693 Inspiring Quotes about Quality

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Quality quotes

Flaming enthusiasm backed up by horse sense and persistence is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

— Dale Carnegie

I am a person who always tries not to be easily influenced by position or achievement. I thank God for the fact that I can share more kindness and a good quality of life through the popularity. Not for the popularity itself.

— Mario Teguh

Evil in the Third Reich had lost the quality by which most people recognize it—the quality of temptation.

— Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

Everything has taken on a strange, distant quality – the sounds of running and shouting outside get warped and weird like they’re being filtered through water, and Alex looks miles away. I start to think I might be dreaming, or about to pass

— Lauren Oliver, Delirium

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the positive effect you have on others’ lives.

— Chris Matakas

My attention determines the depth and quality of my experience.

— Karen Kingston, Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui

The food industry profits from providing poor quality foods with poor nutritional value that people eat a lot of.

— Mark Hyman

You like to write. It’s the single most important quality for someone who wants to be a writer. But not in itself enough.

— Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Life is a culmination of the past, an awareness of the present, an indication of a future beyond knowledge, the quality that gives a touch of divinity to matter.

— Charles Lindbergh

It’s not easy for the average family to ensure that their child receives a quality education. And the federal government is not making it any easier.

— Kevin McCarthy

The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our actions.

— Andre Godin

Woman magic. A quality that could bring great joy or havoc or both in equal measure.

— Margaret Way, Her Outback Man

Your health is a testament to your life. The better your quality of health, in all likelihood the longer your life.

— Nancy S. Mure, EAT! Empower, Adjust, Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight, Succeed On Any Diet Plan, Bust Through Any Plateau in 3 Empowering Steps!

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of very part of your life.

— Brian Tracy

If there is a single quality that is shared by all great men, it is vanity.

— Yousuf Karsh

Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life.

— Alex Noble

Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.

— Dorothy Height

Through change and challenge, if our personal foundations are built with quality virtues of character and integrity, we are more resilient, healthy, and ultimately more impressive.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Being: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Presence & Essence for Positive Impact

The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of the nation, is close to the center of a nation’s purpose – and is a test to the quality of a nation’s civilization.

— John F. Kennedy

Doesn’t matter you have thousand of qualities but if you are not honest with your beloved, then other all qualities are rubbish.to hold relation and love there is need only one quality Thats call Honesty and just Honesty

— Mohammed Zaki Ansari, “Zaki’s Gift Of Love”

If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream.

— Martin Luther King Jr.

The quality of our lives is determined by the focus of our attention.

— Cheri Huber

You can judge the quality of their faith from the way they behave. Discipline is an index to doctrine.

— Tertullian

There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.

— Henry Ford

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

— George Washington

Respect the masterpiece. It is true reverence to man. There is no quality so great, none so much needed now.

— Frank Lloyd Wright

To assess the quality of thoughts of people, don’t listen to their words, but watch their actions.

— Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

— George Washington

Success need not always be measured in economic terms. It has to be measured in quality of life.

— Sadghuru

Free and quality education is a fundamental liberty

— Anwar Ibrahim

A team’s inspiration comes from individuals’ aspirations. The combined quality of individual passions makes a team’s impact to excel. When you are in a team, play a part!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because I believe we – architects – can effect the quality of life of the people.

— Richard Rogers

We have to challenge the whole idea that it’s acceptable for a society like Britain to have such a significant number of people who do not work one day of the week and don’t have any possibility of improving the quality of their lives.

— Iain Duncan Smith

Personal relationship with God is the main condition for quality in life.

— Sunday Adelaja

Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.

— George Washington

It was deflating to realize how much my own family’s quality of life might improve if I replaced myself with a Fundamentalist stay-at-home daughter.

— Quinn Cummings

Gratitude is an indescribable quality in the lives of those living in abundance.

— Mensah Oteh

You can be in Downward Dog, hating every second of it. Or you can be in this pose, peaceful and nonreactive, breathing calmly. Either way, you’re in this pose. You decide the quality of your experience. Be the thermostat, not the temperature.

— Lisa Genova, Inside the O’Briens

In inner-city, low-income communities of color, there’s such a high correlation in terms of educational quality and success.

— Bill Gates

The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives has direct bearing upon the product which we live, and upon the changes which we hope to bring about through those lives.

— Audre Lorde

The quality of a play is the quality of its ideas.

— George Bernard Shaw

There is still a real need for good quality architecture, not paper architecture, but the real stuff.

— Peter Zumthor

In other words, it was a struggle with himself. And the product of that struggle: anger, bitterness, resentment, envy or transformation, aspiration, hope, decency..the product of that struggle is the quality of your life and the nature of your soul.

— Emma Forrest, Your Voice in My Head

You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. –Aristotle

— Aristotle

Positive thinking relates to an art of reasoning with the quality of hope for a better future either in the face of difficulties or in the presence of abundance of opportunities.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

Teachers make a difference, and we would serve our students better by focusing on attracting and retaining the quality teachers by raising teacher pay.

— Jeb Bush

It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.

— Mahatma Gandhi

The ability to seize initiative is the most essential quality of any truly successful manager.

— Sumantra Ghoshal, A Bias for Action: How Effective Managers Harness Their Willpower, Achieve Results, and Stop Wasting Time

The quality of time you dedicate to work is what determines your greatness.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

..If not for the influence of Humans, I would not be Human. Shouldn’t it be concerning that the quality of such examples continues to dwindle?

— J. Devau, Theory of the Atheist: Record One of the Alias Wars

The level of happiness you experience through your interactions depends on the quality of your walk in love.

