8 Quotes about Death by Philip Larkin (Free list)

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Philip Larkin quotes about death

What will survive of us is love.

— Philip Larkin, The Whitsun Weddings

Time has transfigured them intoUntruth. The stone fidelityThey hardly meant has come to beTheir final blazon, and to proveOur almost-instinct almost true:What will survive of us is love.

— Philip Larkin

I’m terrified of the thought of time passing (or whatever is meant by that phrase) whether I ‘do’ anything or not. In a way I may believe, deep down, that doing nothing acts as a brake on ‘time’s – it doesn’t of course. It merely adds the torment of having done nothing, when the time comes when it really doesn’t matter if you’ve done anything or not.

— Philip Larkin, Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica

I seem to walk on a transparent surface and see beneath me all the bones and wrecks and tentacles that will eventually claim me: in other words, old age, incapacity, loneliness, death of others & myself…

— Philip Larkin, Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica

One of the quainter quirks of life is that we shall never know who dies on the same day as we do ourselves.

— Philip Larkin, Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica

he [Llewelyn Powys] has always in mind the great touchstone Death & consequently life is always judged as how far it fits us, or compensates us, for ultimately dying.

— Philip Larkin, Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica

Caught in the center of a soundless fieldWhile hot inexplicable hours go byWhat trap is this? Where were its teeth concealed?You seem to ask.I make a sharp reply, Then clean my stick. I’m glad I can’t explainJust in what jaws you were to suppurate:You may have thought things would come right againIf you could only keep quite still and wait.

— Philip Larkin

Most things may never happen: this one will.

— Philip Larkin, Aubade

life is first boredom, then fear.whether or not we use it, it goes, and leaves what something hidden from us chose, and age, and then the only end of age.

— Philip Larkin, The Whitsun Weddings and Selected Poems of Philip Larkin