1001 Inspiring Quotes about Dreams

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Dreams quotes

Learn the art of bringing your dreams alive within your own reality.

— Steven Redhead, Life Is A Cocktail

It doesn’t happen every day, but many nights my dreams are like a movie. I don’t see normal movement – I see things in very complicated shots. That’s why I do remember many of them.

— Penelope Cruz

People’s most common regret was living the life others expected of them, rather than having the courage to live a life true to themselves, and realising some dreams had gone unfulfilled as a result.

— Bianca Nogrady, The End: The Human Experience Of Death

Your dreams are like the cement. If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass. But if you leave it exposed and unwatered, the air will easily blow it away!

— Israelmore Ayivor

Working for a company must help individuals achieve their dreams and goals more efficiently and effectively than they could achieve them elsewhere.

— Bill Jensen, Future Strong

If you’re alive, kick into drive. Chase whimsies. See if you can turn dreams into a way to make a living, if not an entire way of life.

— Kevin Smith, Tough Shit: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good

I have always considered myself a person with a gypsy heart, and I Surrender my dreams to my soul, for it’s a free sprit who believes in no boundaries of region and religion.

— Megha Khare, Write like no one is reading 2

Should I tell him that I think dreams never die even when they’re dead?

— Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star

Plans make dreams reality.

— Susan Pace-Koch, Get Out Of My Head, I Should Go To Bed

…and her dreams that didn’t happen, that couldn’t have happened because she’d pinned them on somebody too broken and unattainable to love her back.

— Janette Rallison, My Double Life

Our life dreams the Utopia. Our death achieves the Ideal.

— Victor Hugo

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

— Les Brown

You have to be vigorous. That’s the only way you are going to get it because everybody has dreams and everybody has goals, but the only people who achieve them are the ones that go after it and don’t take no for an answer.

— Nick Cannon

It’s up to you to make your dreams real.

— Beverly K. Bachel, What Do You Really Want?: How to Set a Goal and Go for It! A Guide for Teens

Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.

— Malala Yousafzai

Many do not see that not to have dreams is far worse than seeing that their dreams do not come true.

— Luigina Sgarro

If a man wants his dreams to come true he must wake up.

— Habeeb Akande

I was not looking for my dreams to interpret my life, but rather for my life to interpret my dreams.

— Susan Sontag

One main reason why most dreamers cannot take their dreams off the ground is that they keep their ideas to themselves alone. The fact that you think you can make it alone is the first step to your failure!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Greed squeezes your dreams into a portable size, so that failure can easily carry them to dump somewhere.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Ladder

Don’t stop learning. A time will come when your dreams will go global and you will turn and laugh at how local you’ve been. Start local anyway!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Look beyond what you think is possible for you… Stretch your imagination… Free your creativity… Dare to be different! Become fearless and free! Embrace your dreams with passion!

— Millen Livis

Do It Under the Influence Yourself! That’s what we’re shooting for! Get drunk and make your dreams come true.

— Aziz Ansari

A miracle is when you take action on your written goal, and create reality by working to make it happen. Transform your dreams to the material world by writing your goals, taking action and by being determined to make them happen.

— Mark F. LaMoure

The beauty in our beliefs causes us to let our grassy goals and dreams take root, for sorrow gives seed to success, success blossoms into significance, and significance transcends the seasons that come and go with the whims of the world.

— Kayla Severson, Nature’s 1st Gem Is Green

In dreams you don’t need to make any distinctions between things. Not at all. Boundaries don’t exist. So in dreams there are hardly ever collisions. Even if there are, they don’t hurt. Reality is different. Reality bites. Reality, reality.

— Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

The dreams we dream today will be the light to the generation to come.

— Euginia Herlihy

All things of the body stream away like a river, all things of the mind are dreams and delusion; life is warfare, and a visit to a strange land; the only lasting fame is oblivion.

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

…But I’ve felt your grief, your loss. And though your species is capable of horrors, it’s capable of beauty, too. To end it now would be no better than taking your dreams away; to bring death robs your species of the chance to heal.

— Amie Kaufman, This Shattered World

We must stop talking about the American dream and start listening to the dreams of Americans.

— Max Beerbohm

That’s what noir feels like to me. It feels like some kind of recurring dream, with very strong archetypes operating. You know, the guilty girl being pursued, falling, all kinds of stuff that we see in our dreams all the time.

— Brian De Palma

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.

— Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis

Don’t be like everyone else and pawn your dreams for pennies, because they’ll never give you what it’s truly worth.

— James Jean-Pierre

You must sit down and do a complete analysis of your dreams in order to achieve them

— Sunday Adelaja

Doubt is a cancerous mindset that kills dreams before it becomes a reality. It destroys your passion and enthusiasm before you take a step. Kill doubt with faith.

— Oscar Bimpong

When a child, my dreams rode on your wishes, I was your son, high on your horse, My mind a top whipped by the lashes Of your rhetoric, windy of course.

— Stephen Spender

People are eager to walk in other people’s pair of shoes that does not fit them. The result is that, their dreams begin to imitate a “tortoise” walk and that I guess is already uncomfortable!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

One of the critical factors that make people’s dreams become nightmares is that they don’t know there is a cost to be paid!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

To be a fantastic writer, live in your dreams and imaginations where you can dance like a peacock, swim like a shark, and fly like a butterfly. Live where reality has no power to change you.

— Debasish Mridha

A sea of dreams trapped in a span of pressed pages

— Laura Whitcomb, A Certain Slant of Light

No rest without love, no sleep without dreams of love- be mad or chill obsessed with angels or machines, the final wish is love -cannot be bitter, cannot deny, cannot withhold if denied: the weight is too heavy

— Allen Ginsberg, Howl and Other Poems

Your dreams and goals are bigger than small minded people or the fears that they harbor. Don’t let their ocean of fear trap you in the undertow.

— jaha Knight, 39 Day Lifescape-Become a Better You

Please lift your snowy skies off my soul -Your diamond dreams slice through my veins

— Else Lasker-Schüler

People’s dreams are made out of what they do all day. The same way a dog that runs after rabbits will dream of rabbits. It’s what you do that makes your soul, not the other way around.

— Barbara Kingsolver

Some people are murderers of their own gifts. They wait and see their dreams suffer from deficiency of actions. The end result is that the world is robbed as they baggage their dead dreams for the cemetery!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Watchwords

I never paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.

— Farida kahlo

Live in the NOW. Live life to its fullest. Don’t spend more than 10% of your time learning from the past, and 20% planning for the future. Live in the present, act NOW to fulfill the dreams you plan.

— Vikrmn, 10 Golden Steps of Life

Your dreams are expression of the scriptures.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Take accountability… Blame is the water in which many dreams and relationships drown.

— Steve Maraboli

I always keep my dreams so high, that you can keep laughing about it and I can keep growing for it.

— Alin Sav

Now is the right time for you to become excellent. By taking action on your dreams of excellence, you start polishing the rough diamond you are. As you buff and shine yourself with practice, sparkling success becomes yours.

— Mark F. LaMoure

As we work together as a team, God grows our dreams into something greater than we can accomplish alone.

— Dillon Burroughs, Faith Acts: A Provocative Call to Live What You Believe

You’re afraid of imagination. And even more afraid of dreams. Afraid of the responsibility that begins in dreams. But you have to sleep, and dreams are a part of sleep. When you’re awake you can suppress imagination. But you can’t suppress dreams.

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

I slept badly that night, my vivid dreams populated by ghosts. As much as it revived ailing spirits in day light, the fizzy energy of NY seemed to feed on human frailty at night.

— Pete Townshend, Who I Am

I believe dreams represent the purest form of fantasy we unleash through our subconscious. They represent the truest freedom we can experience. Totally unrepressed and totally creative.

— Miguel

Follow your dreams Bailey. Be they Harvard or somehing else entirely. No matter what that father of yours says, or how loudly he might say it. He forgets that he was someone’s dream once, himself

— Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

You don’t wait for your dreams to happen, you MAKE them happen.

— Kendall Schmidt

At drama school, we were taught to write down your dreams and carry them around in your wallet with you, and they’ll come true, but I didn’t do that.

— Lily James

You can’t believe in your dreams if you don’t believe in the giver of the dreams. In all things, put God first. He is willing to put you ahead for excellence!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

We must plant our dreams in real earth. We must dirty our hands. It’s the only way. Whether we dream of planting flower gardens or churches, ever dream needs a place in which to take root and grow. Every dream needs a home.

— Christie Purifoy, Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons

If your dreams and goals get derailed, they’re not dead. Derailed simply means off-track. Pick ’em up and put ’em back on again.

— Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Your dreams of today create your future.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

There are many dreams in a lifetime – dreams that flourish or flounder for reasons much more complex than can be pinned down to any one person or situation.

— Sasha Martin, Life from Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness

Our work is directly proportional to the distances our dreams travel across, as force (power) is a constant factor

— Israelmore Ayivor

The best way to trick yourself into actually feeling these positive feelings, even if you are not feeling too good is to use your memories, fantasies, dreams and desires judiciously.

— Malti Bhojwani, The Mind Spa Ignite Your Inner Life Coach

In the wilderness of lifeHappiness is looking for youIn the jungles of dreams and desires, In the beauty of shrubs and flowers, In the span of sadness and kindness. In the deepness of hearts and minds.

— Debasish Mridha

Ah, but dreams cannot be captured with promises, ” he said. “Like water, they elude our grasp. But water is the staff of life. I believe your dream will come true if only because you will not compromise on it and let it go too lightly.

— Mary Balogh, Slightly Tempted

Strange, I thought, how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time.

— Ransom Riggs, Hollow City

Our fathers had their dreams we have ours the generation that follows will have its own. Without dreams and phantoms man cannot exist.

— Olive Schreiner

Not all lucid dreams are useful but they all have a sense of wonder about them. If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should you sleep through your dreams, too?

— Stephen LaBerge

HIDEAWAYPreserve thatsecret, homey spotin your heart, as sanctuary where dreams may be softly tended, and revived.

— Tara Estacaan

Reality is littered with the corpses of unattained dreams and desires.

— Steven Redhead, Life Is A Cocktail

It’s better to lose some of battles in the struggle for your dreams than to be defeated without ever even knowing what you’re fighting for.

— Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

Dreaming is the day job of novelists, but sharing our dreams is a still more important task for us. We cannot be novelists without this sense of sharing something.

— Haruki Murakami

Do not stop dreaming because dreams are not real.

— Debasish Mridha

…she fell into a long sleep, and dreamed he dreams of the dream tree.

— Stephen Cosgrove, The Dream Tree

I think basically becoming famous has taken the place of going to Heaven in modern society, hasn’t it? That’s the place where your dreams will come true. It’s an act of faith now; they think that’s going to sort things out.

— Jarvis Cocker

Distance may be the segregator but our thoughts and dreams are what keep us together.

— Truth Devour, Unrequited

Happiness is making your dreams come true.

— Jourdan Dunn

So, if anyone ever tells you no, of anyone says your voice isn’t important or your dreams are too big, remember these women. They persisted and so should you.

— Chelsea Clinton, She Persisted

I can’t remember any dreams in my life. There’s so much strange in real life that it often seems like a dream.

— Tim Burton

Literature for me isn’t a workaday job, but something which involves desires, dreams and fantasy.

— Antonio Tabucchi

I have dreams that I will reach balance in my life, and, at forty-one, I have none.

— Andrew Breitbart

I’m glad I dropped out of high school, man. I wouldn’t be where I’m at. I would have had a net. I’m glad I didn’t have anything to fall back on, man, because that made me go for my dreams that much harder.

— Tracy Morgan

One of the most important words for interacting is MISTAKE. Because is a reaction of TRY, proposes LEARNING, the meaning stirs with as PEOPLE. Do not give up on your dreams for fear of making mistakes!

— 1 Minuto na Palma da Mão

Genius is an African who dreams up snow.

— Vladimir Nabokov

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live.

— Greg Anderson

…you cannot value dreams according to the odds of their coming true. The real value is in stirring within us the will to aspire.

— Sonia Sotomayor, My Beloved World

The pursuit of common dreams only produces common results.

— Steven Redhead, Life Is Simply A Game

Your dreams may seem impossible to someone with insomnia.

— Junnita Jackson

Pursue your dreams with all your strength.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

In Hollywood, normally things don’t work out, and dreams are crushed.

— Jessica St. Clair

That’s the value of the artist… Even when they aren’t aware, they’re dreaming our dreams for us.

— Tom Robbins, Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative Life

Focus comes from a promise of the future, and therefore the strength and longevity of your focus will seldom exceed the strength of your purpose, vision, dreams or goal.

— Mensah Oteh, The Good Life: Transform your life through one good day

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

— Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

The hallmark of great dreams is not their possibility but their impossibility, and the fact that it is the very notion of the ‘impossible’ that inspires us to go and accomplish them anyway.

— Craig D. Lounsbrough

If someone tells you that you can achieve your dreams with little to no work, they are lying to you.

— John Patrick Hickey, All You Have Is Now: How Your Approach to the World Determines Your Destiny

Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.

— Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek

Sleep is a little death, dreams the whisperings of the other who would drag us all into the eternal light

— George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say. A silent prayer, like dreamers do, then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you.

— Roy Orbison

I would love to spend all my time writing to you; I’d love to share with you all that goes through my mind, all that weighs on my heart, all that gives air to my soul; phantoms of art, dreams that would be so beautiful if they could come true.

— Luigi Pirandello

I never lost my dreams in my 20s, and I know that sounds corny, but it’s incredibly important to never let go of what you really want in your life.

— Juan Pablo Di Pace

A miracle is when you take action on your goals, and create the visible from the invisible. Transform your thoughts and dreams into the material world, from planning, hard work and determination.

— Mark LaMoure

I am nothing.I’ll never be anything.I couldn’t want to be something.Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world.

— Fernando Pessoa

Reality worked its way into my dreams where it wasn’t welcome.

— Emilyann Girdner, The Labyrinth Wall

And our dreams are who we are.

— Barbara Sher

Knowing the path through the forest doesn’t make the trip any less daunting. Knowing the steps to your dreams doesn’t make the climb any less of a challenge.

— Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

Giving up on your dreams and still living the life is called a living hell.

— Seema Brain Openers

At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.

— Christopher Reeve

Before dance came into my life, I don’t really remember having any major goals or dreams of wanting to be anything.

— Misty Copeland

The distance between your dreams and reality is faith.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

I prayed for all his dreams to come true. I prayed that I would always be able to connect with him–even if I was no longer on earth.

— Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

Every idea, both good and bad will definitely have an opposition. The fact that someone mocks your ideas and dreams does not mean they are bad. Take note!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

I know everyone has dreams of flying, but this isn’t a dream of flying. It’s a dream of floating, and the ocean is not water but wind. I call it a dream, but it feels realer than my life.

— Maria Dahvana Headley, Magonia

I’m sure we all have dreams of leaving at some time in our lives, but when we reach the bottom, most of us go running home.

— Deborah Curtis, Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division

Don’t you see? You created this forest! It is your imagination that has given these trees the water to grow. It is your hopes that blazed a path through it. It is your dreams that give it the magic. All of this was created from within you!

— Michael Delaware, Blue and the Magical Forest: The Power of Hopes and Dreams

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.

