9 Inspiring Steven L. Sheppard Quotes (Free List)

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Steven L. Sheppard quotes

Look past our kinship, and towards a romantic relationship!

— Steven L. Sheppard, Byblis And Caunus

Follow your heart, not the law.

— Steven L. Sheppard, Byblis And Caunus

I am a playwright who does not write comedies, or tragedies.

— Steven L. Sheppard

Oh, is that right? You know, a lioness will protect her cub by baring her teeth, by roaring, using her claws to defend her cub if she feels she has to – this mother, has other means. You are standing in the way of my daughter’s best interests. If you try to pick our peach from our family tree, you will be picking a fight. Do you understand me?

— Steven L. Sheppard, The Untold Story Of Pyramus And Thisbe

And you don’t have to pinch me to see if I’m real, either. How about you just place your hand in mine while we walk to the store, then you can see just how real I am, firsthand.

— Steven L. Sheppard, Assia

Oh, Narcissus! My heart beats ink for you.A pulse in every line.It’s your eyesmy words want to be read by, your kind of mindthey would be understood by, your heartthey’d be felt by, and then you’d feel the same way that I do, if only these words could be read or heard by you.

— Steven L. Sheppard, The Untold Story Of Narcissus And Echo

Gosh, even Roark noticed Dominique.

— Steven L. Sheppard, Unrequited Waves

He’s at war with himself. Why doesn’t he surrender to his feelings and stop fighting himself? He has hang-ups that I must cut him loose from.

— Steven L. Sheppard, Byblis And Caunus

You really are exotic, for boys in my country, they do not have such pectorals. I like yours.

— Steven L. Sheppard, The Untold Story Of Iphis And Ianthe

I think I know what he is REALLY doing in there… and thinking about ME while doing it.” (continuing) “But when he thinks of me, he thinks: sister! Think: Byblis! BYBLIS! I don’t think of him as my brother, I think of him as CAUNUS!

— Steven L. Sheppard, Byblis And Caunus