— Mensah Oteh

I never presumed that a technique of composition or an idea was so special that just using it would guarantee the quality of the music.

— Robert Morris

We are less interested in the number of disciples and more interested in the quality of discipleship.

— James MacDonald, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling: Changing Lives with God’s Changeless Truth

Everything that I hold will eventually be gone. Subsequently, the quality of my life will depend on whether I choose to appreciate those things ‘now’ or wait until ‘then.

— Craig D. Lounsbrough

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.

— Seneca

The quality of people’s lives is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour.

— Vincent Lombardi

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.

— Aristotle

A quality is something capable of being completely embodied. A law never can be embodied in its character as a law except by determining a habit. A quality is how something may or might have been. A law is how an endless future must continue to be.

— Charles Sanders Peirce

Gardeners are good at nurturing, and they have a great quality of patience, they’re tender. They have to be persistent.

— Ralph Fiennes

Often the unfavorable events of our lives are a catalyst for long needed change, so what seemed like a poor decision in the beginning can result in much better quality of life in the long term.

— Stephen Richards, Ask and the Universe Will Provide: A Straightforward Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams

The ceilings had set off a ghostly echo, giving all that desperate hilarity the quality of a memory even as I sat listening to it, memories of things I’d never known.

— Donna Tartt, The Secret History

Were all instructors to realize that the quality of mental process, not the production of correct answers, is the measure of educative growth something hardly less than a revolution in teaching would be worked.

— John Dewey, Democracy and Education

He just likes to have fun, Papa.””That’s not a quality that gets you far in life.

— Adriana Trigiani, The Shoemaker’s Wife

I believe the most important aspect of Medicare is not the structure of the program but the guarantee to all Americans that they will have high quality health care as they get older.

— Ron Wyden

If you look at a building by Mies van der Rohe, it might look very simple, but up close, the sheer quality of construction, materials and thought are inspirational.

— David Chipperfield

You got to fight for quality art and equality and all the things that we’re fighting for, the things we believe in. Choice and preference and all those things that we support. We don’t want to give up that fight. You got to keep doing it.

— Christopher Cross

Humility is a quality for which I have only a limited admiration. In many phases of life it is a great mistake and degenerates into defensiveness and hypocrisy.

— E.M. Forster

Whether you be man or woman you will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.

— James Allen

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.

— Henry David Thoreau

Who you allow into the circle of your life will make the difference in the quality of your life.

— Chris Prentiss, Zen and the Art of Happiness

People may forget the quantity of your works but cannot forget the quality of your works.

— Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

I think the most important quality of a mentor is that they are open to following students where they want to go. Not always pushing their own agenda.

— Cordelia Jensen, Skyscraping

Focus your attention on the quality of your words, and not the quantity, because few sensible talks attracts millions of listeners more than a thousand gibberish.

— Michael Bassey Johnson

Do not compromise on the quality and your customers will not negotiate on the price.

— Amit Kalantri

the sanctity of life always takes precedence over the quality of life…For life defines what is the definitive intrinsic attribute, of that which is the natural order of things…While the later, is an incidental ingredient of that concatenation.

— -Daryavesh Rothmensch

Good website practice and optimizing for conversion usually makes for good search engine optimization. These work together to ensure you drive quality traffic and can persuade that traffic to help you meet your business goals.

— Marc Ostrofsky

Change comes from a process of trials and wilderness experiences, problems and difficulties — it’s a process of transition from one quality level to another.

— Sunday Adelaja

Because my business life is so busy, my home is really my sanctuary. That is where I reflect and spend quality time with my girls.

— Rachel Roy

I believed in the faith of faith without acknowledging his quality of being an absolute truth.

— Sorin Cerin, Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

Those who believe in quality produce quality goods.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Beauty, my first girlfriend said to me, is that inner quality often associated with great amounts of leisure time.

— Dorothy Allison, Two or Three Things I Know for Sure

Patience is supported & nurtured by a quality of forgiveness.

— Allan Lokos, Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

What is the quality you most like in a man? The ability to return books.

— David Bowie

Guilt is a manifestation of condemnation or aversion towards oneself, which does not understand the changing transformative quality of mind.’Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

— Joseph Goldstein

I think that the most necessary quality for any person to have is imagination. It makes people able to put themselves in other people’s places. It makes them kind and sympathetic and understanding.

— Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs

How can anyone underestimate the ballistic quality of words? Invisible things happen in intangible moments. What should keep us writing is precisely that possibility of explosions

— Miguel Syjuco

Self-control is the quality that distinguishes the fittest to survive.

— George Bernard Shaw

You should never hate anyone, not even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You had to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.

— Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your life. And this is something worth praying about.

— Stormie Omartian

Well sure, who doesn’t need a boyfriend? but realistically, those exotic creatures are hard to come by. At least a quality one.

— Rachel Cohn, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

Soon I knew the craft of experimental physics was beyond me – it was the sublime quality of patience – patience in accumulating data, patience with recalcitrant equipment – which I sadly lacked.

— Abdus Salam

The quality of goods and services are always viewed as more important than the compensation.

— Sunday Adelaja

Imperfection is Perfection.Small errors required to display the true quality of gaps in between to create meaning and essence of reality. What good is anything if it isn’t flawed and produces only that which emit ideal situations.

— Shlomo Reuben

The quality of a man is to be judged not by what he drives but by what drives him

— Agona Apell, The Success Genome Unravelled: Turning Men from Rot to Rock

Play not with paradoxes. That caustic which you handle in order to scorch others may happen to sear your own fingers and make them dead to the quality of things.