— Anaïs Nin

It is said that men may not be the dreams of the god, but rather that the gods are the dreams of men.

— Carl Sagan, Cosmos

If a man wants his dreams to come true he must wake them up.

— Anonymous

So rapid is the flight of dreams upon the wings of imagination.

— Alexandre Dumas

Your imperfections should not stop you from moving towards your dreams. If you wait until you are perfect, or “good enough” your dreams will remain just a dream.

— Eileen Anglin

If we head in the direction of our dreams and accept the winds and rains that will test our resolve, we can experience the deep satisfaction of looking back upon the path of a life well lived.

— Jeffrey H Ryan

He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.

— Virginia Woolf, Orlando

Worse than not realizing the dreams of your youth, would be to have been young and never dreamed at all.

— Jean Genet

I don’t have dreams and inspiration. I just want to enjoy myself.

— Jayson Zabate

I love America, ” he’d tell us. We were going to make a million dollars manufacturing objects we had seen in dreams that night.

— Charles Simic, The World Doesn’t End

He has one in a million chance of being with her, yet he dreams about that single chance every night.

— Anonymous

The moment of enlightenment is when a person’s dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.

— Vic Braden

Today—be the white clouds full of dreams and hopes in someone’s sky.

— Debasish Mridha

Follow through.Make your dreams come true.Don’t give up the fight.You will be alright.Cause there’s no one like you in the universe

— Muse

In the games of queens and kings, we leave our dreams at the door and we make do with what we have. Sometimes if we’re fortunate, we still manage to have a good life.

— Melina Marchetta, Quintana of Charyn

Pursue your dreams with great might.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Time in dreams is frozen. You can never get away from where you’ve been.

— Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Our dreams take us into other worlds, alternative realities that help us make sense of day-to-day realities.

— Tom Hodgkinson, How to Be Idle

When you stop having dreams and ideals – well, you might as well stop altogether.

— Marian Anderson

I have reached this world’s dreams harbor as devoid of truth as any other soul that dreams it lives through knowledge.

— Sorin Cerin, Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

Follow your dreams even when they’re out of reach~

— Sean Torres

Every day you should wake up with the excitement in knowing that God’s plans for you are far greater than your dreams for yourself. The best is yet to come!

— DeWayne Owens

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing their dreams

— Gabriel García Márquez

But Claire had long ago realized, even after those constant dreams of her mother leaving faded away, that when you are abandoned as a child, you are never able to forget that people are capable of leaving, even if they never do.

— Sarah Addison Allen, First Frost

Have faith in your skills. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

— Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Don’t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you.

— John Wooden

You have to dream dreams to live dreams.

— Eric Lindros

Great leaders get people to admit the truth because they know that dreams are buried under the lies they tell themselves, in order to feel okay with giving up.

— Shannon L. Alder

Some dreams shouldn’t be remembered.

— Chloé Danielo

You may still be here tomorrow…but your dreams may not.

— Yusuf Islam

Who am I? I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future. Sure, I sink the boat of love, but that comes later. And yes, I swallow glass, but that comes later.

— Richard Siken

God is the one who puts dreams inside you. So you’d better chase them fast, before He decides to let them chase you instead….Because sometimes He does that, just to get your attention.

— Amy Matayo, Love Gone Wild

We need to be aware of what we are capable of first and realize that if you place your dreams really really high, you do have the potential to get to that level.

— Vicente Fox

Returning to my dreams was like returning to home after a long time of being away – everything was exactly the same as you left it, except infinitely better.

— Aishabella Sheikh, Entwined

Meditation is blossoming of the prefrontal cortex to overcome the momentum of the nature. It is coming out of the loops of memories, patterns, fears, dreams and anger.

— Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

Life is an accumulation of what your Heart and mind has pondered most, a conclusion of all you wishes, dreams and desires.

— Steven Redhead, Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind

May you find a new grace to live your dreams in coming year.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the base of our splendid failure to do the impossible.

— William Faulkner

Take a daily action to make your dreams a reality.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Sometimes one awakes with the knowledge that unrecallable dreams have been lining your sleep, and though you feel rested, it is the rest of one who has lived for hours in an alternate world, another realm.

— Amy Rachel Peterson, Perpetua: A Bride, a Martyr, a Passion

There has been enough suffering in our country, there has been enough of children whose dreams die before they have a chance to grow and there has been enough of our elders who, having served their nation, are forced into indignity in their old age.

— John Agyekum Kufuor

Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

— Langston Hughes

Commitment separates those who live their dreams from those who live their lives regretting the opportunities they have squandered.

— Bill Russell

Most of the dreams that have suffered to death were murdered by their own owners.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

The fundamental virtue of success is that it allows you to know the true significance of what it means to have the freedom to make your dreams come true.

— Stacy Keach

All memories fade away in the end. Then, only dreams are left. And because they are all we have, we confide our life’s worries to them.

— Philippe Forest

There are no big men and big women. There are small people with big dreams and extra larger passion!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Timid young artists, adding parental fears to their own, often give up their sunny dreams of artistic careers, settling into the twilight world of could-have-beens and regrets.

— Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

Dreams are what keep us growing. they are what keep us alive…io give up is to let our dreams die……….

— Phil Mitchell, A Bright New Morning: An American Story

Having the life of your dreams is simple: make conscious choices.

— Amy Leigh Mercree

Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.

— Sugar Ray Leonard

We can escape the commonplace only by manipulating it, controlling it, thrusting it into our dreams or surrendering it to the free play of our subjectivity.

— Raoul Vaneigem

I don’t use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough.

— M. C. Escher

The only way to know if you can ever grab hold of your dreams is to reach for them.

— Tonny K. Brown

Don’t drown dreams in the sea of yearningsMake your own choicesWake up to catch those cloudsBe the person you want to be!

— Balroop Singh, Emerging From Shadows : Poetry by Balroop Singh

Doubt kills more dreams than failure will.

— Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

It’s not easy in this phosphorescent gloom telling waking dreams apart anyhow.

— Aimee Mann

They tore Joseph coat of many colors as evidence of his death and dreams but God brought together his life for his People, to prepare them posterity

— Ikechukwu Joseph, Strategic Spiritual Warfare: Winning Your Battles Within and Without

They burnt down the whole palace and they laughed menacingly. The shadows of the dreams and memories they burnt alive walked all over the ruins, trying to hold on to the charred pieces of their body.

— Akshay Vasu

I have crazy claustrophobic dreams, weird elevator dreams where the elevator closes in and all of a sudden I am lying down – oh my God, it’s a casket. Just freaky stuff like that.

— Dave Grohl

God surpasses our dreams when we reach past our personal plans and agenda to grab the hand of Christ and walk the path he chose for us.  He is obligated to keep us dissatisfied until we come to him and his plan for complete satisfaction.

— Beth Moore, Breaking Free: Discover the Victory of Total Surrender

The greatest dreams are always considered unrealistic to those with no ambition

— Fearless Motivation

Always follow your dreams with confidence and conviction, don’t fall for the trap of dream killers

— Abhysheq Shukla, KISS Life “Life is what you make it”

When your dream dies, create another dream; don’t waste your time to resurrect the dead one! Remember that you are mortal and don’t stuck on one dream! Give other dreams a chance! Be just! Remember, you are mortal and your time is very short!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

Pursue your dreams with great passion.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

The dreams of youth grow dim where they lie caked with dust on the shelves of patience. Before we know it, the tomb is sealed.

— Sterling Hayden, Wanderer

It’s not my job to dream your dreams. It’s my job to make your dreams become a reality.

— Blanche Lincoln

Never give up because when you give up, dreams get lost.

— Auliq-Ice

Half the night I waste in sighs, Half in dreams I sorrow afterThe delight of early skies;In a wakeful dose I sorrowFor the hand, the lips, the eyes, For the meeting of the morrow, The delight of happy laughter, The delight of low replies.

— Alfred Tennyson, Maud, and other poems

People don’t choose dreams, dreams choose them. So the question I’m getting to is, do you have the courage to grab the dream that picked you?

— Prince Ea

Men never cling to their dreams with such tenacity as at the moment when they are losing faith in them and know it but do not dare yet to confess it to themselves.

— William Graham Sumner

when we are weary, we speak lovingly of dreams as if they embodied our true deisres-What we WOULD have when that which we DO have so sorely disappoints us

— Anne Rice, The Mummy

Where are the memories that held us together? Where are the dreams that were yet to come? I’m afraid to be happy. I shouldn’t be happy. If I’m happy without you does that mean I’ve told you goodbye?

— Donna Lynn Hope, Willow

Dream has no limitations.Never give up on your dreams.Dream your dreams and ask God’s help.Anything is possible.

— Lailah GiftyAkita

All days are nights to see till I see thee, And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.

— William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Now everyone dreams of a love faithful and true, But you and I know what this world can do.So let’s make our steps clear so the other may see.And I’ll wait for you…should I fall behind wait for me.

— Bruce Springsteen

Never let life impede on your ability to manifest your dreams. Dig deeper into your dreams and deeper into yourself and believe that anything is possible, and make it happen.

— Corin Nemec

Some one once said to me ‘Reverend Schuller I hope you live to see all your dreams fulfilled.’ I replied T hope not because if I live and all my dreams are fulfilled I’m dead.’ It’s unfulfilled dreams that keep you alive.

— Robert Schuller

Tell few about your dreams and show the rest in the way you make a life with it.

— Nikki Rowe

In bringing dreams into fulfillment, your potential and extraordinary personality must be revealed

— Sunday Adelaja

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

— Henry David Thoreau

You require a certain amount of insanity to make your dreams come true!

— Gaurav Atulkumar Singh, Advent of the Proxy

Lack of courage is what makes big dreams to sit in the ink of the paper instead of them running in the shoes of actions. Without courage, you remain a dreamer!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Watchwords

Less than 10% of the mainstream workforce can achieve their dreams where they currently work.

— Bill Jensen, Future Strong

The ancient commission of the writer has not changed. He is charged with exposing our many grievous faults and failures, with dredging up to the light our dark and dangerous dreams for the purpose of improve

— John Steinbeck

Chase your dreams with all your strength, soul and spirit.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Either you suffer& die or you choose to fight& rebirth until dreams cometh true and reach you home.

— Ankit Samrat

The only limit on your dreams is your imagination.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

This is my sin for giving in to my own weaknesses. My heart just couldn’t keep up with the gigantic gap between dreams and reality. -Jellal Fernandes

— Hiro Mashima

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

— Erma Bombeck

May you find a sacred strength to fulfill our dreams in the coming year.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

What do I care, in the dreams and the languor of spring, That my songs do not show me at all?For they are a fragrance, and I am a flint and a fire, I am an answer, they are only a call

— Sara Teasdale, Flame and Shadow

Saddle your dreams before you ride em.

— Mary Webb

Every day you should up with the excitement in knowing that God’s plans for you are far greater than your dreams for yourself. The best is yet to come!

— DeWayne Owens

Horror, for me, has to involve some sort of fantasy. Horror is something that is in your dreams or your nightmares.

— Cassandra Peterson

Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky.

— Arna Bontemps

Every seed wants to die in the soil! Every umbrella wants to live in a perpetually rainy world! Every mirror wants to see its own face in another mirror! Everything in this universe has dreams they wish to realise!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

In every different house, the same things are spoken, the same lies are said, the same dreams are dreamed!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

He’d stopped trying to bring her back. She only came back when she felt like it anyway, in dreams and lies and broken-down déjà vu.

— Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

Most God-ordained dreams die because we are not willing to do something that seems illogical

— Mark Batterson, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day: How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars

Let your feelings dream, dreams act, actions speak.

— Vikrmn, Corpkshetra

Dream chasers are full of strength, are full of desire, are passionate and they cling unto their dreams until they produce life.

— Euginia Herlihy

Resist men who tell you your dreams are impossible; embrace those who, even though they do not believe in them, encourage you.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

It’s better to die in pursuit of your dreams than to live a life without hope.

— Terry Brooks, Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Don’t let your phone calls, online chats, and other trivial activities manage you. You have to manage them because they don’t have the dreams to fulfill; you have the dreams.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

The problem with dreams is that they are always futuristic and gives a deceptive impression that there is still enough time to actualize them.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Your age is measured by your dreams not by the years.

— Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step

There have been times I have thought some dreams should never be dreamt, but I would hate a world where that was true.

— Daniel Amory, Minor Snobs

Fogs are like dreams that feed the soul, and without their mysterious embrace, childhood, courtship, poetry and the composition of music become all the more difficult.

— Michael Leunig

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

— Walt Disney Company

I’ve had dreams – there were three things I wanted to do during my career. I did them during my first year of Grand Prix.

— Charlotte Dujardin

If man doesn’t dream, he has nothing.””A man whose dreams will never come true still has nothing.

— Joel Goldman, Motion To Kill

If you wake up tired, you’ve been chasing dreams. If you go to bed tired, your making your dreams happen.

— Benny Bellamacina, The King of Rhyme

Share your dreams and they will be inspired. Plant seeds of knowledge and they will grow and reproduce beyond measure.

— Terry A. O’Neal

I glanced at George half naked in his towel, then at Barkley, completely naked in his . . . nothing. A vampire and a werewolf. I shook my head. It was obvious. I was having one of my Anita Blake dreams again.

— Michelle Rowen, Fanged & Fabulous

I promised her that I would never kiss and tell, but I have to tell someone about my dreams and fairytales. So I’m telling you that I kissed her.

— Delano Johnson

Look at me, making one of your dreams come true. You and your Norm truck driving around Normville.””You’re practically a god.

— Kasie West, Split Second

One of my dreams was to change the way women of color were seen on television.

— Loni Love

If I’m lucky, in my wildest dreams I can make a picture every three years.

— Sydney Pollack

– ” That’s nonsense young one, Your dreams are not very logical ” – ” The only non-sense I see here, is a living a life; blinded, By all that could have taken your breath away.

— Nikki Rowe

Drawing the desperate and the adrift, Los Angeles has long been the dumping ground of dreams both real and cinematic.

— Steve Erickson

Dreams may seem far, but the steps we take are close. Focus on these steps and watch your dreams magically appear.

— Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

Simple dreams are the hardest to come true

— Melina Marchetta, Looking for Alibrandi

Your dreams will define your destiny.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Nothing is impossible. If you can envision your dreams, you have the power to make your dreams a reality. Have faith in yourself and don’t be afraid to dream big. The biggest obstacle is yourself.

— Karen A. Baquiran

If a man wants his dreams to come true he must wake up.

— Anonymous

Strange dreams are better than no dreams at all.

— Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Your dreams are worth it. Persevere. Your focus is your power. Harness it.

— Amy Leigh Mercree

Sports nurtures dreams of achieving self confidence and masculine striving for the skinny kid watching a boxer dance around the ring with sublime ease.

— Armstrong Williams

Thoughts are wakeful dreams without the pictures.

— Debasish Mridha

Hope is imagination of reality.Hope is keeping your dreams alive.

— Lailah GiftyAkita

Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.

— A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Wings of Fire: An Autobiography

If the whole world shared such experiences, we would then have common dreams and everybody could begin thinking about tomorrow. And if everybody thinks about tomorrow, then someday we can visit the sky together.

— Neil deGrasse Tyson, Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier

Ava’s father believed that myths and fairy tales – like dreams – opened a window into the unconscious. by listening to the language of dreams and old tales, he said, all humans could learn to understand themselves and the world, better.

