you thanany woman I’ve dated in the last year and a half, ” Mitch returned.“I know what you look like in the morning. I know what you act likewhen you come home tired after work. I know that you pick the leastexpensive thing on the menu either to be nice or to be annoying inorder to put me off. But I think it’s to be nice because youare nice and also both times you thought you’d be spendingtime with just me, you dressed in a way that would not, in any way, put me off. I know you cuddle when you’re sleeping. I know you takeonly milk in your coffee and you make coffee strong. I know you’rereally good with kids. And I know that you use music and scents toregulate your mood. So I’m thinking this is not a first date. Thisis more like us hittin’ the six month mark. And the six month markis when you stop talkin’ about shit that really doesn’t matter andstart talkin’ about shit that means everything.

— Kristen Ashley

Sweet dreams, baby, ” he whispered into myhair, his arm giving me a squeeze. “See you onthe other side.”“You too, Captain, ” I whispered…’Lauren and Tate, in Sweet Dreams

— Kristen Ashley

The heart sometimes doesn’t care about limits.

— Kristen Ashley, Fire Inside

He flipped it open, gently tugged out the oft-touched photo and looked into a pair of familiar golden eyes. “She’s happy, Andie, ” he whispered to his wife. Andromeda Quinn did what she always did. She smiled back at him, her beautiful eyes lit with that bright, golden light Harold Quinn loved so fucking much.

— Kristen Ashley, The Golden Dynasty

Food is love, ” I replied.”No, babe, it ain’t. But makin’ it for the ones you love so they can brag about it is, ” Take returned.

— Kristen Ashley, Sweet Dreams

I’d eat a picnic in Hades with him.

— Kristen Ashley, The Will

Yeah, you lose this attitude, I can help you work that hurt out.”Who was this man? He held onto his tragedy for seventeen fucking years, how could he stand there and tell mehe could help me work through mine?“Really, Joe? Like you helped me work out my grief at losing Tim?” I asked sarcastically.“That’s not what I was offerin’, buddy, but you want it like that I’ll give it to you.”“You’re unbelievable, ” I snapped.“I’m yours.”That socked me in the gut too, so hard it winded me and all I could do was stare up at him.Taking advantage, his face dipped close and his hands curled around both sides of my head.“First fuckin’ time you smiled at me in my bed, that’s when it happened, ” he murmured.

— Kristen Ashley, At Peace

Because he tells me. All the fucking time. I’m precious to him and I know it because he shows me and he tells me. It’s beautiful. It’s real. It’s right.

— Kristen Ashley, Own the Wind

I’d had a really bad day and you hurt me.”His hand at my jaw tensed and he kept whispering when he said, “I’ll probably do it again, Red, because I’m a man and any man can be a dick. But I won’t do it like that, not again. I know you got softunder that attitude and I’ll have a mind to that.

— Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

Being on the moon is about harnessing science and technology. Waveless waterbeds are about harnessing nature and that, by definition, is not natural, ” I shot back.“Babe, you’re not lyin’ on a miracle, ” he said through a lip twitch.“No, I’m lying under one.

— Kristen Ashley, Fire Inside

You love me?”Baby, you were made for me.

— Kristen Ashley, Knight

Seriously. Who needed a real lover when you had a handsome, affectionate man who adored you, put a beautiful house over your head, gave you a great job, lavished you with fabulous clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry and would never break your heart?

— Kristen Ashley, Play It Safe

May feel like you’re falling’, Tabby, but remember, I’m at the bottom ready to catch you.

— Kristen Ashley, Own the Wind

The library serves as a gathering place for friends whoshare the love of books. It further serves as a resource for those who escape the pressure of everydaylife, doing it by losing themselves in the written word.

— Kristen Ashley, Breathe

You’d throw yourself in front of a bus for me.”She would and he knew it.He knew it and she knew that he felt that knowledge burrow deep and he liked it.Elle felt tears stinging the backs of her eyes, her body melted into his, her arms tightened around him and she whispered back, “Yes, Pren, though I hope I never get the chance.

— Kristen Ashley, Fairytale Come Alive