— George Eliot

Expectation levels set can be directly correlated to the quality of the training provided.

— Mark W. Boyer

The world has changed from quality to quantity, and so have we.

— Santosh Kalwar

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of evry part of your life.

— Brian Tracy

Everything, really, has this quality of sacredness, but we can desecrate it at a touch. How strange man is! His touch defiles and yet he contains the source of miracles.

— Yukio Mishima, Spring Snow

When women earn more, families are stronger, and children have better access to quality health care and education.

— Kirsten Gillibrand

I believe wholeheartedly in marriage. I don’t exclusively mean a marriage with a legal contract, but any relationship that constitutes a marriage because of the quality of their relationship.

— Helen Reddy

Imagine the wizened quality of a life blanched of contradiction and double standard.p 44

— Michael Perry

The quality of a society and of its culture will depend on the status of its unemployed.

— Ivan Illich, The Right to Useful Unemployment and Its Professional Enemies

We have little choice but to move beyond quality and seek remarkable, connected, and new. Remarkable, as you’ve already figured out, demands initiative.

— Seth Godin, Poke the Box

The inner being is not only the meditative quality within, the inner silence and emptiness, it is the door to the whole.

— Swami Dhyan Giten

The quality of a person’s life is determined by how obedient he is to the Word of God.

— Sunday Adelaja

By adopting the control strategy, the nation’s environmental program has created a built-in antagonism between environmental quality and economic growth.

— Barry Commoner

Gratification and happiness are becoming important measures of our quality of life.

— Charles Kennedy

Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it.

— Doug Larson

We can do better in higher education. And it is more than just technology. It’s also an attitude on the part of faculty. We need to think through how we can produce a better quality product at less cost.

— Roy Romer

The quality of your life depends on how you take control of your time

— Sunday Adelaja

I was quite solitary for ‘Hitman.’ I was quite apart. He struck me as a very sad individual. There was a mournful quality there.

— Rupert Friend

The amount of words spoken does not determine the quality of the prayer

— Sunday Adelaja

A good essay must have this permanent quality about it; it must draw its curtain round us, but it must be a curtain that shuts us in not out.

— Virginia Woolf

Because of the president’s leadership, every American will have access to affordable, quality health care.

— Rahm Emanuel

These core principles – helping patients, preventing medical errors, promoting best practices and improving quality – are the reasons that health IT is featured in both the 2012 Republican platform and 2012 Democratic platform.

— Sheldon Whitehouse

You can tell a lot about the intellectual and moral progress of a nation’s citizens, by the quality and nature of the films they watch.

— Abhijit Naskar, The Film Testament

You’ve got to trust your instincts, your judgment and trust the storytelling that came before and the quality of the acting with the emotion.

— Jean-Marc Vallee

Your career success in the workplace of today–independent of technical expertise–depends on the quality of your people skills. (9)

— Max Messmer Jr., Managing Your Career for Dummies

Your perspective determines your experiences, attitude and the quality of your life.

— Mensah Oteh

If you want quality service, you have to pay for it. You don’t buy into waste. I have great misgivings about the amount of advertising that we see in the health care field, some by hospitals, a lot by drug companies.

— Dave Obey

If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.

— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The truth is we’ve not really developed a fiction that can accommodate the full tumult the zaniness and crazed quality of modern experience.

— Saul Bellow

You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.

— Aristotle

God gave laws to His people to bless them, not to burden them. Every rule either elevates the quality of human life or restores one’s relationship with God after a breach. He makes no extraneous demands and He is never capricious.

— Charles R. Swindoll

Success is not simply about intelligence and ambition. The time invested, the quality of preparation, and the effort applied are essential to excellence or mastery.

— Mensah Oteh, Unlocking Life’s Treasure Chest: Wisdom keys to keep you inspired, encouraged, motivated and focused

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.

— Robert Louis Stevenson

The people who ask questions decide the quality of their conversation.

— Vikrant Datta

But some words to men and women, boys and girls alike: The quality of the work must merit the readers’ time and money. Do it for yourself, but make yourself a member of your own audience. There is no other way to evaluate your own progress.

— Wendy Pini, The Big ElfQuest Gatherum

It’s going to start really interfering with your quality of life, your health, if you don’t adjust to life as it’s happening to you.

— Noah Baumbach

It strikes me as unfortunate that this approach – affording the same dignity to and investing in the same quality for a poor child as you would for your own – is so often received as provocative.

— Jacob Lief

The elegance is as physical, as moral quality that has nothing common with the clothing. You can see a countrywoman more elegant than one so called elegant woman.

— Karl Lagerfeld

The quality of life in our world does not depend on the conflicts that arise, but on our response to them.

— Widad Akreyi

You know, nothing is more important than education, because nowhere are our stakes higher; our future depends on the quality of education of our children today.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

The measure of a society is not only what it does but the quality of its aspirations.

— Wade Davis

How you receive and respond to moments determines the quality of your life.

— Mensah Oteh

You can not rise above your understanding, yet our understanding largely stems from the quality and quantity of knowledge we have been privileged to acquire.

— Paul Bamikole

Become great by converting your time into quality product.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Your daily habit is one of the most important predictors of the quality of your life.

— Mensah Oteh

Your child’s sense of security is not grounded in how perfect you are, but in the quality of the relationship you have.

— Daniel Bates, When Parenting Backfires: Twelve Thinking Errors that Undermine Parents Effectiveness

At Baptism, I received grace – that quality that makes me share in the very nature of God.

— Mother Angelica

Time does not create changes, wisdom does. Your wisdom decides the quality of your decisions.