— Kate Forsyth, The Beast’s Garden

I was excited to do something, even if I didn’t know what it was. I think you need that feeling—that excitement, that fire—to make your dreams a reality. (p.59)

— Injap Sia, Life Principles

What is success? Success isn’t about making shit loads of money, success is having the balls to follow your dreams through and making it a reality, it does not matter if you make money or not.

— Habeeb Adeokun

Stop blaming other people and circumstances for killing your dreams. The truth is; we tend to talk ourselves out of acting upon our dreams. Most dreams die of suicide, not murder.

— Steve Maraboli

The consequences of giving up on your dreams are bitter than the causes of your intentions to give up. Don’t give up!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

But to find out the truth about how dreams die, one should never take the word of the dreamer.

— Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Your youth is certainly finished and old age has definitely arrived if you feel that you are losing enthusiasm, excitement and energy towards your dreams and goals.

— Amit Kalantri

This is our life; dreams come true, and dreams stumble, while others dreams remain postponed perpetuity…

— Eyden I., My Precious

Our dreams can carry valuable information when we consciously choose to start listening to them.

— Antonia Hall, The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life

When one person succeeds, we win as a group of people. Support others dreams so we can all win.

— Bianca Frazier

Nurture your dreams to fruition, refuse to let the rot in reality.

— Tyconis D. Allison Ty

She’s sure, absolutely sure, that what she’s waiting for will happen, just the way she wants it to; and I’m so uncertain, so fearful my dreams will end up forgotten somewhere, someday, like a piece of string and a paperclip lying in a dish.

— Lois Lowry, A Summer to Die

Your dominion has nothing to do with a negative person’s opinion. Flee from people who only hung on passport-size dreams and you’ll see your bigger picture! Go for the big one!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.

— Friedrich von Schiller

Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge.

— Paul Gauguin

Senses will lie as dreams wake. You are not on solid ground. Don’t look down.

— Brian McGreevy, Hemlock Grove

Divorce is a time of change. It really rocks a foundation of most people’s lives. When we have our heart broken or our dreams taken away from us, it is a time of growth and change.

— Debbie Ford

If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?

— Thomas Lovell Beddoes

I’d tell you what happened, but I can’t remember all of it. And I don’t wanna put words in my dreams thoughts.

— Crystal Woods, Write like no one is reading 2

The woods were made for the hunter of dreams The brooks for the fishes of song.

— Sam Walter Foss

Flying in his dreams was an exhilarating, breathtaking experience, sometimes literally, that tended to leave reality wanting, like riding a roller coaster compared to mowing the lawn.

— Sol Luckman, Snooze: A Story of Awakening

Lucid dreams often feel like this—as if you are observing yourself from a point over your shoulders-arm flexed, hands curving around the boom, breathing, in three dimensional silence.

— Laurie Nadel, Dancing with the Wind: A True Story of Zen in the Art of Windsurfing

Laissez faire (in its full true meaning) opens the way to the realization of the noble dreams of socialism.

— Henry George

When dreams come true creativity becomes art.

— Martin Schuster

You can go slow. Allow your dreams and goals to change, but live an intentional life.

— Kumail Nanjiani

Believe in the magic that’s in you, its potential, what it can achieve. But most of all believe in yourself and create a world where dreams become reality.

— Charlene A. Wilson

I go to bed with knowledge to dream, then dreams wake me up with the lights of wisdom.

— Debasish Mridha

life is more beautiful in dreams than in real..

— chinna reddy

All books are either dreams or swords, You can cut, or you can drug, with words.

— Amy Lowell, Selected Poems

People who insist on telling their dreams are among the terrors of the breakfast table.

— Max Beerbohm

I still have dreams in which someone is coming to the door.

— Alek Wek

We had so many dreams as children. Where do they go when we grow? Are they swallowed up by the mundane things of everyday life? Or do we lose them, leave them behind us in the dust, for new children to find and take up?

— Helen Hollick, The Kingmaking

12% of dreams create jobs. 88% of jobs destroy dreams.

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, N for Nigger: Aphorisms for Grown Children and Childish Grown-ups

Seems like God don’t see fit to give the black man nothing but dreams – but He did give us children to make them dreams seem worthwhile.

— Lorraine Hansberry

In my dreams of this city I am always lost.

— Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye

Your dreams today are answers to what you are to do, where you are to go and what you have to say in later days of your life.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Start creating a life you desire, bringing your dreams to life, taking what is then turning it around to create what is possible.

— Steven Redhead

I should have known right then that I was dreaming. But oh how we hang on to dreams even when we are gifted the largest of clues.

— Jesse Giles Christiansen, Pelican Bay

I don’t remember my dreams too much. I hardly have ever gotten ideas from nighttime dreams. But I love daydreaming and dream logic and the way dreams go.

— David Lynch

If we don’t chase our dreams then we will be ran over by our fears.

— Chris Burkmenn

Because of fear, most people don’t dream big. Because of fear, even those who dream big do not start working on them. Because of fear, those who start working on their dreams end up quitting too early.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Ladder

Let’s go for our dreams and be stronger than any obstacles.

— Christy Birmingham

Why some dreams of your life make you more restless till they are completed!Because dreams aren’t spaced by time, only realities come with this feature

— raja shakeel mushtaque

To build a beautiful future, focus on your dreams and not your past.

— Debasish Mridha

You never know until you give something your best and keep working at it. Follow your dreams no matter what

— Santonu Kumar Dhar, Life of Love

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

— Les Brown

With unemployment still abysmally high, the Obama economy is crushing Hispanics’ dreams for their children to live a better life.

— Marco Rubio

A man once believed he could fly—and he did. Another believed he could walk on the moon—and he did. Why not believe your wildest dreams can come true? Why not see the stars as reachable?

— Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

It is the police of America who are on the front lines, who are on the streets, who are in the daily contact with American citizens, who translate the dreams of American citizens when they succeed and frustrate the dreams when they fail.

— Janet Reno

All books are either dreams or swords.

— Amy Lowell

The achievement of dreams demands 100 percent dedication.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

I’m not really that girl who dreams about her wedding day.

— Taylor Swift

The pursuit of dreams is supernatural endeavours.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

When companies are private, founders can share more about their future dreams with investors; report less; and the shares are illiquid, constraining short-term changes in valuation.

— Aileen Lee

It’s stranger than every strangenessAnd the dreams of all the poetsAnd the thoughts of all the philosophers, That things are really what they seem to beAnd there’s nothing to understand.

— Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep

I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.

— Rene Descartes

In many instances, the failures of my greatest schemes ultimately lead to the fulfillment of my greatest successes. Therefore, God will allow our most cherished dreams to perish so that we might turn and seek out His most cherished plans.

— Craig D. Lounsbrough

Junior based all of his decisions on his dreams and visions, which created a lot of problems.

— Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues

Where do dreams come from?…they slink out of books, they lurk in the stacks of libraries. Out of pages turned they rise like the scent of peonies and infect the brain with their promises.

— Marge Piercy

The biggest mistake you can make is listening to people who’ve given up on their dreams telling you to give up on yours.

— Umair Haque

Saddle your dreams afore you ride ’em.

— Mary Webb

Only those who believe can achieve what others merely dream about. However, without these same dreams we will achieve little. Dream AND believe to ACHIEVE!!!

— Leslie Austin

Let your dreams be as litmitless as the circumference of the entire universe. The police service does not prosecute people who over-dream. Never nail yourself to the narrow cross. Dream big!

— Israelmore Ayivor

Our dreams are a second life. I have never been able to penetrate without a shudder those ivory or horned gates which separate us from the invisible world.

— Gerard De Nerval

The only God who can lead you out of trouble when you are pursuing your dreams is the one who gave you that assignment. Neglecting him from your plans is tantamount to commitment of suicide.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

In bringing dreams into fulfillment, pay no attention to different obstacles and difficulties

— Sunday Adelaja

Beguildy looked at me over the rim of a great measure of mead. ‘Saddle your dreams afore you ride ’em, my wench, ‘ he said.

— Mary Webb, Precious Bane

I close my eyes, knowing that afterward we will fall asleep together on our small mattress, as we do every night, listening to the wind in the palm trees outside our window, believing in our thick dreams that we are capable of nothing cruel.

— Andrew Porter, The Theory of Light and Matter

You are likely to vomit your dreams if you take too much at a time. Take it one after the other and don’t over-eat the dreams you have! Dream big, but start small!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

As I explore the wilderness of my own body, I see that I am made of blood and bones, sunlight and water, pesticide residues and redwood humus, the fears and dreams of generations of ancestors, particles of exploded stars.

— Anne Cushman

There is a sort of mental treasonThat smothers dreams outside of reason

— Mike Corbett, Laughter of the Damned

Do animals understand the concept of dreams or do they think they enter another dimension when they get tired?

— Christy Leigh Stewart

histories of the world before our own. That was a world of empires, of corruption, of war-and more freedom than I’ve ever known. But the people of that time are gone, their dreams in ruin, existing only in smoke and ash.

— Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

At an age when most children are playing hopscotch or with their dolls, you, poor child, who had no friends or toys, you toyed with dreams of murder, because that is a game to play alone.

— Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit and Three Other Plays

Dream until you can no longer tell the difference between your dreams and reality.

— Mensah Oteh

Don’t let the winds blow your dreams away… or steal your faith in God.

— Vin Scully

You can turn all your imaginations and dreams into tangible products if only you will invest your time into working hard to achieve that.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

The second her lips met mine a million dreams began to flicker before my still-open eyes.

— Calista Lynne, We Awaken

My body flopped to the ground as Irealized my doom. I was in love. Finally. It’s what every girl dreams about from the moment she startsdreaming, to fall in love and be in love. Well I was in love, and I hated it.

— The Hippie, Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter

Trust in the silent doers. It is far more difficult to put your dreams into action than into flowery words.

— Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

Don’t search dreams in the sky, they need strong footage on the earth.

— Kishore Bansal

Your own dreams stand alone, longing to be fulfilled, and you wonder if it will ever happen. You must have faith. Just as the bus was a little late, so too can fulfilment of your desires come a bit late.

— Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering Guide

A friend told me that teenage girls are always looking for someone to pin their dreams on. That doesn’t make it any less weird though.

— Orlando Bloom

Are not dreams as much a part of living as waking life is?

— Siri Hustvedt, A Plea for Eros: Essays

A dreamer is a gifted man , who, plucks out his dreams of sparkling stars.

— Kristian Goldmund Aumann

If your dreams are to hard to achieve, just achieve

— Benny Bellamacina, Piddly Poems for Children, v.2

The dreams you have that may meet mockeries from the lips of negative people will yield the success that will squeeze tears from their eyes later! Dare to resist every negative criticism and persist to make it happen!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Stories come to me in mysterious ways, more like dreams than reasoned creations.

— Anthony Browne

It’s strange how dreams get under your skin and give your heart a test for what’s real and what’s imaginary.

— Jason Mraz

The unknown is what it is. And to be frightened of it is what sends everybody scurrying around chasing dreams illusions wars peace love hate all that. Unknown is what it is. Accept that it’s unknown and it’s plain sailing.

— John Lennon

I’ll be off exploring, searching for those out-of-bounds places where dreams exist.

— Fennel Hudson, Wild Carp – Fennel’s Journal – No. 4

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I don’t think the dreams die – I think that people give up. I think it gets too hard.

— Tyler Perry

Let us keep enough money to enjoy each breath we take, but definitely not too much, if we don’t want to spoil the fragrance of our dreams and the poem of life.

— Erik Pevernagie

Last night I weaved dreams from the cobwebs of time!

— Avijeet Das

New York is the place that made my and other artists’ dreams come true by giving us a chance to realise our ideas and concepts. It was a great place for making a presentation of artistic creation.

— Yayoi Kusama

The most meaningful hopes and dreams don’t come from outside sources—they come from within.

— Beverly K. Bachel, What Do You Really Want?: How to Set a Goal and Go for It! A Guide for Teens

To achieve your dreams you must be willing to take consistent and improved action over a defined period.

— Mensah Oteh

People whose own dreams aren’t completed, help others to accomplish their dreams.

— Taimoor Madni

I wake up to find magic, I seek dreams and I crave imagination. This is my creed.

— Anastasia Bolinder

Never allow your dreams to die. Hold on tightly to your most cherished dreams.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

One day we wake from sleep to wander through this tale of dreams with wings fluttering lighter than love free.

— Todd Crawshaw

Life without dreams or goals such as life without vision.

— Launa Rissadia

I credit NTI, truthfully, with everything as far as where my head is and what my goals are and dreams are. I would say it was probably one of the most influential moments of my life, being there.

— John Krasinski

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

— Janos Arnay

I don’t dream my dreams, I live my dreams … I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.

— Farshad Asl

Courage is just dreams with shoes on.

— Reba Riley, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing in 30 Religions

So many people die with their dreams in their hands.

— Alex Rogers, I’m Only Human After All

I’d say it’s been my biggest problem all my life… it’s money. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true.

— Walt Disney

We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.

— C.G. Jung

The greatest thing about dreams is they don’t expire. They can lay dormant for years and when you pull them out and dust them off, they shine like new.

— Casi McLean

Believe it or not, lots of people change their majors and abandon their dreams just to avoid a couple of math classes in college.

— Danica McKellar

Let’s ‪dream about a place where dreams are born.

— Crestless Wave

Your dreams will come true, but do not be overly demanding. Be logical – there are not enough mansions for everyone in the world, are there?

— Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering Guide

If you have allowed a laborious lifestyle to suppress your dreams, then NOW is the time to take a STAND and give yourself PERMISSION to DREAM again! Now remove the clutter in your life and make PLANS to make your dreams a reality.

— DeWayne Owens

The eighties happened. The nineties happened. Death and sickness and getting fat and going bald happened. I traded lots of dreams for a bigger paycheck, and I never even realized I was doing it.

— Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Men secretly respect a woman who is strong, has confidence and has dreams of her own. There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is.

— Sherry Argov

There is an old myth among the old folks here that if you wished on a moonlight river, your dreams will come true

— Clotilde Martinez, Moura Enchanted

The river asked me who I was to be gazing so longingly into her curving body of cascading dreams and shifting beauty.

— Todd Crawshaw, Light-Years in the Dark: Storypoems

Pop culture shapes our ideas of what is normal and what our dreams can be and what our roles are. Politics, of course, decides how the power and the money in the country is distributed. Both are equally important, and each affects the other.

— Gloria Steinem

Though we may choose to view them symbolically, dreams are actually no more or less symbolic than everyday waking reality. When the images and events don’t conform to our view of reality, we call them symbols. When they do, we call them facts.

— Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Let the pain of past not ruin the happiness of present and dreams of future. Move on.

— Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

Blank pages are like monsters that haunt my dreams until I feed them words.

— V.M. Sawh

Perhaps all romance is like that not a contract between equal parties but an explosion of dreams and desires that can find no outlet in everyday life. Only a drama will do and while the fireworks last the sky is a different colour.

— Jeanette Winterson, The Passion

I didn’t move to Nashville with any inkling or dreams of getting a record deal. I didn’t have those stars in my eyes. I just wanted to take a break, relax, and figure out songwriting.

— Maren Morris

I think everyone dreams of that nice romantic wedding.

