11 Inspiring Quotes about Life and love

Are you looking for inspirational quotes about life and love? Inspiring Lizard has got you covered! In this article we present the 11 most beautiful life and love quotes we could find. Let’s get inspired!

Life and love quotes

People who truly live their lives don’t have time to complain or judge others. They’re too busy enjoying life and love and everything in between!

— Charlotte Eriksson

Let life and love live together.Lets love win over life forever.

— Debasish Mridha

If Anthony Weaver knew anything, it was this: That life and love and country and duty…that all of these things faded in time. They came and went with the impartial cruelty of the Indian sun. But sin and sin alone is eternal.

— Kim Wright, City of Bells

And I chose life and love and happiness and pain

— Anna Akana, Surviving Suicide

God’s saving offer of life and love is available for all; but it cannot be separated from his judgement on evil, and his triumph over it.

— Stephen S. Smalley, The Revelation to John: A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Apocalypse

And i chose life and love and happiness and pain…

— Anna Akana

May you know always that you are never alone, that life and love are eternal, and that you are extraordinary.

— Susan Barbara Apollon, Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two

I always prayed that God would give me the wisdom and the vision to do the things on this earth that I was supposed to do to express His life and love and His will.

— Billy Ray Cyrus

Things in themselves have no life in them. A car can’t comfort or encourage you. A house means nothing if there’s no life and love inside.

— Joyce Meyer

If love is an attraction, then love may be the first.If life is the source of all creation, then love might be the point of action. Let life and love live togetherLet’s love win over life forever.

— Debasish Mridha

I know now, just quite howMy life and love might still go onIn your heart, in your mindI’ll stay with you for all of time.

— The Calling

She that in life and love refuses me, In death and shame my partner she shall be.

— Thomas Middleton, The Changeling