— Mensah Oteh

Improve yourself. You can become what you admire most in life. By admiring the quality of excellence in other people, and practicing that same quality, you too can become exceptional.

— Mark F. LaMoure

It makes a big difference when men respect women. There are a lot of men who don’t, so that’s the main quality that would make a good man a great man.

— Stephanie Sigman

The quality of knowledge youbring into the relationshipdetermines the quality of therelationship.

— Dele Ayo Bankole

Humility is an essential quality in writers who want to write well.

— Margaret Jean Langstaff, Marlin, Darlin’: Garnet Sullivan Live from Florida #1

Beauty is the reflection of a loving heart, not the quality of an object or subject.

— Debasish Mridha

If Mom is healthy, then her child is more likely to thrive, more likely to have a better quality of life and, ultimately, better able to provide for his or herself.

— Christy Turlington

I really love to read bedtime story for my kids before they fall asleep.Making them so excited and inspired, it’s truly my favorite quality time.

— Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of man’s humanity to man.

— Maya Angelou

The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it.

— Oscar Wilde

Happiness is a quality of the soul…not a function of one’s material circumstances.

— Aristotle

Enthusiasm breeds quality and innovation

— Myra Yadav

They (the media) found little quality of depth to him, that when she said on the platform with that which he said to them in private. The qualities of introspection and reflectiveness that they particularly treasured were missing.

— David Halberstam, The Powers That Be

Practice daily, because the quality of your practice determines the Caliber of your performance.

— Robin S. Sharma

The Fremen were supreme in that quality the ancients called “spannungsbogen” — which is the self-imposed delay between desire for a thing and the act of reaching out to grasp that thing.

— Frank Herbert, Dune

The average American is more focused on leadership than likeability. And more focused on qualifications than quality of speakership.

— Kellyanne Conway

To delight in war is a merit in the soldier, a dangerous quality in the captain, and a positive crime in the statesman.

— George Santayana

…quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture. Values are what constitute true quality of life, the supreme quality of life, even above food, shelter and clothing.

— Fidel Castro, My Life: A Spoken Autobiography

While weight loss is important, what’s more important is the quality of food you put in your body – food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes.

— Mark Hyman

Quality of life does not depends up on the branded product that you use. It totally depends up on the quality of your thoughts and quality you maintain to express your thoughts

— Anoop Raghav

Some students are in a hurry to begin “real” pranayama. They go right to the later stages without first laying a quality foundation, and their practice often suffers. First find out what is. This is also part of the answer to the question Who am I?

— Richard Rosen, The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama

The length of words used to explain something does not determine the quality of the thought. Yet, I tend to believe that the shorter one can say something, the better it is.

— Eric Roxas

My passion is to keep my clients permanently satisfied with the quality of my work

— Benjamin Kofi Quansah

Today the demands are for even higher standards in the quality of care, for greater flexibility and convenience in treatment times, and for more prevention through screening and health checks.

— Lucy Powell

I’m interested not just in projects that I’ll be starring in, but producing film and TV that’s really quality and great for adults; and when I say ‘great for adults, ‘ it doesn’t mean without humor, because I’m also interested in doing comedy.

— Lance Reddick

It is really important that we promote competitive support in schools. It is very important that we recognise that has to be underpinned by good quality physical education and by getting people into patterns of exercise.

— Sebastian Coe

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

— Napoleon Hill

The Protestant teachings caused people to view their work as a way of proving their love to God so they tried to do their best and give the best quality to God by giving the best quality to man.

— Sunday Adelaja

Attitude is the first quality that marks the successful man. If he has a positive attitude and is a positive thinker, who likes challenges and difficult situations, then he has half his success achieved.

— John C. Maxwell, The Success Journey: The Process of Living Your Dreams

The worst book imaginable has a redeeming quality if it gets a young person to read.

— Tiffini Johnson, The Character

Set out time to worship God in your closet, give Him quality praise and watch Him raise you.

— Jaachynma N.E. Agu, The Prince and the Pauper

The quality of your thoughts and the state of your mind will define how happy you are as a person. Happiness in your life comes from the way you think!

— Sanchita Pandey

My whole professional life has been dedicated to improving access, affordability, quality and choice of health care.

— Glenn Thompson

The essential quality of living life lies simply in the living.

— Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee: Artist of Life

The quality of the results we get in our lives depends on the quality of the self-beliefs we hold.

— Maddy Malhotra, How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident: Overcome Fears, Break Habits, Be Successful and Happy

..determination is the most important quality in a founder, open-mindedness and willingness to change your idea are key, and all startups face rejection at first.

— Jessica Livingston, Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days

A quality education prepares you to make a living, make better choices, and have more doors open as you build a solid life.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Preparation: 8 Ways to Plan with Purpose & Intention for Positive Impact

Stubbornness is a positive quality of presidential leadership – if you’re right about what you’re stubborn about.

— Douglas Brinkley

Leadership makes a difference in the results we create and the quality of life we live.

— Bob Anderson, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Man (human life form) is a ‘second-hand’ quality of the absolute supreme Self (Parmatma, Lord). Man is close to the Lord [absolute supreme Self].

— Dada Bhagwan

Incidentally, although the Cistercians did much to improve the quality of sheep, the animal remained much smaller than its modern descendants; as late as the early eighteenth century a sheep wasn’t much bulkier than a Labrador Dog.

— Clarissa Dickson Wright

Every work you do should be done unto the Lord and your love to God must show in the quality of your product

— Sunday Adelaja

One lesson that every nation can learn from China is to focus more on creating village-level enterprises, quality health services and educational facilities.