— Lance Bass

My life is up to me to define. I needed to make my own dreams come true.

— Kaira Rouda, Here, Home, Hope

Fear kills dreams more than failure

— Idowu Ayodeji

The dreams that were buried the deepest were the hardest to get rid of.

— Michelle M. Pillow, The Barbarian Prince

No, there was nothing unusual in any of these dreams as dreams. They were merely displaced in Time.

— J.W. Dunne, An Experiment with Time

I can’t remember my dreams more than a couple of seconds after I wake up. It’s frustrating because sometimes I dream that I’m watching a really good movie.

— Aaron Sorkin

When dreams come true, you won’t realize unless they were dreams of bad fate.

— Auliq Ice

In life we don’t always get what we want; hopes and dreams get washed away so easily, hearts are broken, chances are missed, and we always seem to end up right back where we started.

— Rebecah McManus, Colliding Worlds

Usually, I work every day, seven days a week. When I go three days without writing, my body aches with anxiety; my mood is irritable. My night dreams grow wild with unconscious invention.

— Pete Hamill

The ninety and nine are with dreams, content but the hope of the world made new, is the hundredth man who is grimly bent on making those dreams come true.

— Edgar Allan Poe

One major factor that will prevent your dreams from becoming nightmares is learning to vacate your spectators’ seat and then taking steps towards the players’ bench! You’ve got to play to win!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

To accomplish your impossible dreams you do not follow your brainYou follow your heart!

— Ali hassan hasan

When a reader enters the pages of a book of poetry, he or she enters a world where dreams transform the past into knowledge made applicable to the present, and where visions shape the present into extraordinary possibilities for the future.

— Aberjhani, Collected Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

Humanity needs dreams to be able to survive the miseries of daily existence, even if only for an instant.

— Oscar Niemeyer

Hope is the breath that keep your dreams alive. Don’t stop breathing!.

— Chinonye J. Chidolue

No matter how your dreams are impossible if you keep in dreaming, your wishes will come true.

— Thea Marielle Santos

To provoke dreams of terror in the slumber of prosperity has become the moral duty of literature.

— Ernst Fischer

DEPORT yourself from the coast of negative attitudes and you will give your dreams a lift up from a level of high concentration of repeated failure to an indelible success! God is with you!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Sometimes we get through adversity only by imagining what the world might be like if our dreams should ever come true.

— Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

In my dreams I am not crippled. In my dreams, I dance.

— Louise Brooks

Your cowboy persona meshed so well with the dreams Chris has of the torn and silent men she’s been rejected by. The fact that you don’t return messages turns your answerphone into a blank screen onto which we can project our fantasies.

— Chris Kraus, I Love Dick

Your greatest dreams will always slumber within the vicious depths of fear.

— Robert M. Drake

The one who is born of the earth, dreams of the sky. The one who is born of the sky, dreams of the earth.

— C. JoyBell C.

Oh, there ain’t no love, no Montagues or CapuletsJust banging tunes and DJ setsAnd dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtinessI Bet that You Look Good on the Dancefloor

— Arctic Monkeys, Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m

Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality.

— L. J. Cardinal Suenens

Would you give up your vengeance against someone you hate if it meant saving someone you love? Would you want your dreams to come true if it meant granting your enemy’s dying wish?

— Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart

Innovators are the ones whose dreams are clearer than the reality that tells them they’re crazy.

— Simon Sinek, Together is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration

I will teach people not only how to identify their goals and dreams, but subsequently give them the tools to make those dreams a reality.

— Jillian Michaels

Private dreams are the most powerful. You have to dream of success to make it happen, and if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. But that doesn’t mean you have to go around telling everyone about it.

— Tony McCoy

Our dreams are the forgotten path to Heaven.

— Harold Klemp, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming: How Dreams Can Make You Find More Love and Happiness

Sometimes the only things preventing your dreams from becoming realities is the long time it is taking you to start.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

Maldonado’s face was ghastly. ‘That’ she said, pointing below the bed where the cat lurked, ‘and that’ – pointing to what lay on the floor – ‘prove it was no dream. Do dreams leave marks behind them?’ (“I’m Dangerous Tonight”)

— Cornell Woolrich, The Fantastic Stories of Cornell Woolrich

But remember this, Japanese boy… airplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.

— Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises

People may laugh at what I do but am not perturbed. My work is to add value to lives. I will keep living my dreams so that by the time my mortal body may stop working, I will remain immortally relevant to generations to come.

— Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Your dreams are so far outside of your comfort zone, you’ve convinced yourself you don’t dream at all.

— Darnell Lamont Walker

…my dreams are tangled in images of stars and clouds and firelight – we go camping at night – it’s my lucid dream of being with you…

— John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

You may give up your big dream and that is very hard! If necessary, give it up but then create a new one! Never live without big dreams because they will keep you alive in life!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.

— Pam Brown

People may create your dreams with you, not for you. It’s you and only you who has to think, start and continue.

— Vikrmn, Corpkshetra

Sometimes we have to let our dreams go in order to allow God to bring them back to us – in his way and his timing.

— Melody Carlson, The Christmas Angel Project

You really can have your dreams and at the same time have a family. But it has to be a really deliberate practice.

— Mark Ruffalo

I am working far away from my family and every day I dreams about returning home and be with them. Is there an end for my dream or else, is it a continuous dream?”.

— Difin Davis

All dreams have to come to an end.

— Timothée de Fombelle

There’s wall of agony between dreams and reality.

— Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.

— Edward M. Kennedy

In my dreams I hear again the crash of guns, the rattle of musketry, the strange, mournful mutter of the battlefield.

— Douglas MacArthur

Running your own race means embracing your dreams and shifting towards them and not letting anyone discourage you from your goals or dreams. Create your NAPS with this in mind!

— Stephen Richards, NAPS: Discover The Power Of Night Audio Programs

We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.

— Katie Holmes

Maybe we all have a dark place inside of us, a place where dark thoughts and darker dreams live, but it doesn’t have to become who we are.

— Mary E. Pearson, The Fox Inheritance

We are entirely made up of dreams yearning to be lived. At every point in time, DO what you can, when you can and however you can to invest your time and efforts in your dreams; directly and without evasion.

— Chinonye J. Chidolue

My dreams were all my own I accounted for them to nobody they were my refuge when annoyed – my dearest pleasure when free.

— Mary Shelley

Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.

— Julian Barnes, England, England

When he comes for her, it’s only in her dreams where she has no control, no way to shut the door, and nowhere to run. That’s when she listens.

— Donna Lynn Hope

There is no better gift a society can give children than the opportunity to grow up safe and free – the chance to pursue whatever dreams they may have.

— John Roberts

Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.

— Napoleon Hill

No matter what is your name, gender, race and nationality, you too are fully capable in turning your dreams into realities.

— Seema Brain Openers

In dreams begin responsibilities

— W.B. Yeats

It is in our idleness in our dreams that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.

— Virginia Woolf

The word “frustration” is defined as the unfortunate tendency of lessening one’s destiny. Rise up and take all frustrations away! Stop squeezing your dreams into a small size… You were not created to settle for less!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

I have these realistic dreams and snap wide awake in the middle of the night. And for a while I can’t work out what’s real and what isn’t… That kind of feeling. Do you have any idea what I’m saying?

— Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

We would not have been a successful family without my father and stepfather, who were working-class men with better dreams for their children. We just wore them out.

— James McBride

Never stop believing that your dreams are eternal.

— Truth Devour, Unrequited

I suppose all fictional characters, especially in adventure or heroic fiction, at the end of the day are our dreams about ourselves. And sometimes they can be really revealing.

— Alan Moore

Honestly, I find the analysis of dreams is one of the dullest things. I say this as a therapist kid. I find them deeply uninteresting, as a window to the soul.

— Ira Glass

I’ve been interested in dreams since I as a kid and I’ve wanted to do a film about them for a long time.

— Christopher Nolan

Accomplishment of your dreams requires personal sacrifice and hardworking.May the you have a determined spirit, will power and a great passion for the accomplishment of your dreams.

— Lailah GiftyAkita

Our dreams are a serious matter. When you take them seriously, everyone else does too.

— Marilyn Hilton, Full Cicada Moon

Don’t build your dreams on the opinions of men but on the promises of God

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

One way of keeping your dreams alive is to keep it to yourself. It can save you and protect your dreams to a greater extent.

— Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign

Songs remain. They last…A song can last long after the events and the people in it are dust and dreams and gone. That’s the power of songs.

— Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

Charlotte’s dirty dishes haunted her dreams that night. She was running down a dark tunnel and close behind her plates, cups, bowls and crumbs made threatening noises.

— Jennifer Lott, Cursed Dishes

In the darkest sky, stars hang on high; showing us the light of hope and telling us that dreams never die.

— Debasish Mridha

Those who haven’t visualise their dreams yet talk about people and things but those who already grasped their dreams talk about desires and ideas.

— Euginia Herlihy

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imaged he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

— Henry David Thoreau

Melanie thinks: when your dreams come true, your true has moved. You’ve already stopped being the person who had the dreams, so it feels more like a weird echo of something that already happened to you a long time ago.

— M.R. Carey, The Girl with All the Gifts

Just because some dreams never see light that doesn’t make us nonbelievers, they are wings to our sky and fiction makes us dream. I know the truth is fatal, especially for the stubborn’s but trust me the illusion is worse.

— Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

Even the death won’t be an end of our dreams.Take your dreams to the tomb

— Mohammed Sekouty

Flying dreams mean that you’re doing the right thing with your life.

— Douglas Coupland

In dreams begins responsiblities.

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

People with inferiority intentions do not go after their dreams not because they can’t go; but because their passion is not strong enough to turn the wheels of success…and there they go, becoming losers, defeated by their obstacles!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

When you dream of what you want to see, whether in your life, home, community or nation, you need to keep watching those dreams until they come to fulfillment.

— Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

Going to sleep is an adventure: you never know where your dreams will take you.

— T.L. Rese

You can make your dreams come true only when you work hard and be willing to put your effort behind your dreams.

— Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Catcher in the Rye had a profound impact on me-the idea that we all have lots of dreams that are slowly being chipped away as we grow up.

— Judd Nelson

The best dreams are the ones you are awake for.

— Dixie Waters

It has been said of dreams that they are a ‘controlled psychosis, ‘ or, put another way, a psychosis is a dream breaking through during waking hours.

— Philip K. Dick, VALIS

Apparently, my hopes, dreams and aspirations were no match against my poor spelling, punctuation and grammar.

— Red Red Rover

This is a landscape of dreams cemented in the past, of hopes gone cold, of girls and boys for rent in officially empty tower blocks, where none is truly so.

— Carla H. Krueger, Sex Media

For you, a comet, under a blue sky, leaves trail of color, For you, a star, dreams of being able to kiss you, dream to hear your voiceFor you, full moon, keep vigil for you, my girl, keep vigil for you, my love.

— Válgame, Zori 2ª Parte

It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life, … If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.

— Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Memories are nice, but dreams are better.

— John Anthony Miller

Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?

— Leonardo da Vinci

He says, ‘Anything could be happening down there, but up here you just wouldn’t know it.’I know what he means. It could be pandemonium in all those little houses, everyone’s dreams in a mess. But up here feels peaceful. Clean.

— Jenny Downham, Before I Die

Realized dreams often turn into nightmares.

— Lera Auerbach, Excess of Being

As long as the constitution of my country is not amended to cut down the sizes of the dreams of its citizens, I have the freedom to dream extra largest dreams. I am even dreaming over-size dreams now.

— Israelmore Ayivor

[I]t occurred to me that the voracious ambition of humans is never sated by dreams coming true, because there is always the thought that everything might be done better and again.

— John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Charles Tucker had starred in Ella’s dreams ever since she was fourteen.

— Rachel Harris, You’re Still the One

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true…

— Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Tell me about yourself – your struggles your dreams your telephone number.

— Peter Arno

I believe that I can teach my children to follow their dreams by following my own.

— Liimu McGill, The MomStar Manifesto

As I live and am a man, this is an unexaggerated tale – my dreams become the substances of my life.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

There are many talented people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith.

— James Cameron

Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.

— Roman Payne, The Wanderess

Spiritual dreams are meant to comfort us during difficult times, show us how much we have grown, and encourage us to go to a higher level.

— Pamela Cummins, Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

You are not a ghost.’ I was sure of that. Wherever the dreams came from, they were not really her.’Of course I am.’ Amy shook her head. ‘That is all memories are. Ghosts and demons kicking around upstairs.

— Kathleen Peacock

Our dreams will always tell us what we are missing in our lives. The smaller we make them tells God how little faith we have in him to make them come true.

— Shannon L. Alder

The woman had a body wet dreams were made of, and he couldn’t remember being this goddamn hard in his life.

— Eden Ashe, Ever Mine

Go and you will see that nothing is as wonderful as our dreams can make it

— Carolyn Turgeon, Mermaid

During the day, memories could be held at bay, but at night, dreams became the devil’s own accomplices.

— Sharon Kay Penman, The Reckoning

Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day.

— C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

— Edgar Allan Poe

A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket.

— Emil Zatopek

I think there must be a place inside of us where dreams go and wait their turn.

— Sue Monk Kidd

If we’re not the one driving our dreams forward, who is? If we don’t figure out how to change jobs, eat healthily, date, fall and stay in love, who will come save us? No one. But, then again, no one should, right? The are, after all, our dreams.

— Lauren Handel Zander, Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life.

Over time, even the tiniest meaningful actions add up, each one bringing you closer to a life that is truer to your dreams and free of regret.

— Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient – Powered by the Science of Games

To see your friend’s dreams come true, there’s really nothing that can make you happier.

— Josh Hopkins

Get-rich-quick schemes are for the lazy & unambitious. Respect your dreams enough to pay the full price for them.

— Steve Maraboli

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

— Paul Valéry

I am a creator, writing like the wind, I carry the weight of a future world in the barrel of a pen, etching my characters into the paper with life giving ink so my dreams and reality might finally meet.

— L.M. Fields

The moment to make your dreams come true is day before tomorrow, same time, called NOW.

— Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness.

— Tecumseh

Following your dreams is better than being led by your fears.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Reiterating other people’s hopes, dreams and fears. That’s what politics is all about.

— Antonio G. Kowatsch

Future strong individuals will not take on personal sacrifices, hardships and corporate crap that sidetrack them from their dreams and goals.

— Bill Jensen, Future Strong

Helping others fulfill their dreams seems like an easy way to keep from living your own.

— Cerella Sechrist, Gentle Persuasion

Your dreams of today will create your future.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

The moment your dreams and your revelation take a special direction while your plans and actions take the opposite direction you commit yourself into a tight box for failure!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Shattered, broken and still can fight for what I believe in and make my dreams come true I won’t give up never

— Nourhan Mamdouh

It is wonderful what tricks our dreams play us, and how conveniently we can imagine.

— Bram Stoker, Dracula

When your actions are aligned with your dreams and goals, you become the point of origin for their reality.

— Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

They that pursue their dreams unrelentingly with tenacity and the right attitude never continue to live with dreams forever. They live their dreams and realize their aspirations.

— Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

. . .my dreams are the single unpredictable factor in my zoned days and nights. Nobody allots them, or censors them. Dreams are all I have ever truly owned.

