9 Inspiring Tim Liwanag Quotes (Free List)

Tim Liwanag quotes are thought-provoking, memorable and inspiring. From views on society and politics to thoughts on love and life, Tim Liwanag has a lot to say. In this list we present the 9 best Tim Liwanag quotes, in no particular order. Let yourself get inspired!

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Tim Liwanag quotes

Like rain HOPE trickles little by little at a time so that life may spring up when you’re parched.

— Tim Liwanag, Trustful Hope Memes

Perhaps you are experiencing ‘hell on earth’ right now, but you and I are not hopeless. We are not in a desperate state. You don’t have to fear any future hell as well. Jesus has the keys already. He has the power over death and the grave. He is alive forevermore! Look to that. Rest on that always.

— Tim Liwanag, Why Jesus Came To Hell

Life is not just something that happens to us it has its lessons for us.

— Tim Liwanag, Beautiful Life Memes

LOVE— yes, that one never fails!

— Tim Liwanag, Wonderful Love Memes

Because Filipinos are very creative and assiduous people, they will always find a way to make things happen.

— Tim Liwanag, First Filipino World Records

That which was published in the Law, the prophets, and psalms before “God was manifested in flesh”looks forward to Jesus the Christ; what was published after Christ’s ascension looks back to Him as “the Lord God of Israel” who “hath visited and redeemed His people” (Luke 1:68).

— Tim Liwanag, Fulfilled Eschatology

Because Christ’s life-story tells us about God and His complete work, let us learn the meaning of God’s appearance “in the flesh” so that we could know Him better (1 Timothy 3:16).

— Tim Liwanag, Fulfilled Eschatology

Jesus Christ gave the perfect definition for resurrection. Resurrection means ‘passed from death unto life.

— Tim Liwanag, Fulfilled Eschatology

Granted that there is much sin, suffering, and death everywhere, but why should we believe that these “evils” are too strong to be overcome? Why should weseek an unprecedented tribulation or an outbreak of God’s fiery wrath upon the whole inhabited earth instead of an opportunity for sinners to repent and to be reconciled to God?

— Tim Liwanag, Why Jesus Came To Hell

The great design of Jesus’ descent into hell is to rousepeople out of their deep sleep, to deliver them from sin and death.

— Tim Liwanag, Why Jesus Came To Hell