— A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Confidence is not some nonphysical quality snatched from the spiritual dimension and installed in the mind. It is the feeling that arises when the body’s knowledge of itself is in harmony with a person’s dreams.

— Matt Fitzgerald, RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel

As more good Knowledge you get as more quality life you can achieve.

— Millie DeWitt

Take pride in what you do & let the quality of your work be your signature

— Kloby

I many times encountered courage, real courage. Undeniable courage. I’ve heard it said that that was the highest quality of the human animal. I encountered that many times, in unexpected places. And I have learned to recognize it when I see it.

— Dorothea Lange

There never were two opinions alike in all the world no more than two hours or two grains: the most universal quality is diversity.

— Michel de Montaigne

I think journalism gets measured by the quality of information it presents, not the drama or the pyretechnics associated with us

— Bob Woodward

A considerable share of the world’s population still cannot afford comfortable housing, education and quality health care.

— Vladimir Putin

Every text session my crush introduce me with a new quality in her crush, and trust me it’s crushing my emotions…!!

— Akansh Malik

Your true being, as Consciousness, is ever at peace, ever at rest, eternally existing in the dimension of here and now. It is the formless and eternal quality within you that expresses itself through the world of form.

— Joseph P. Kauffman, The Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom

By exchanging quality time for ‘turn-up’ times, what many of today’s wayward youngsters have become – men and women of the village have failed them.

— T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with “The Divine Presence”

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing is more powerful in deciding the quality of life than attitude.

— Toni Sorenson, Aligned By Christ

A wonderful quality about America is that we love redemption stories. We’re quick to lash out and assign blame, but we also draw from deep reservoirs of forgiveness.

— Judy Smith

We’re committed to making sure parents have affordable, quality early learning for their kids – there’s no question about it.

— Justin Trudeau

Self-love is crucial for the betterment of our lives and for a higher quality of life.

— Akiroq Brost

Wonder, connected with a principle of rational curiosity, is the source of all knowledge and discover, and it is a principle even of piety; but wonder which ends in wonder, and is satisfied with wonder, is the quality of an idiot.

— Samuel Horsley

The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.

— Richard Rogers

The ideal adventurer needs… the quality of not being content to mind his own affairs…

— P.G. Wodehouse

I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.

— Piet Mondrian

Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic.

— Charles Eames

the first quality of an honest man is contempt for religion, which would have us afraid of the most natural thing in the world, which is death; and would have us hate the one beautiful thing destiny has given us, which is life.

— Umberto Eco, The Island of the Day Before

Take air quality in the United States today: It’s about 30 percent better than it was 25 years ago, even though there are now more people driving more cars.

— Jared Diamond

Throughout her life, Highsmith looked for women whom she could worship. Sex was far from the most important factor in any relationship; rather, it was this near-divine quality for which she yearned.

— Andrew Wilson, Patricia Highsmith, Ζωή στο σκοτάδι

I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have.

— Leonardo da Vinci

Greatness is the quality of time you are able to invest into your purpose.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

God’s Word makes it very clear that the state of our hearts determines the quality of our “listening ears.

— Wendy Blight, Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life

Justin Martyr explained the distinction and the sameness of the Father and the Son with the analogy of a candle. The flame can pass from one candle to another without changing in quality or diminishing the first.

— Thomas F. Madden, From Jesus to Christianity: A History of the Early Church

As a nation we should look more carefully at how our fear of future acts of terrorism is undermining our quality of life.

— Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

Fame means being respected by everybody, or having some quality that is desired by all men, or by most, or by the good, or by the wise.

— Aristotle, The Rhetoric & The Poetics of Aristotle

Providing patients and consumers with solid information on the cost and quality of their healthcare options can literally make the difference between life or death and play a decisive role in whether a family or employer can afford healthcare.

— Timothy Murphy

There is no way to deter old age from its grim duty, but a life of accomplishments makes up in quality for what it cannot add in quantity.

— Dr. Sherwin Nuland

The family is the basis of society. As the family is, so is the society, and it is human beings who make a family-not the quantity of them, but the quality of them.

— Ashley Montagu

Modernism in other arts brought extreme difficulty. In poetry, the characteristic difficulty imported under the name of modernism was obscurity. But obscurity could just as easily be a quality of metrical as of free verse.

— James Fenton

The use of market values and technology as a social barometer has devalued the worth of individuals, rendered irrelevant the quality of their lives, and stunted their creativity.

— Sulak Sivaraksa, Seeds of Peace: A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society

If we’re building high quality companies, if the customers like the products, if the technology innovation is real, then the substance is going to win out in the end.

— Marc Andreesen

I see entrepreneurship, like many other activities, as a type of mission. A mission by which we can provide better life chances and quality for both our current and future generations.

— Miguel Reynolds Brandao, The Sustainable Organisation – a paradigm for a fairer society: Think about sustainability in an age of technological progress and rising inequality

Cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. It cannot be done. You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.

— William S. Burroughs

You have to work at having quality in your church, because people that are influential in your city may be God’s instruments for resolving all kinds of problems that will most surely come up in the future.

— Sunday Adelaja

I care so passionately about improving the quality of life for women and girls, not just here in the United States, but internationally as well. I am a single mom and I raised a daughter who is now a young adult.

— Valerie Jarrett

Children without access to quality early education programs start kindergarten with an 18-month disadvantage, and that gap continues to widen. By the time they are in fourth grade, many cannot do math or read at grade level.

— Mark Shriver

We may by our excessive prudence squeeze out of the life we are guarding so anxiously all the adventurous quality that makes it worth living.