— David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Cut the ending. Revise the script. The man of her dreams is a girl.

— Julie Anne Peters, Keeping You a Secret

From dawn to dusk I spent my time in the real world. Only in my dreams at night could I indulge my fantasies.

— Rampo Edogawa, The Edogawa Rampo Reader

Some men are too dull to feel what might happen. Others torture themselves with maybes and populate their dreams with horrors more terrible than their worst enemy could inflict upon them.

— Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns

Believe in your dreams and when people doubt you, prove them wrong.

— Sky Diamond

A lot of dreams can turn to nightmares… if you don’t really work them.

— Dolly Parton

Your life is made up of your dreams and your realities, your expectations and your possibilities.

— Debasish Mridha

Everybody past a certain age, regardless of how they look on the outside, pretty much constantly dreams of being able to escape from their lives.

— Douglas Coupland

The splendor of that moment, its transcendent glory and aliveness, haunted him. He could thrust it aside by day, but it poisoned his dreams by night, calling to him and pleading with him to unlock the chains he’d bound about it.

— David Weber, Oath of Swords

Write your dreams in journal, note book, card or on a cork. When you pen down your dreams, an a inner strength and divine power is activated for your to work towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Goal-getting matters. And writing down the brave acts and bold dreams you intend to accomplish will provide the spark to get them done.

— Robin S. Sharma

If ever a car was created by designers with dreams of grandeur, it had to be the 1958 Buick Limited: the heftiest, highest-priced and most opulent monster ever to hit the street in the ’50s.

— Clive Cussler

Don’t let your dreams rust! Listen to your youthful bells ringing loud inside of you.

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

If the road to your dreams is full of potholes, take the highway.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

We have to imagine our dreams becoming reality. We must keep pursuing them and reaching beyond for future achievements. We never stop dreaming as long as we imagine.

— Ellen J. Barrier

Don’t be in a hurry to achieve your dreams. Take a day to play with your kids and relax – your dreams will still be there tomorrow.

— Lindsey Rietzsch, Successful Failures: Recognizing the Divine Role That Opposition Plays in Life’s Quest for Success

As a man begins to understand the sacrifices he must make to live the life he dreams of, he often loses his courage for such a life.

— Josie Sigler, The Galaxie and Other Rides

I would have dreams all the time about me playing in the NFL. Every day I woke up, I said to myself, you know, I’m going to work hard, you know, this day to get to that next level.

— Michael Oher

We wouldn’t want to live in a world where no one believed in themselves enough to make their own dreams come true.

— Chris Colfer

Pursue your dreams with all diligence.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

The thought of never crossing your path again is to enormous to bare, so for now I’ll make dreams in my heart and remind myself to go and sit & remember them every once in a while.

— Nikki Rowe

I have learned through dreams more wisdom, than by reading hundreds of books.

— Kristian Goldmund Aumann

She moves like beauty, she whispers to us of wind and forest—and she tells us stories, such stories that we wake in the night, dreaming dreams of a life long past. she reminds us of what we used to be.She reminds us of what we could be.

— Meagan Spooner, Hunted

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source – a Sower of Dreams – just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.

— Sarah Ban Breathnach

Before you can make your dreams work, you have to get out of bed!!

— Stephen Richards

A goal is a written plan.Write your dreams and visions.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Life tries you at a time whether you want to follow your dreams or you want to fulfill your desires!No doubts path to the dreams is tough one and tiresome yet more valuable.

— raja shakeel mushtaque

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

— Christopher Reeve

People are more apt to respond to crisis, than to their dreams and vision. Dare not be one of them.

— Ronald Mapamula

A friend drops their plans when you’re in trouble, shares joy in your accomplishments, feels sad when you’re in pain. A friend encourages your dreams and offers advice–but when you don’t follow it, they still respect and love you.

— Doris Wild Helmering

I would like to instill in people just to work hard. As long as they keep at it, their dreams will happen.

— Misty May-Treanor

Hope dreams into being what is possible but not yet formed.

— Sharon Weil, ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change

Future strong is as focused on the success of every individual as it is on organizational success — creating an environment where people can achieve their dreams and full potential.

— Bill Jensen, Future Strong

Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams and your family.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

A miracle is when you take action on your written goal, and work hard to create it. Transform your dreams into the reality, by writing your goals, taking action and making them happen. This is the short recipe for top success.

— Mark F. LaMoure

Prayer, faith, and vision, plus real effort too.Blend them together for one potent brew.The magical spell to your dreams coming true.

— Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

Yesterday’s faults become today’s lessons. Today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality.

— B.J. Neblett

Often, we speak too hastily. We claim ideals and embrace images and dreams of fantasy. We make promises without thinking about the consequences.

— Elizabeth D. Marie, Chasing Cinders

Listen to the trees talking in their sleep, ‘ she whispered, as he lifted her to the ground. ‘What nice dreams they must have!

— L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

You can change your beliefs so they empower your dreams and desires. Create a strong belief in yourself and what you want.

— Marcia Wieder

The shape of your dreams will not hold if you believe that disbelief is the mending glue. You will only turn back to see the pieces of your dreams if you have the impossibility mindset.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Sailboats with they were stars, floating softly through the sky, among our dreams that pay goodbye.

— Adam Young

We as human beings have an obligation to face up to the dreams that we keep hidden deep within ourselves. Only what we do out of love is successful in the long run. But first we have to figure out what it is that we love.

— Dorthe Binkert, She Wore Only White

Muoth was right. On growing old, one becomes more contented than in one’s youth, which I will not therefore revile, for in all my dreams I hear my youth like a wonderful song which now sounds more harmonious than it did in reality, and even sweeter

— Hermann Hesse, Gertrude

When Paul Allen and I started Microsoft over 30 years ago, we had big dreams about software. We had dreams about the impact it could have.

— Bill Gates

Grandma sees these things when she talks about them and gestures with her hands like she’s painting brush strokes in the air. The way Grandma paints her dreams for me, there’s a low sky.

— Heidi W. Durrow, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

We do not really feel grateful toward those who make our dreams come true they ruin our dreams.

— Eric Hoffer

Because our needs are our little daily dreams The little things to be done that project us into tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the future; trivial things that we plan to buy next week, allowing us to think that next week we’ll still be alive.

— Grégoire Delacourt, La liste de mes envies

You have to be enthusiastic enough to do what is required for achieving your dreams and goals.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Water your dreams with fear, and they will wilt; with doubt, and they will wither; with hope, and they will grow; with faith, and they will flourish.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. Jesse Owens

— Judy Baker

Integrity is critical to our lives – and to our dreams of achievement. We must remember that without integrity, nothing else matters and that with integrity, nothing else matters.

— Jon Huntsman, Sr.

I hope you defy the odds of most dreams and actually accomplish yours

— Colleen Hoover, It Ends with Us

Death is a part of Life, they are dancing together the dance of infinity in front of the gates of Time. We can live our dreams as we are dreaming our future. Time is the Endless Consciousness

— Grigoris Deoudis

Cyclops, that’s like this primal fear. I had dreams for years that the Cyclops was a small creature living in our huge fish tank at home, and at night, it was going to grow to full size and come after me.

— Henry Selick

Hope is a garden where dreams grow like flowers.

— Debasish Mridha

The best dreams are the dreams we made come true for the world.

— Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

Since it is always possible that your dream can come true, you must be very careful in choosing your dream, because the world is full with the unhappy people whose dreams are realized!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

The classic Aryan who idolized himself and who existed in his own dreams could not bear to see the Jew, the evidence of divine reality, and he would kill him.

— André Frossard

I pour another drink and wash the taste of dashed dreams from the back of my tongue. I feel half-dead, but my broken heart somehow still beats. What a stubborn, senseless organ, to keep going when all hope and happiness are lost.

— Julie Johnson, The Monday Girl

Got dreams in my mind that got me hustling all the time.

— Osama Al-Hasan

Bring your dreams into reality. Believe in yourself. You know you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. Start now and work with ambition for total success. Aim high and make it happen.

— Mark F. LaMoure

Flowers of sin, like some black sun, Bloom in my dreams Their perfume-sodden fragrance Spreading through each heartbeat.

— Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Your decisions are influenced by your beliefs, philosophy, wisdom, environment, relationships, goals or dreams and state of mind.

— Mensah Oteh, The Best Chance: A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose, Reaching Your Potential, Experiencing Fulfilment and Achieving Success in Any Area of Life

Interpreting dreams for Iranians was just as much a sacrament as reading coffee cups was for Turks

— Soroosh Shahrivar, The Rise of Shams

The pursuit of our dreams is not without any difficulty. Those who triumph have learn’t to overcome the difficulty.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

In the strange dreams of man, there are stories that are unknowingly being built by them. Mine are among the billions that remain untold.

— Brandon Benevides

I motivate others by making sure that they understand to go after their dreams and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. If you are motivated enough and put the work in that you can achieve anything in life that you set your mind to.

— Magic Johnson

When we see the face of a child, we think of the future. We think of their dreams about what they might become, and what they might accomplish.

— Desmond Tutu

Successful people know how to share their own dreams with other people.

— Eraldo Banovac

If you fall, you fall, ” Elodin shrugged. “Sometimes falling teaches us things too.” In dreams you often fall before you wake.

— Patrick Rothfuss

Each of us has immense potential to achieve what we desire, unless we enliven and enlighten our life with inspiration, bring our dreams or desires into reality we will never shine as bright as our potential.

— Steven Redhead, Keys to The Laws of Creation

You have the power to make your dreams come true so reach for them and don’t accept anything less.

— Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, Tails of Sweetbrier

When you fall in love, waves of joy fill your dreams and become your reality while your realities become your dreams.

— Debasish Mridha

You say I have no power? Perhaps you speak truly… But — you say that dreams have no power here? Tell me, Lucifer Morningstar… Ask yourselves, all of you… What power would hell have if those imprisoned were not able to dream of heaven?

— Neil Gaiman, Preludes & Nocturnes

Insecurity kills more dreams than failure ever will.

— Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Self-confidence can be defined in two sentences. (1) I trust myself to face life’s challenges and (2) I trust myself to follow my dreams and goals.

— Gudjon Bergmann, Empowerment Basics

Don’t be discourage by your problems.Let your passion and dreams inspired you to keep moving forward.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Quote from “FUTURE GONE”:“…I set the house on fire. It’s dark outside. The fire tears down the darkness. I turn my back to the place and leave, not knowing where. And suddenly I understand…All dreams are dead now”.

— Alexandar Tomov

Plant the seeds of trust and compassionMake caring and sharing a life’s missionHold hand with dreams of greatness Peace will grow with beauty and fragrance.

— Debasish Mridha

Let dreams shine. Let hope bloom again.

— Debasish Mridha

At the first kiss I felt something melt inside me that hurt in an exquisite way. All my longings, all my dreams and sweet anguish, All the secrets that slept deep within me came awake, Everything was transformed and enchanted, everything made sense.

— Hermann Hesse

I’ve always been fascinated by memory and dreams because they are both completely our own. No one else has the same memories. No one has the same dreams.

— Lois Lowry

Oh my dear from a distant fantasy land! I love to be in your dreams as a fairy of love with wings of flowers and golden glowing flowing hair.

— Debasish Mridha

My dreams are a little too big for me now, but I’ll grow into them.

— Jay Watkins

You will never be rewarded for the dreams you slept over day in day out. You will be rewarded for dreams you stay awake and achieved.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

‎”You will never reach your dreams without honoring others along the way.

— John Paul Warren

Even in the hardest circumstances, dreams can give you the courage to live, and I hope I can share that message with children in need.

— Kim Yuna

What about nightmares? Have you experienced sexual dreams of a dark nature?

— S.M. Reine

High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.

— Robert H. Schuller

Far away, our dreams have nothing to do with what we do. The wind carries the night, and passes on, aimless.

— Mahmoud Darwish, Absent Presence

Celebrate who you are and what you stand for. Give wings to your dreams and live your aspirations. You’ve got only one life- live it in the best way you possibly can.

— Roopleen

Be willing to constantly travel towards the dreams of your future and don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.

— Mensah Oteh, The Best Chance: A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose, Reaching Your Potential, Experiencing Fulfilment and Achieving Success in Any Area of Life

The life of your dreams begins with the unfolding of consciousness from within.

— Jiulio Consiglio

… I wrote about … my childhood, when dreams were small and attainable for all. When sweets were a penny and god was a rabbit.

— Sarah Winman

Build your castle of dreams but don’t live in it.

— Marty Rubin

No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.

— Maeve Greyson

Ari smiled. The sun was shining, the weather was great, he was eating ice cream, and all his dreams were about to come true.

— James Patterson, School’s Out—Forever

I wanted to reject it all because I was sick of being perfect. I was so bored with normality and dreams of poster boys and tabloid covers.

— J. Merridew, Teenage Idol

It’s when you tame your nightmares, that your dreams will willingly enter the corral.

— Anthony T.Hincks

The idea of having dreams that don’t come true is really terrifying.

— Domhnall Gleeson

All dreams continue in the beyond.

— Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

I’m just a young guy with big dreams who is working hard to make it on top while many people are waiting for my downfall, they don’t support but hate and talk negativity.

— Werley Nortreus

My new life goes beyond my dreams because my dream was Formula One and I achieved it. I’m a driver, I feel like a driver. I have won this race because I am alive.

— Maria de Villota

You’ll be much more successful if you follow your dreams and follow your passions.

— Jay Weatherill

Do all you can to make your dreams come true.

— Joel Osteen

One smile in the morning can change your mood for the entire day. One hug in the evening can usher you into cheerful night dreams you will never regret!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Everyone needs to have support from people who care about them, but ultimately if we don’t work hard and do our part, those dreams are nothing but wishes, fantasy.

— Cindy Ray Hale, You & Me Forever: a Sweet Romance Collection

The dead appear to us in dreams because that’s the only way they can make us see them; what we see is only a projection, beamed from a great distance, light shining at us from a dead star…

— Donna Tartt, The Secret History

Let the passions and cupidities and dreams and kinks and ideals and greed and hopes and foul corruptions of all men and women have their day and the world will still be better off, for there is more good than bad in the sum of us and our workings.

— Norman Mailer, Huckleberry Finn, Alive at One Hundred

Where do they go, these dreams of mine? Do they live? Do they die? Do they fall? Do they fly?

— F.K. Preston, The Artist, The Audience and a Man Called Nothing

Shift your focus from your fears to your dreams. Let the love, passion and utter awesomeness of your dreams guide you through life.

— Avina Celeste

Permit your dreams to see the daylight.

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

Some people spend the best part of their lives living the dreams of others

— Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Explore your untamed dreams and you just might find a unique place where a confluence of paths lead towards your destiny.

— Kathy Goodhew, Confluence

The permanent temptation of life is to confuse dreams with reality. The permanent defeat of life comes when dreams are surrendered to reality.

— James A. Michener

Know, Goodwife, that Faerie is shaped by storytellers. Their fantasies, their dreams give my realm life. We were dying, all of us, from the smallest nixie to highborn sidhe, for want of a storyteller.

— Eugie Foster, The Storyteller’s Wife

You take away my golden dreams and my visions of paradise, in its place you wake me up and hand me your reasons and facts and crude reality. You have ruined my life. If I commit murder or hang myself, let the god I used to pray to repay you in full.

— Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

Nothing else you want to do after all your dreams come true. You’ve become numb. You shouldn’t have ever stopped dreaming.

— Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

Freedom and democracy are dreams you never give up.

— Aung San Suu Kyi

Dream thieves are those who leave their real dreams aside and struggle to pick other people’s dreams to work on. They suffer to do attempt what they can’t do

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.

— Tim Berners-Lee

…Late at night, when the hour is none, I dream the dreams of the damned.

— James Michael Rice, The Still

Todo o reino de Fantasia assenta-se sobre alicerces de sonhos esquecidos.” A História Sem Fim(The whole kingdom of Fantasy sits upon foundations of forgotten dreams – Endless Story).

— Michael Ende

Neglected dreams become regrets.

— Stephen Richards, Success is Only One Thought Away: Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from Mind Power Professional Stephen Richards

Such are the foolish dreams of idealistic children who believe that anything can possibly get better over time.

— Joseph Fink

I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires.

— Khalil Gibran

You know what happens when you slide your cheek on the edge of a sharp razor blade? Yes! That’s how it feels when you slide your dreams into the palms of toxic and negative people! Save your dreams from defamation and disfigurement!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

If you can’t focus then how do you expect to make your dreams come true?

— The Prolific Penman

To turn your dreams into reality, all your resources, efforts and concentration should be aligned in the same direction.

— Roopleen

Chase your dreams with all your strength, soul land sprit.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

I mean, every child at one stage dreams of being a prince or a princess.

— Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Those dreams seem very simple to me now, a crude, crayon-drawn picture by a wistful child. But the beauty of impossible dreams is that they are impossible – the hows and whens don’t really matter.

— Tracy Rees, Amy Snow

i closed my eyes and i loved you … dreams are such beautiful things

— rassool jibraeel snyman

So many financial dreams are thwarted by the failure to act upon good intentions.

— Suze Orman

The journey of the mind always has longer to travel than the heart because dreams carry weight, while love makes you float.

— Shannon L. Alder

I am a merchant of dreams who sells you for free.

— Tanmaya Guru

When you focus your attention more on your dreams and goals and less on the opinions of others, you are capable of achieving success. No one knows the desires of your heart better than you.

— Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Release The Ink

A woman’s heart and a woman’s dreams are malleable and can change at any moment. It is the essence of being a woman.

— Chloe Thurlow, Katie in Love

All my childhood dreams have come true.

— Lucas Till

Who dreams so much, forgets to live

— Yasmina Khadra

Chase your dreams until you catch them…and then dream, catch, and dream again!

— Dee Marie, Sons of Avalon: Merlin’s Prophecy

Plans are easy to make, dreams are easy to dream. But putting your back into it? A little bit of hard graft and discipline? That is just too scary and far too much effort for the masses

— Chris Murray, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club

Some will say that searching for your dreams is like looking for unicorns in an emerald forest.

— Fennel Hudson, Wild Carp – Fennel’s Journal – No. 4

By night, beloved, tie your heart to mineand let them both in dreams defeat the darkness

— Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Chasing your dreams is like running a race in the dark, you may quit disheartened, not knowing you were one step away from the finish line.

— Prerna Kumar

The girl dreams she is dangerously ill. Suddenly birds come out of her skin and cover her completely … Swarms of gnats obscure the sun, the moon, and all the stars except one. That one start falls upon the dreamer.

— C.G. Jung, Man and His Symbols

I dreamt of you last night, vivid and consuming andgone as I woke upfaded from memory before I had the chanceto collect and recollectEven in my dreams you are ephemeraland just outside of reach- Fleeting

— Abby Rosmarin, No One Reads Poetry: A Collection of Poems

Holding onto your dreams is better than holding onto your nightmares.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it you can make it so.

— Belva Davis

An entrepreneur is born, when a person has more reasons to drive his dreams against his excuses.

— Sukant Ratnakar, Open the Windows

I am a Saturn who dreams of being a Mercury, and everything I write reflects these two impulses.

— Italo Calvino, Six Memos For The Next Millennium

Each of us has immense potential to achieve what we desire, unless you enliven and enlighten your life with inspiration, bring your dreams into reality through the power of desire you will never shine as bright as your potential.

— Steven Redhead, The Solution

Embrace your dreams … If you wanna be a hero, you gotta have dreams.

— Zack Fair

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.

— Kalpana Chawla

It is a good initiative for the dreams that would change one society to be nursed in another environment, before being transplanted to strive in its original environment for the change process to begin!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

None of us can accomplish our dreams without the help of others. Is it more important for you to feel superior and self-sufficient than to accomplish your dreams within a community of supporters?

— Nick Vujicic, Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

— William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Going back to the moon is not visionary in restoring space leadership for America. Like its Apollo predecessor, it will prove to be a dead end littered with broken spacecraft, broken dreams and broken policies.

— Buzz Aldrin

The London Games will be designed for the athletes and we will provide them with the very best venues and the very best conditions to pursue their sporting dreams in London.

— Sebastian Coe

Children don’t understand, when things aren’t given. The single parent struggling to provide; how they sacrifice themselves, by sweeping their dreams and goals under the table, just to bring bread and beans on the table.

— Anthony Liccione

The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.

— Roy T. Bennett

Future dreams distract you from present nightmares.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Visionaries are hyper-focused to make sure there dreams come through. Be a visionary!

— Jerry Gladstone, The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams

Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.

— Ryunosuke Satoro

Risk is the clue that our dreams are both real and great.

— Craig D. Lounsbrough

To the stars who listen – and the dreams that are answered.

— Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

They may have been rightly overbearing in her formative years, but they also loved Roselyn enough to trust she needed dreams more than realities.

— Thomm Quackenbush, Danse Macabre (Night’s Dream, #2)

On the surface, there is no distinction between our experiences—some are vivid, others opaque; some are pleasant, others cause agony upon recollection—but there is no way of knowing which are dreams and which are reality.

— Silvina Ocampo, Thus Were Their Faces: Selected Short Stories

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

— Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Identify the sequence of stages that leads to turning your dreams into reality

— Sunday Adelaja

Let your innocence show as brilliant as your dreams because only then can you discover the true beauty of love.

— Imania Margria, Secrets of My Heart

Never let the weight of challenges and the duration of your dreams scare you to give up.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Young women dream of romance and passion as men dream of conquest because those dreams are necessary goads to leaving home and growing up.

— Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir

And it only hurts when I’m breathing My heart only breaks when it’s beating My dreams only die when I’m dreaming So, I hold my breath–to forget

— Shania Twain, Shania Twain – Up!

Negative brands are the main reasons why your dreams become too hard to change shape. Negative brand can cake your dreams to take undesirable shape without permitting for remedy to be made.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

People who just float around in life without any direction will tell you that your dreams are not possible. Their knowledge is the perfect mirror of their results. Logic makes perfect sense.

— Dragos Bratasanu, Ph.D.

He excused himself for a nap, and this day blended into his dreams like like years blended into a life, unseen but still felt, the line between memory and present always bleeding.

— Catherine Lacey, The Answers

I had a million different dreams but none of them was stronger than the rest. In the end they probably would have paralyzed me.

— Kendare Blake, Anna Dressed in Blood

Our dreams drench us in sense, and sense steeps us again in dreams.

— Amos Bronson Alcott

Once we open our eyes to the infinite magic that the universe has in abundance, we are sure to be enthralled by what we see and this miraculous creation gets us closer to our dreams and to the world as a whole.

— Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

I must refine my training every day to give myself the best opportunity to achieve my dreams during the Olympic Games in Rio.

— Ashton Eaton

What about falling?’ I asked. ‘If you fall, you fall.’ Elodin shrugged. ‘Sometimes falling teaches us things too. In dreams you often fall before you wake.

— Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear

No one else knows exactly what the future holds for you, no one else knows what obstacles you’ve overcome to be where you are, so don’t expect others to feel as passionate about your dreams as you do.

— Germany Kent

Hold fast to dreamsfor if dreams dielife is a broken-winged birdthat can not fly.Hold fast to dreamsfor when dreams golife is a barren fieldfrozen with snow.

— Langston Hughes, The Collected Poems

If the future truly lies in the dreams of our children, then should those dreams not be filled with light.

— Deon Potgieter

My biggest question was how to get rid of desire while going after your dreams? Dreams are desire in some way, shape or form. My answer is go after your dreams but don’t get lost in your actions by staying present as often as possible.

— Matthew Donnelly

Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquest…

— Charles A. Lindbergh

You two are children almost grown. Your hearts have not hardened to the realities of the world. Your dreams have not fallen through your fingers. You still know hope.

— Laura Lam, Shadowplay

In my dreams I am sleepingI am sleeping in my dreamsI wish to dream in my sleepJust wish to dream in my sleep.

— Munia Khan

Big dreams create the magic that stir men’s souls to greatness.

— Bill McCartney

Comfort zone has the most comfortable bed in life where dreams become alive in your mind but never become a reality because you never get up from bed to make it happen.

— Oscar Bimpong

Be willing to constantly travel towards the dreams of your future, and don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.

— Mensah Oteh, The Good Life: Transform your life through one good day

Life is like the dirt we bury our dreams and fears in. It blemishes the way. As things tend to grow by the rain of our belief or doubts.

— Anthony Liccione

In our dreams every man and woman are amazingly perfect, but in reality they have imperfections, so accept it without judgement.

— Debasish Mridha

My dreams are all of fire – mother says dreams usually go by opposites, so does that mean the world will end in ice?

— Paul Christensen, The Heretic Emperor

Every writer dreams about the day they can step into their fiction and wander its hallways.

— Shannon L. Alder

You can make you most cherished dreams come true..

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Only whispers can tell of the sweet dreams we knew so well. I’ll see you around our dear ocean town.

— Adam Young, The Black Heart

You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own.

— Mark Victor Hansen

In our marriage, the success of our athletic dreams comes before everything. ‘Hey do you want to watch a movie?’ ‘No, I have a hard workout tomorrow.’

— Ashton Eaton

I’m fulfilling my dreams that I had as a kid every single day. That’s why I’m trying to enjoy it so much.

— Aaron Rodgers

The work of an advertising agency is warmly and immediately human. It deals with human needs, wants, dreams and hopes. Its ‘product’ cannot be turned out on an assembly line.

— Leo Burnett

Thrift of time will repay you in afterlife with a usury of profit beyond your most sanguine dreams waste of it will make you dwindle alike in intellectual and moral stature beyond your darkest reckoning.

— William Gladstone

And when her lips met mine, I knew that I could live to be a hundred and visit every country in the world, but nothing would ever compare to that single moment when I first kissed the girl of my dreams and knew that my love would last forever.

— Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

The fact that I am marrying the man of my dreams is all that matters.

— Anna Bell, Don’t Tell the Groom

We’re all in the human race. The question is, are you running toward your dreams or just away from your fears?

— John Mark Green

It’s great to celebrate the victories along the way in living your dreams but never allow the praises of your past pause you from pursuing higher heights.

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

I always had dreams as a kid. I definitely sat at home and watched the Oscars every year and got emotional every year at everyone’s speeches.

— Yvonne Strahovski

You have to work hard for what you want to achieve and you have to set goals and dreams and really go for them.

— Natalie du Toit

The dreams of a pure life, The dreams of a loving wife, Find pleasure in a Godly life.

— The Wife S.R.

In the photograph by my bed my other is perpetually smiling on me. I guess I have forgiven us both, although sometimes in the night my dreams will take me back to the sadness, and I have to wake up and forgive us again.

— Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

Billions of dreams die off every year. I believe yours will not be part of that proportion if only you are ready to shape them!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Pursuing your dreams in spite of opposition is a revolution against mediocrity. By challenging yourself, you transform those around you.

— M.J. Stoddard

We’re practical and sensible but we’re also dreamers. Don’t forget that part of you. There’s nothing wrong with being sensible, but dreams are what make you fly. And you’re destined to touch the sky.

— S.H. Kolee, Love Left Behind

A man who sits under a tree and dreams makes more journey than a man who goes around the world without dreaming!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

We want an Afghanistan that is shaped by the dreams of the great Afghan people, not by irrational fears and overreaching ambitions of others.

— Narendra Modi

The only person standing between your dreams and making them a reality is YOU.

— Vikrmn, 10 Golden Steps of Life

Always be there for others. Always inspire them with your dreams and hope, vision and mission, attitude and aptitude.

— Debasish Mridha

For some people, their fear to lose is greater than their desire to succeed, so they end up doing nothing and their dreams become impossible.

— Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes

Being born of the dreams and nightmares of humans, they weren’t truly faery or demon. The semantics of labels didn’t matter. There was just light, and there was dark, and neither of them belonged in this world.

— Cari Silverwood, Nightmare Rising

I’d rather fail miserably pursuing my dreams than succeed at something I have to settle for

— Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love

I believe dreams connect us to our ancestors and it is through creativity that we can tap into this in the conscious state. Creativity is a sort of trance that we have as artists that erases time and space.

— Lorin Morgan-Richards

The fulfillment of your dreams lies within you and you alone.When you understand and accept this then nothing, or no one can deny you greatness.

— JohnA Passaro

. . . and I don’t expect him to suborn his life into mine any more than I would change my dreams for him. We’re not one soul, one being, however much we love each other.

— Ann Aguirre, Aftermath

Your biggest dreams can become reality, not by brute-forcing the end-goal, but breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts. If your goal takes years, breaking it down into months and days will let you improve your lot little bits at a time.

— A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

We are not here to fear, we are here to hope and dreams to win the world.

— Debasish Mridha

You didn’t wake up, your dreams just changed gear.

— Ben Elton, Blast from the Past

He was a philosopher, if you know what that was.’‘A man who dreams of fewer things than there are in heaven and earth, ’ said the Savage promptly.‘Quite so…

— Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

You want to achieve your dreams early, right? I know of only one back door; that’s HARDWORK. Only few people use that entrance so the advantage is that there is no or less traffic there!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

New dreams are like new wines; they grow sweeter over time. With patience, you will be able to climb your spiritual, financial, academic, marital and social ladders in Jesus’ name!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Death is the mother of Beauty; hence from her, alone, shall come fulfillment to our dreams and our desires.

— Wallace Stevens

Greatness is never achieved in the realm of dreams but in the realm of reality and the only way to achieving that greatness is to convert your time into added value to yourself and then to others.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Sleep, ” he says. “I’ll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.””With what?””My bar hands, obviously.”In the moments before i drift off to sleep, i hear him whisper, “I love you, Tris.

— Veronica Roth, Insurgent

My dreams kind of came through when I went to see the cinema.

— Debbie Reynolds

I visit you in my dreams and you talk to me in songs. Each sentence is a bridge taking me closer to the city that you are.

— Maria Elena, Eternal Youth

My life’s been defined by my actions. I’ve shaped my destiny through my battles. I would rather keep chasing after my dreams until I crumble into dust than sit around waiting for fate to show me mercy.

— Kōji Suzuki, Paradise

Thinking is an exercise of an imaginative mind to empower dreams and desires.

— Debasish Mridha

We live in a world where our dreams are blocked by those invisible fences we carry in our mind. The only way you can succeed is to get rid of those invisible fences that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

— Abdulazeez Henry Musa

I had dreams of winning Olivier Awards.

— Taron Egerton

It was the ship of dreams to everyone else.