— Randolph Bourne

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

— Philip Green

People were not getting back what they wanted for their sold labor. Taxes grew and services shrank. Prices rose and quality decayed. Everywhere people felt used and betrayed and coerced and cheated.

— Marge Piercy, Dance the Eagle to Sleep

If virtue were its own reward it would no longer be a human quality but supernatural.

— Vauvenargues

Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.

— Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More

The quality of a conqueror is to be judged as much by what he spears as by what he spares

— Agona Apell, The Success Genome Unravelled: Turning Men from Rot to Rock

Audrey had an angelic quality about her. She didn’t act like she was better than everyone, she just had a presence, an energy, a sort of light coming from within her that was overwhelming.

— Kevyn Aucoin

Courage is a quality so necessary for maintaining virtue that it is always respected even when it is associated with vice.

— Samuel Johnson

I laugh at myself. I don’t take myself completely seriously. I think that’s another quality that people have to hold on to… you have to laugh, especially at yourself.

— Madonna

The biggest quality in successful people I think is an impatience with negative thinking … my feeling was even if it’s as bad as I think it is we’ll make it work.

— Edward McCabe

True faith takes its character and quality from its object. Its strength therefore depends on the character of Christ. Even those of us who have weak faith have the same strong Christ as others!

— Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction

Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.

— Pierre Bonnard

Thinking is no more or no less than asking questions. To improve your thinking, improve the quality of the questions you ask.

— Stephanie Mbida

There is a dreamlike quality to the 1936 Basque government, the fulfillment of a historic longing that was to be crushed only nine months later in carnage the scale of which had never before been seen on earth.

— Mark Kurlansky, The Basque History of the World: The Story of a Nation

I think probably honesty is the biggest quality I look for in a relationship. Being exactly who you are with the other person.

— Gabriella Wilde

As a Global Maternal Health Advocate, I get to travel the world quite a bit, meeting individuals and visiting programs with tremendous potential and incredible vision to improve the quality of life for countless others.

— Christy Turlington

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality of happiness, and by no means a necessity of life.

— George Bernard Shaw, Androcles and the Lion

Only if the third necessary thing could be given us. Number one, as I said: quality of information. Number two: leisure to digest it. And number three: the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two.

— Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

The worth of a civilization or a culture is not valued in the terms of its material wealth or military power, but by the quality and achievements of its representative individuals – its philosophers, its poets and its artists.

— Herbert Read

Less is more, especially in relationships. You must understand and appreciate the importance of quality in relationships over quantity.

— Mensah Oteh, The Best Chance: A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose, Reaching Your Potential, Experiencing Fulfilment and Achieving Success in Any Area of Life

Each one of us is left to choose our own quality of life and take pleasure where we find it with the understanding that, like Mom used to say, sooner or later something’s gonna get you.

— David Sedaris, Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays

The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.

— Kenneth H. Cooper

Even if your company’s financial condition can withstand the inefficiency of quality service, your brand likely won’t.

— Jim Blasingame, The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance

The quality of your relationships and the role they play in your life will influence who you will become.

— Mensah Oteh

I don’t think quantity time is as special as quality time with your family.

— Reba McEntire

All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality of the object to which we are attached by love.

— Baruch Spinoza

The difference in the quality of life between people can be found in the quality of the questions they ask themselves

— Mensah Oteh

Facebook and pictures on the Internet have created such a different way of dating. It’s not necessarily good because an obsessive quality can develop in people.

— Alexander Koch

The other thing is quality of life; if you have a place where you can go and have a picnic with your family, it doesn’t matter if it’s a recession or not, you can include that in your quality of life.

— Jim Fowler

Negative people will always be there to stain your pure image with their dirty tongues and brushes, but you’ll always remain as white as snow, no matter how high the quality of paint they use.

— Michael Bassey Johnson

I have been able to have a family and to dedicate quality time to my two sets of twins and my husband, as well as to serve on the boards of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Montefiore Medical Center.

— Karen Finerman

History gives you insight of the same quality of truth as poetry or philosophy or a novel.

— Simon Schama

A few caring kind quality friends are worth more than any amount of shallow popularity.

— Rachel Hamilton

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.

— Winston Churchill

Hello, Rylan, “Ivy greets me. Even with her transformation, her voice still has that magical quality about it. Her white arms wrap me in a hug, which I return. Throughout the room, I can hear disappointed sighs; the crazy-hot babe is taken.

— Colleen Boyd, Swamp Angel

The room rang with her voice, then with silence. In the shaded darkness, silence had the quality of a looming dragon. It seemed to roar and the roar to reverberate, to dominate. To escape from it would require a burst of recklessness, even cruelty.

— Anita Desai, Clear Light of Day

I have said it on several occasions, several times from this podium, that providing a quality education for our children is high on my priority list. I will not stop now.

— Jane D. Hull

When mothers earn their fair share, young children have greater access to quality health care, educational opportunities, and safe communities. By ending the wage gap, we will help ensure that every child can achieve his or her God-given potential.

— Kirsten Gillibrand

I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.

— John D. Rockefeller

The quicker we humans learn that saving open space and wildlife is critical to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we’ll start thinking of doing something about it.

— Jim Fowler

People attempt to create association b/n you and your values. Oh, Mary- the girl who is caring; you mean the company with quality products?

— Assegid Habtewold, The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For Continued Success in Leadership

Economic prosperity and quality education for our children are inexorably linked.

— Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Self-pitying, self-righteous, self-important, all the selfs except self-confident, the quality that she always needed the most.

— David Nicholls, One Day

How well I walk my talk, and not talk my talk, determines the quality of my engagement, of all my experience with what is quite personally my God. I’m my greatest teacher, and within me, I have the power to push myself deeper and higher.

— Lorraine Toussaint

The quality that defines us as Americans is the courage to respond to being hit. The courage to root out and destroy the killers. And, most importantly, the courage to hold on to our values and protect our hard-won freedoms while doing it.

— Nick Clooney

Winnie, don’t you ever think you’re selling yourself short?””Nope. Never. I’m really good at picking quality dick.

— Elizabeth Brown

Only one in five children in the U.S. lives within walking distance of a park. Many more lack access to a quality early childhood education that provides ample time and space to play.

— Darell Hammond

A great quality of your preparation will manifest on your performance.

— Euginia Herlihy

The greatest art is to shape the quality of the day.

— Henry David Thoreau

Bravery is a cheap and vulgar quality of which the brightest instances are frequently found in the lowest savages.

— Paul Chatfield

Your life is a picture of the decisions and choices you have made in the past, and your future depends on the quality of the decisions you make today and tomorrow.

— Mensah Oteh

It is only when the correct practice is followed for a long time, without interruptions and with a quality of positive attitude and eagerness, that it can succeed.

— Patañjali, Yoga-Sutras

In every moment, you are blessed with the empowerment of choice. Choose wisely, it is an investment into your quality of life.

— Mishi McCoy

I don’t think any of the early Romantic composers knew how to write for the piano… The music of that era is full of empty theatrical gestures, full of exhibitionism, and it has a worldly, hedonistic quality that simply turns me off.

— Glenn Gould

Talent is a by-product of education the quality of a country’s human capital depends on it.

— Klaus Schwab

The quality of time you are able to concentrate and use to produce values is what determines your greatness.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works.

— Virginia Woolf

One must have a good memory to be able to keep the promises one has given. One must have strong powers of imagination to be able to have pity. So closely is morality bound to the quality of the intellect.

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Aphorisms on Love and Hate

Effort is the foundation of all achievements and is the single greatest competitive advantage and quality you must consistently apply to achieve your dreams.

— Mensah Oteh, The Good Life: Transform your life through one good day

It is the quality of time you are able to convert into the production of value. The quality of time you are able to concentrate and use to produce values is what determines your greatness.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

I have pondered on the causes of a life’s shipwreck. I think that our lives are worse than the mind’s quality would warrant. There are many who know virtue. We know the good, we apprehend it clearly. But we can’t bring it to achievement.

— Euripides, Hippolytus

It doesn’t matter your area of calling, you can invest quality time into it, you will definitely become the best and that will buy you greatness.

— Sunday Adelaja, The Veritable Source of Energy

The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.

— Alexis de Tocqueville

Use your resources wisely and spend quality time on developing your resources

— Sunday Adelaja

No quality or characteristic is more important than trust

— Patrick Lencioni, Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide for Leaders, Managers, and Facilitators

If you want a quality act as if you already had it.

— William James

There’s a special quality to the loneliness of dusk, a melancholy more brooding even than the night’s.

— Ed Gorman, Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

— Charles Eames

Cuteness in children is totally an adult perspective. The children themselves are unaware that the quality exists let alone its desirability until the reactions of grown-ups inform them.

— Leontine Young

Some great men owe most of their greatness to the ability of detecting in those they destine for their tools the exact quality of strength that matters for their work.

— Joseph Conrad

With more than 67 percent of the Nation’s freight moving on highways, economists believe that our ability to compete internationally is tied to the quality of our infrastructure.

— Dennis Hastert

Greatness is the quality of time converted into production or value

— Sunday Adelaja

The only quality that distinguishes the greats from the masses, is the unwillingness to give up.

— Abhijit Naskar

It doesn’t matter what your area of calling is, if you could invest quality time in it, then, you will be sure to produce the quality amount of products.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Quality storytelling inspires quality dialogue.

— Robert McKee, Dialogue: The Art of Verbal Action for Page, Stage, and Screen

There was a rare quality about Nurse Grace’s smile. It was the knowledge that sooner or later her smile would inspire some witty observer to say something around the lines of, “Every time you do this, an angel farts”.

— Sorin Suciu, The Scriptlings

Quality of life depends on quality and quantity of happiness.

— Debasish Mridha

Your wisdom decides the quality of your decisions.

— Mensah Oteh

Mental health can improve overall well-being and prevent other illnesses. And since mental health problems have a serious economic impact on vulnerable communities, making them a priority can save lives and markedly improve people’s quality of life.

— Vikram Patel

… the midpoint of each film is the moment when each protagonist embraces for the first time the quality they will need to become complete and finish their story. It’s when they discover a truth about themselves.

— John Yorke, Into the Woods: A Five Act Journey Into Story

It was dusk and the light had an ultra-violet quality to it, a final burst of pigmentation as night and day rushed at each other in a clash of colour prisms before darkness finnaly, inevitably won out.

— Karen Swan, Christmas in the Snow

I understand that SPEED is an indispensable quality but I discovered lately that WAITING also works most times with even better results.

— Amos Gideon Buba

A good man measures his life not in the number of his years but in the quality of his friends.

— Todd Stocker

The happiness of America is intimately connected with the happiness of all mankind; she is destined to become the safe and venerable asylum of virtue, of honesty, of tolerance, and quality and of peaceful liberty.

— Marquis De Lafayette

Time produces quality product

— Sunday Adelaja

The quality strategy is about making the right decision at the right time which requires quality information.