— Oshada Shashika

My office is at Yankee stadium. Yes, dreams do come true.

— Derek Jeter

May you one day find the place where your dreams and reality collide.

— R.S. Novelle

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.

— Chin-Ning Chu

Whenever you have good dreams never let it go , because dreams are tiny seeds which germinate result into fruitful tomorrow .

— Osunsakin Adewale

She blows kisses to the one who danced through her dreams and leaves a trail of moon dust on her heart…

— Virginia Alison

Does he know you’re with me? Does he know about me? Does he know we fuck each other in our dreams every night? ~ Ripp Collins

— Yvonne Nicolas, Rock Star Lover

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.

— Sigmund Freud

Take pleasure in your dreams relish your principles and drape your purest feelings on the heart of a precious lover.

— Giotto di Bondone

In his mother’s honor, vowing not to commit the “fashionable stupidity” of ignoring things he didn’t understand, Max performed a brave act of nonconformity by accepting the possibility that his dreams might be exactly what they seemed: real.

— Sol Luckman, Snooze: A Story of Awakening

Follow your dreams and use your natural-born talents and skills to make this a better world for tomorrow.

— Paul Watson

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

— LL Cool J

The dreams which reveal the supernatural are promises and messages that God sends us directly: they are nothing but His angels, His ministering spirits, who usually appear to us when we are in a great predicament.

— Paracelsus

Our dreams define our sacred destiny.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Your strengths are the raw materials that God needs to make your dreams happen.

— Bidemi Mark-Mordi

We are more curious about the meaning of dreams than about things we see when awake.

— Diogenes Laërtius

Take a leap of faith right now and know that you can live the life of your dreams by making a positive decision.

— Auliq Ice

It’s funny the things dreams can do to you.

— Jane Nevin

I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?

— John Lennon

All dreams are realities waiting for us to believe in them.

— Gillian Duce, Magic and Mayhem

The most formidable thing standing between your dreams and you

— is you

This morning do something different: When you wake up in the morning, wake your forgotten and forsaken dreams up as well, wake them up like an insisting rooster!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

Those of us who submitted or surrendered our ideas and dreams and identities to the ‘leaders’ must take back our rights, our identities, our responsibilities.

— Maya Angelou

Your soul does not give you your dreams if you don’t have what it takes inside to achieve them.

— Eileen Anglin

Resurrect the dreams that you allowed to be killed by those who never dare to dream

— Saccheen Laing

Start with big dreams and make life worth living.

— Stephen Richards

It was one of those dreams from which she woke up depressed about her reality, filled with a longing that pulled at her insides, wishing the dream could have lasted forever, or at least much longer than it had.

— Michael Monroe, Afterlife

Sometimes in life, we need to be pushed to conquer our fears, challenge our nightmares, realized our dreams and achieved our goals, in order to be the best we can be. – CG Murphy

— Courtney Murphy

Dreaming is good, but actions are better. Actions are what transform dreams into reality.

— Debasish Mridha

When you believe and act on your dreams, your dreams will become a reality.

— Debasish Mridha

Love never fails. Character never quits. And with patience and persistence, dreams do come true

— Pete Maravich

If someone thinks your ideas, the dreams bubbling up inside of you, are stupid, welcome to the Club.

— Richie Norton, The Power of Starting Something Stupid: How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen, and Live without Regret

I don’t believe in dreams that don’t evolve, if your potential develops all the time, how is it possible that your dreams stay the same.

— Unarine Ramaru

We are such stuff As dreams are made on and our little life Is rounded with a sleep.

— William Shakespeare

Stop your dreams from being dreams by turning them into reality.

— Kayisha Thomas, Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration

Never surrender…never give up! Keep walking down the roads of life that will lead you to your dreams and happiness❤

— Timothy Pina, Bullying Ben: How Benjamin Franklin Overcame Bullying

Don’t fall asleep yet. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not where dreams get accomplished.

— George Watsky

Suicide. A sideways word, a word that people whisper and mutter and cough: a word that must be squeezed out behind cupped palms or murmured behind closed doors. It was only in dreams that I heard the word shouted, screamed.

— Lauren Oliver, Delirium

You’ll always be curious yet deliriously sinking into whatever your nightmare is until you let your wings know you’re serious by leaping into your wildest dreams of self love.

— Curtis Tyrone Jones

Pick a mentor. Select and be closer to someone who is there to talk to you, inspire you, and be on you, monitoring your affairs and movements for the best reasons and ensuring that your dreams become fruitful.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

In dreams begins responsibility in life

— Suraj Rajput

If you want to find the trail, if you want to find yourself, you must explore your dreams alone. You must grow at a slow pace in a dark cocoon of loneliness so you can fly like wind, like wings, when you awaken.

— Francesca Lia Block, Dangerous Angels

No one may speak for the dead, no one may interpret their mutilated dreams and visions.

— Elie Wiesel

Sometimes it might be kinder to kill a man, than to take his dreams from him.

— Mika Waltari, Egipcjanin Sinuhe, tom 2

My dreams do not end with playing Major League Baseball.

— Derek Jeter

Stars are shining, my dreams too

— لطيفة الحاج

When you engage in people pleasing you are out of integrity with yourself, your goals, your dreams and your life’s mission.

— Eileen Anglin

Cut lose your ties with expectation. Your dreams are charlatans, your memories, stalemating quarks. Listen only to the pull of your atoms and follow the discordant hum of your personal entropy.

— Virginia Petrucci

The darker it gets, the brighter your dreams shine.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

To become successful you have to dream big. Small dreams don’t have the magic to stir up passion and greatness within you.

— Mensah Oteh

I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams.

— Jonas Salk

I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind.

— Emily Bronte

The garden of your dreams is watered by the sweat of excellence.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

She had realized that she was not as weak and helpless as thought she had been – she was willing to fight for her dreams and do whatever was necessary to make them come true.

— Anamika Mishra, VoiceMates – A Novel

Be careful who you share your dreams with whilst they are still in the creation stage. Doubt kills dreams.

— Mensah Oteh

There’s a line I have that our family was designed more for public than for private. But there are definitely some things that are only mine. I am someone who dreams at night, and you don’t know what I’m dreaming.

— Carrie Fisher

And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see visions.

— Bible

Let me fly in your own sky, soaring and grasping your tranquil thoughts, touching your dreams with my sincere prayers.

— Ibaa Younis

In my dreams, I could be a Princess, and that’s what I was. Like most little girls, I believed nothing less than a Prince could make my dreams come true.

— Loretta Young

…try to remember that dreams do come true, but they don’t come easily.

— Josephine Angelini, Dreamless

Months passed away without dreams about the Agni Ki…or my father. My new life began to find new rhythm. But then…as suddenly as it always does…everything changed.

— Dave Roman, The Last Airbender: Prequel – Zuko’s Story

I believe that God gives you hopes and dreams in a size that’s too large, so you have something to grow into.

— Lynn A. Robinson, Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity, Revised and Updated

When you’re a kid, you have these big ideas and these big dreams to make a change, or maybe you feel like you can’t make a difference.

— AnnaSophia Robb

I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after and changed my ideas: they’ve gone through and through me like wine through water and altered the color of my mind.

— Emily Bronte

Dreams has no limitations.Never give up on your dreams.Dream your dreams and ask God’s help.Anything is possible.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

You have to pursue your dreams with all your heart.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

To my mind, ‘Dear Brutus’ stands halfway between Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s ‘Into the Woods’. Like them, it is a play about enchantment and disillusion, dreams and reality.

— Michael Dirda

. . . and he knew that our dreams are none the less terrible to lose, because they have never been the realities for which we have mistaken them.

— Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley’s Secret

Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.

— Paulo Coelho

The way to make your dreams come true is to absolutely believe in them.

— Helen M. Barry

Learning to read and write changes lives; it means jobs, money, health, and dreams fulfilled.

— Queen Rania of Jordan

Put off the fire of pride and save your life from burning with flames of failure. Pride is the reason why many dreams only survive as ashes today. Learn the lesson

— hung on to humility!

Fear is a desolate boneyard where our dreams go to desiccate in the hot sun.

— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Paying the price for your dreams proves you can afford them.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Everyday that I procrastinate, everyday that I sit stagnant in fear, everyday that I fail to better myself, someone else out there with the same goals and dreams as me is doing the exact opposite.

— Noel DeJesus

Sacred dreams are dreamt day by day.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

I embraced everything that I thought would hold me back from pursuing my dreams and used my insecurities to give me the courage to inspire and advocate for others who possessed many of the same insecurities I had.

— La’Porsha Renae

First publication is a pure carnal leap into that dark which one dreams is life.

— Hortense Calisher

We all want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room, to be chosen and loved forever. The Cinderella story gives us hope of our impossible dreams becoming true.

— Beth M Jones

Stop spending your energy on thoughts you don’t want and things you don’t need. Spend your energy on the thoughts, people, things and dreams you do want. You only have so much energy in the day; spend it wisely.

— Avina Celeste

I will pursue my dreams wholeheartedly.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

The visions of a healthy brain, Give us pleasure over and again;For this home was done, From the daytime dreams of one.

— Omar Kiam

Dare to visualize a world in which your most treasured dreams have become true.

— Ralph Marston

Do you think the wren ever dreams of a better house?

— Mary Oliver, Blue Pastures

I made the decision fifteen years ago that you were my life. My everything. You were with me in my dreams my dark lover my friend and confidant.

— Christine Feehan, Dark Dreamers

Thus fortified I might take my rest in peace. But dreams come through stone walls, light up dark rooms, or darken light ones, and their persons make their exists and their entrances as they please, and laugh at locksmiths.

— J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.

— Walt Disney Company

It’s interesting when you wind up distilling all your ambitions and your goals and dreams into one single person. It’s giving that person a lot of power.

— Damien Chazelle

Life is a game, you live so you play. Follow your dreams and win what your happy heart desires.

— Roel van Sleeuwen

The emotions in all true anxiety dreams are next to unbearable.

— Dick Cavett

When flying dreams hit the soil of reality, all that remains are the imprints of experience.

— Soar, Yours, poetically: Special Deluxe Edition of Selected Poems and Quotes

Your future, hopes and dreams should never be tied down to anybody! The strength lies inside of you to decide at any moment your direction.

— Chinonye J. Chidolue

By the time she had interpreted Harry’s dreams at the top of her voice (all of which, even the ones that involved eating porridge, apparently foretold a gruesome and early death), he was feeling much less sympathetic toward her.

— J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Her hands reach out for intangible dreams as dust motes dance in the spectrum of light across one corner of the room.

— Tracey-anne McCartney

May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.

— Harley King

It was then that the seven-year-old said, “I am ready. What wonderful place will we visit tonight?” “I can take you wherever your dreams desire, ” the calico pony replied on their first night together.

— Cheryl Price

Build your dreams through your imagination by looking into the future and considering all possibilities.

— Mensah Oteh

The dreams of youth. So noble. So good. And heavy dreamsthey were- made frail only by their own weight.

— James Michael Pratt, The Lighthouse Keeper

We were designed to love and to be loved, to reach our dreams to unleash our potentials but not live in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another.

— Auliq Ice

Unlike the bough that shook off her dead leaves violentlylike a wet terrier, unlike the beating of the butterfly, her wings, against the cocoon, some dreams never made a move.

— V.S. Atbay

If there never was a night or day and memories could fade away, then we’d be nothing left but the dreams we made

— Selena Gómez

The opportunity cost of an unlived dream is not only that dream, but also the dreams the dream was meant to inspire.

— Ryan Lilly

When faced with many rejections, don’t give up. Hold fast to your dreams and keep up with sacred-work, you will succeed in the sacred-time.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Kids need a happy household. They need to be loved and supported in their dreams. And I don’t think you can make your kids’ dreams your own. They need you to support them in their dreams.

— Billy Crystal

Set your dreams where nobody hides, give your tears to the tide…

— M83

If you want to lead others into a strong future: You need to be keenly aware of how your own inner truths — biases, fears, courage, values and dreams — do or do not impact the daily work of others.

— Bill Jensen, Future Strong

We hold our dreams and ideals close to our hearts, where the promises are made to the future generations.

— John Rachel, A Long Night’s Journey Into Daylight

To all to each a fair good night And pleasing dreams and slumbers light.

— Walter Scott

The beliefs you hold strongly in your mind will become your dreams and in time become your reality.

— Steven Redhead, The Solution

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers who carried out the marathon bombing, was a non-practicing Muslim who only became an Islamist militant once his dreams of becoming an Olympic boxer faded. At the time of the attack, he was unemployed.

— Peter L. Bergen

The voracious ambition of humans is never sated by dreams coming true, because there is always the thought that everything might be done better and again.

— John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

The days that passed had begun to melt together into weeks and months, creating a twisted mosaic of memories in her mind. Her dreams travelled a tortuous path between what had actually happened, and what could have been.

— Kim Cormack, Enlightenment

I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours.

— Bob Dylan

Sometimes the price of dreams is achieving them.

— Michael J. Sullivan, Percepliquis

The kind of dreams you have determines the kind of people to get connected to.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Kid’s, Life’s too short to be organized. Follow your dreams first, then organize later.

— Kendall Schmidt

Your dreams become your reality if you have the courage to act on them.

— Debasish Mridha

Blessed are the people who are living dreams they didn’t know they had. Dreams they never dreamed. Dreams that came to life because they followed their intuition.

— Renae A. Sauter

Nurturing a child’s sense of personal worth and therefore hope and dreams for a wonderful future is perhaps the most important responsibility of every grownup in a child’s life.

— Wess Stafford

Your dreams are ink

— reality is the canvas

Asleep you can experience many hours whilst only a few waking moments have passed. This is why dreams are an ideal platform for training.

— Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

To all to each a fair goodnight And pleasing dreams and slumbers light.

— Walter Scott

Follow your dreams with all of your mind. Chase your dreams with all of your heart. Accomplish your dreams with all of your soul.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

What do dreams matter if you lose yourself along the way?

— Amy Fellner Dominy, OyMG

Remember that we’re living in a place that is temporary. No matter what you believe in the end of time I don’t care about it. As of now.. live your life, cut those negative thoughts and actions, reach your dreams and goals.

— Jayson Engay

It is in the pursuit of a goal that happiness is found. Achievement is shortlived compared to the satisfaction found in knowing that you have consistently worked towards your goals. Dream big, work hard and find even bigger dreams to pursue.

— Avina Celeste

To all the kids out there: Follow your dream. Believe in your dream. Because dreams do come true.

— Rickey Henderson

Many beautiful dreams die prematurely because the dreamers don’t have enough fuel to drive through the rocky roads and the patience to wait.

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

Wake up every morning with dreams of a wonderful day.

— Debasish Mridha

Attaining bliss can take lifetimes, or one can simply choose to experience it in their deepest dreams. Sleep well my friend, as dreams are vehicles that can quickly take you to the awareness that you call Nirvana

— Gary Hopkins

I think there’s a time as a writer when you want to see the best things in life, and you go out wherever you go with your dreams as a writer or a composer.

— Tori Amos

Bring your dreams to reality. Believe in yourself. You know you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. Start now and dedicate yourself for success. Shoot for the stars and make it happen.

— Mark F. LaMoure

Older, but no wiser. Alas, our dreams continue to haunt us.

— Eliza Granville, Gretel and the Dark

To be given the opportunity to help shape new artists’ careers and mentor them to see their dreams come to fruition is a task I welcome with open arms.

— Christina Aguilera

I can never decide whether my dreams are the result of my thoughts, or my thoughts the result of my dreams.

— D. H. Lawrence

In high school, I worked eight hours a day just so I could get into the college of my dreams and say that I got in – and I never went.

— Bo Burnham

Taking actions will fulfill your dreams and wishes, not the prayers and blessings.

— Amit Kalantri

Women are not on this planet exclusively to inspire men and make them happy. We have our own dreams and needs, our own shit to get done.

— Gretchen McNeil, I’m Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl

But in high school the business of irrevocable choices began. Doors slipped shut with a faint locking click that was only heared clearly in the dreams of later years.

— Stephen King, Cujo

Our dreams prove that to imagine – to dream about things that have not happened – is among mankind’s deepest needs.

— Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Big dreams are important because the awaken the giant that sleeps within you.

— Mensah Oteh

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.


Music is the love child birthed from the boundless freedom found in dreams and the rapturous opposition faced in life; for that, we should be so grateful for both the light and the dark.

— Dave Matthes

Belief is the creed of the fearless.. Follow through your dreams religiously , keep it running like the DNA embedded in your system… Believe

— Tare Munzara

Kid, if you never remember your dreams you lose out on half of your life

— Carla Speed McNeil, Finder, Vol. 02: Sin-Eater 2

The best dreams are had while awake.

— Jayce O’Neal

I’ve been quite happy. Look, here are my proofs. Remember that I am indifferent to discomforts which would harass other folk. What do the circumstances of life matter if your dreams make you lord paramount of time and space?

— W. Somerset Maugham

If you leave your dreams on your pillow, you might as well just stay in bed. To make dreams come true you’ve got to get up and take action.

— Toni Sorenson, The Great Brain Cleanse

Make your dreams worth more than your sleep.

— Eyden I., Woman’s Book: Only For Men

There are only two lives we might live: our dream or our destiny. Sometimes they are one in the same, and sometimes they’re not. Often our dreams are just a path to our destinies.

— Glennon Doyle Melton, Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed

Pursuing your dreams is the best way of insulating yourself from your nightmares.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

— Napoleon Hill

Your dreams have to be like a cockroach, they have to be hard to kill and you have to be like that pesky mosquito that doesn’t know when to give up.

— James Jean-Pierre

He was stabbed by memory, that tyrant which impinges upon our dreams and leaps at out throat as soon as we awaken.

— Françoise Sagan, Dans un mois, dans un an

I am rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

— Edward Moore

It take faith to follow your dreams and courage to reach them.

— E’yen A. Gardner

If you take any step, no matter how small it is, towards achieving your dreams then you will surely find the right path and reach the abundance that lies in store for you.

— Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

Regain your senses, call yourself back, and once again wake up. Now that you realize that only dreams were troubling you, view this ‘reality’ as you view your dreams.

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Nobody seems to care that with every push to live up to their expectations, my own dreams vaporize.

— Ellen Hopkins, Perfect

Our creative dreams are subject to grudge-holding when we decide that other people somehow have made their dreams real and we have not.

— S.A.R.K., Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day

Lost child , Open dreams .

— Ankit Samrat

You may marry the man of your dreams ladies but fourteen years later you’re married to a couch that burps.

— Roseanne Barr

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

— Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

When you choose being a loving soul, and give proper attention to your dreams without using your own will power, then you are in a process of creating a range of experiences which flow into your life harmoniously.

— Hina Hashmi, Your Life A Practical Guide to Happiness Peace and Fulfilment

When you decided to share your dreams with others be aware of discouraging response. Don’t try to justify yourself when it happens. Keep calm and keep your eyes on the prize (your dreams).

— Euginia Herlihy

Who does ever get what they want? It doesn’t seem to happen to many of us if any at all. It’s always two people bumping against each other blindly, acting out of old ideas and dreams and mistaken understandings.

— Kent Haruf

Before you accomplish your dreams physically, your inner make up, mindset, emotions and perception have fought the battle mentally and that already determined how the battle will be fought physically.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.

— Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

He dreamed of funeral love, but dreams crumble and the tomb abides

— Gustave Flaubert

Perserverance: Outlasting the most rash, pessimistic, cowardly naysayers; those first in line to deny us the dreams never tried. Ourselves.

— R.S. Guthrie

There is no reason we should expect young children to enter the nocturnal darkness of sleep and dreams without help.

— Siri Hustvedt

As a divorced man, I can say from experience that there may come a time when a couple decides it is best to live separate lives: where you have different dreams and are no longer willing to make sacrifices to achieve the other’s goal.

— Carlos Wallace, The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity

Whatever circumstances you were born into, whatever family life and education you had or didn’t have, you came here to make your dreams come true, and no matter where you are now, you are fully equipped with everything you need to do it!

— Rhonda Byrne, Hero

Never tell yourself that it’s going to be okay. Because more times than you know, it wont be okay. You’ll crash and burn and your dreams will turn to ashes.

— Amber Pollard

I am open to receiving help with moving forward toward my dreams and aspirations.

— Renae A. Sauter, An Empowered Life: Mind/Body/Spirit Empowerment

Still enveloped in a blanket of dreams he (life) continued to lie still, pretended as if he was in a deep slumber.

— Suman Pokhrel

Without dreams ‘life’remains ‘life’..always: neither better nor worse.

— Munia Khan

Sooner or later, everybody dreams of other worlds.

— J. Aleksandr Wootton, Her Unwelcome Inheritance

Pursue your dreams with all your might and soul.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Do not surrender your dreams based on the seasonality, chase them until they become a reality.

— Gift Gugu Mona

The faery lords are immortal. Those who have songs ballads and stories written about them never die. Belief worship imagination we were born of the dreams and fears of mortals and if we are remembered even in some small way we will always exist.

— Julie Kagawa, The Iron King

I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself. I never in my wildest dreams expected this popularity.

— J. K. Rowling

Discover more about yourself, dream wild dreams because what others see in you right is just a mild chapter of you; the wild chapter will unfold sooner! Dare to dream and shape the dream every day!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.

— John C. Maxwell

Long walks on the beach are the supposed holy grail of a romantic evening. The beach becomes a kind of utopia – the place where all our dreams come true.

— Roxane Gay

‎There is nothing sweeter than finding the right person to love and cherish and to share your hopes and dreams with.

— Mary Lydon Simonsen, The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy

…because people who talk about their dreams are actually trying to tell you things about themselves they’d never admit in normal conversation. It’s a way for people to be honest without telling the truth.

— Chuck Klosterman, Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story

Most of us accept that although we may believe our dreams to be real events, upon waking, we can tell the difference between nocturnal hallucinations and reality.

— Siri Hustvedt

The reality is that your dreams pave the way for you. You just have to have the guts to follow them.

— Kia Marie Dawkins, To Be Drenched in Dreams, Delights, Downfalls, and DOS: A Book of Poetry, Notes, and Motivations for the Dreamer

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;I have spread my dreams under your feet;Tread softly because you tread on my dr

— W.B. Yeats, The Wind Among the Reeds

Dreaming of getting you I loosed everything Cheerfulness of smile And all the dreams of life

— Hasil Paudyal, Blended Words

You’re every song I have ever sung. I’ll never let anything hurt you again. For the first time in my life, my dreams aren’t about me.”I lifted my eyes up to meet hiss, and he smiled.”They’re about you.” -Jax Stone

— Abbi Glines, Breathe

People who made their dreams come true didn’t simply go after it. They changed the person they were, in order to fit the type of person that would live that type of dream.

— Shannon L. Alder

There were differences between memories and dreams. He had only dreams of things he had wanted to do, while Lespere had memories of things done and accomplished. And this knowledge began to pull Hollis apart, with a slow, quivering precision.

— Ray Bradbury

Be determined.You can make it in life.You can make all your dreams come true.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Today, among little girls especially, princesses and the romanticised ideal they represent – finding the man of your dreams – have a limited shelf life.

— John Lasseter

Your dreams will only take you as far as your faith in them.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

I’ve had dreams about tricks.

— Shaun White

Never in her wildest dreams would she have pegged this man as a dirty talker. Just went to show that you should never underestimate the quiet ones – and never let your guard down around them either.

— Elle Kennedy, Midnight Games

It is truly time to inspire your mind, whatever your dreams may be! Don’t wait for tomorrow, whatever your sorrows. Today is the day to ‘believe’. Jump to it! written by Lee Bice-Matheson, c2011.

— Lee Bice-Matheson

Your dreams are the golden gate to a life of inspiration. The more you allow yourself to dream of your ideal future, the stronger your inspiration.

— Mensah Oteh

The role of United Nations is to create more smiling face and to fulfill the dreams of the innocent children of the world.

— Amit Ray, Peace on the Earth A Nuclear Weapons Free World

We fail to move beyond what is safe, we abandon our dreams in favor of what is sure rather than strive for what is best for us.

— Joan D. Chittister

We do not really feel grateful toward those who make our dreams come true they ruin our dreams.

— Eric Hoffer

People dreaming , economists steals their dreams and politicians kills it

— Mohammed Sekouty

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

— Jesse Owens, Jesse, A Spiritual Autobiography

What’s the differences fantasies, reality, dreams and memories. It’s all the same, just noises.- Ghost in The Shell

— Deyth Banger

I believe that there is potential in everyone, and that everyone is capable of reaching their goals and dreams with the right focus, dedication and discipline.

— Dave Shepp

To catch you’re elusive dreams you must be prepared to track it to the ends of the earth. Let nothing stop you’re pursuit of dreams.

— Truth Devour, Unrequited

I is a dreamblowing giant, ” the BFG said. “(…) I is scuddling away to other places to blow dreams into the bedrooms of sleeping children. Nice dreams. Lovely golden dreams. Dreams that is giving the dreamers a happy time.

— Roald Dahl

The insinuation that without a female president women cannot pursue and achieve their dreams is not only false but recalls the ever-condenscending liberal attitude towards women: “We know what women want, even if they do not.

— Alyssa Bornhorst

Do not just envisage your own hopes, dreams — but, have the courage to strive toward them.

— Eleesha, The Soulful Pathway To Empowerment: Soulfully Empowering You to Overcome Life’s Challenges & to Achieve Your Goals

A man’s greatness is neither determined by having great dreams nor by his determination to realize them; but by his contribution – however small may be – to the progression of the humanity, without forgetting other creatures as well!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

Discovering how the Universe will manifest all of your dreams for you is going to be an exciting journey that will harmonize the trinity of your mind, body and spirit.

— Stephen Richards, Ask and the Universe Will Provide: A Straightforward Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams

We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

— William Shakespeare

Your dreams will be your reality if you don’t fear them and have enough courage to act on them.

— Debasish Mridha

I never expected anyone to take care of me, but in my wildest dreams and juvenile yearnings, I wanted the house with the picket fence from June Allyson movies. I knew that was yearning like one yearns to fly.

— Maya Angelou

Move towards your dreams inch by inch or suffer the pain of regret.

— Matthew Donnelly

Dreaming is very pleasant as long as you are not forced to put your dreams into practice.

— Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

The first step to success is knowing that you failed to do something because many people don’t even realise. Second step is to take a first step towards making your dreams true.

— Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

God gave us dreams, but he gave us kids to make all those dreams worthwhile. And when I look at all my kids, I say everything that I’ve ever went through in my life was worthwhile.

— Tracy Morgan

Truth and dreams are always getting muddled.

— David Almond, Skellig

It’s our dreams that keep us going that separate us from the beasts. I wouldn’t even want to live if I thought it was all just eating and sleeping and taking off my clothes.

— Mary Chase

The pursuit of dreams is holy act.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

They were using the dolls to project their dreams of their own futures as adult women.

— Ruth Handler

These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly. Fashion is about dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women.

— Karl Lagerfeld

Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum.

— Terri Guillemets

Nana…how come being happy and making your dreams come true are two different things? Even now, I still don’t know why…

— Ai Yazawa

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

— Langston Hughes

I walk across the dreaming sands under the pale moon: through the dreams of countries and cities, past dreams of places long gone and times beyond recall.

— Neil Gaiman, Brief Lives

As I’ve grown – dare I say it – older, I had hopes of indulging my dreams of being a sailor.

— Jimmy Webb

Learn from your dreams what you lack.

— W. H. Auden

If your dream is accepted by all, you don’t have a big enough dream. Big dreams challenge the status quo.

— Mensah Oteh

Fear must die for your dreams to live.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Make your dreams bigger than your nightmares.

— Alin Sav

Who was really the cop-out, Jack who went and got what he needed to make his dream real, molding a Jack Barron reality to the shape of his dreams, or me, shaping dreams to the size of mundane reality

— Norman Spinrad, Bug Jack Barron

Life is a journey of realization, which often ends in that place where dreams never begin.

— Qosmic Qadence

A thought enters your brain and lasts an average of five seconds. The only way to keep it is to grab hold of it and claim it. The same applies to dreams. We forget most of our dreams because we never take the actions needed to make them our own.

— Toni Sorenson, The Great Brain Cleanse

Imagine if you could dream about your books, read them in your dreams and learn them. You will never need to study in your life again. Just sleep.

— Andreas Harpas

If you truly want to pursue and achieve the success you were created for, you must recognize the role of vision, the significance of dreams and the power of actions without which you are just making a living.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Michelangelo | Beethoven | Shakespeare: 15 Things Common to Great Achievers

Life is the clay from which dreams are molded.

— Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

You should not expect your dreams to become a reality if you do not do something about it.

— Kindle Korner

I got so strongly addicted to love that I may not be able to breath without it. I fall so fondly in love with poetry that I read it in my dreams often and even unknowingly.

— Debasish Mridha

With determination, discipline and hard work all dreams become a reality.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

A miracle is when you take action on your written goal, and work hard to create it. Transform your dreams into reality, by writing your goals, taking action and making them happen. This is the short recipe for top success.

— Mark F. LaMoure

Change the size of your dreams if that’s what’s keep you static. Go for bigger dreams, but start in a small way. See the bigger picture and live by the desire to become excellent!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

Writing fiction is a way of expressing feelings and revealing a certain truth about life, goals, dreams and desires.

— Ann Marie Aguilar

Every boy dreams of serving in the Kingsguard.

— George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

some times it takes just one person to believe in you to make your dreams come true, But if you don’t have the one person, Be the one person and believe in yourself

— jane yates 2015

Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.

— Langston Hughes

My dreams may be nonsense too, but I do not want to run the risk of not following them

— Anamika Mishra

Eduardo Galeano notes that America was conquered, but not discovered, that the men who arrived with a religion to impose and dreams of gold never really knew where they were, and that this discovery is still taking place in our time.

— Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

Let’s not be too harsh where poets are concerned. They have to live in no-man’s-land, halfway between dreams and reality.

— Arthur Gordon, A Touch of Wonder

I just want that sensation you have in dreams when you fly to be real.

— Janet Montgomery

There are not wings of dreams that have not previously dealt with the flight of black thoughts.

— Sorin Cerin, Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

We all get lost along the way, but hopefully we figure out some sort of path. It helps if you can imagine the process as well as the goal. Those kinds of dreams are easier to achieve.

— Annette Bening