— Pearl Zhu, Digitizing Boardroom: The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Boards

Imagination is a quality that was given to man compensate him from whats not. The sense of humor was given to console him from what is.

— Oscar Wilde

In the end we have one choice: to suffer well or suffer badly, to reach for or to reject that quality which is termed, equally, by both religious and secular, grace.

— Anna Lyndsey, Girl in the Dark

Our lives are made up of time, and the quality of our existence depends on our wise use of the moments we are given.

— Alexandra Stoddard, Gift of a Letter: Giving the Gift of Ourselves– Add Richness and Grace to Your Life Through the Art of Letter-writing

Your level of self-confidence in life is determined by the whole quality of your life”.

— Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Our message of ensuring every Hoosier has access to a quality education that turns into a good paying job, that ultimately leads to a meaningful career with access to affordable health care, is resonating.

— Todd Young

The quality of conversation appears to be a key factor in the evolution of an organization.

— Philip Streatfield, The Paradox of Control in Organizations

The most striking quality that humans and animals have in common is the capacity to experience suffering.

— Matthieu Ricard, A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion

Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

— Dale Carnegie

Optimism: That effervescent, blindingly- bright, perky, chipper,  twittering quality you want to squash out of annoying people.

— Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

He always said that when you are hiring someone, look at the quality of the person. It is very easy to find a good technician; it’s much harder and more important to have a good person. ~ Robert Drouhin repeating what his father Maurice told him

— Don Kladstrup, Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure

Begin to invest quality time. Start the conversion process and birth your products.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

It’s the quality of harmony, sir. The quality of being in harmony with you own soul. God having given you your own soul you are then in harmony with Heaven.

— Ford Madox Ford, Parade’s End

Since your habits and hygiene will all help you feel great, look great, and improve the quality of your life, isn’t it worth your effort to make them a part of your reality?

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Preparation: 8 Ways to Plan with Purpose & Intention for Positive Impact

The essential quality of a market system, contrary to popular thinking, is not that it promotes greed; but rather, that it renders greed harmless.

— Israel M. Kirzner

You can spend a lot of money on education, but if you don’t spend it wisely, on improving the quality of instruction, you won’t get higher student outcomes.

— Andreas Schleicher

Every man ultimately falls into the company with which he affiliates. And he is the strongest who draws men to himself, who creates the company; and this is through having a positive quality – courage and physical prowess.

— Orison Swett Marden

Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain.

— Mahatma Gandhi

The high quality of a company’s customer experience rarely has anything to do with the high price of their product.

— Stan Slap

His ideas assumed a kind of stupefied and mechanical quality which is peculiar to despair.

— Victor Hugo

The quality of gifts depends on the sincerity of the giver.

— Ann Patchett, Bel Canto

Coach said. “the quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor”.

— Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

An organization with excellent internal communication will run smoothly, allowing its members to progress toward a mutual goal, which will ultimately affect the quality of external communication.

— Scribendi, Effective Business Communication

Don’t go in for the “yellowish” if what you need is “yellow”. The attitude called precision is the quality that remarks the accuracy of your demand. Never settle for the less; Go for the exact thing!

— Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Monotony has nothing to do with a place; monotony, either in its sensation or its infliction, is simply the quality of a person. There are no dreary sights; there are only dreary sight seers.

— G.K. Chesterton, Alarms and Discursions

A quality wife guarantees you a quality life.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

A man should never be judged by his skill, talent, colour, financial or political status, facial beauty and level of education but by the quality of his character.

— Paul Bamikole

Only the church can provide people with quality fellowship

— Sunday Adelaja

Finding your bliss in true equality and great quality can only benefit others

— Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Americans of all ages deserve quality end-of-life medical care.

— Bill Nelson

In almost any society I think the quality of the non-conformists is like to be just as good as and no better than that of the conformists.

— Margaret Mead

In some way, people believe that if you are permeable, if you are a good listener, you don’t have the quality of somebody with a firm attitude. This is what, fundamentally, I got from my mother.

— Renzo Piano

[B]eauty is that quality which, next to money, is generally the most attractive to the worst kinds of men; and, therefore, it is likely to entail a great deal of trouble on the possessor.

— Anne Brontë, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty.

— Charles B. Rangel

Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations.

— Ron Lewis

Patience is the most necessary quality for business, many a man would rather you heard his story than grant his request.

— Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

The world is a hellish place, and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering.

— Tom Waits

The legacy we leave is not just in our possessions, but in the quality of our lives.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

It’s society that disables an individual by not investing in enough creativity to allow for someone to show us the quality that makes them rare and valuable and capable.

— Aimee Mullins

The quality of your words may be the best example of the core of who you are.Speak as your self worth allows.~bns

— Bluenscottish

The things you think about determine the quality of your mind.

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Sovereignty is not to be considered as an attribute of God-in the sense of being a quality which exists in God (such as omnipotence and omniscience)-rather it is the result of His attributes.

— Iain H. Murray, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Fight of Faith, 1939-1981

It is not the quantity of your thoughts but the quality of your thoughts that make the difference. Thoughts can either be productive or a hindrance. But, when we focus our attention on faithfulness and truthfulness the restoration process begins.

— Amaka Imani Nkosazana

We believe in government involvement that leads to independence: good schools, quality roads and the best health care.

— Rick Perry

This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.

— Robert F. Kennedy

The quality of the relationships that students have in class with their peers and teachers is important to their success in school.

— Bob Pletka, Educating the Net Generation: How to Engage Students in the 21st Century

Humility is not weakness but a quality of strength.

— Paul Gitwaza

Truly affordable but high-quality health care tools and services are the only means by which quality health care can be provided to all.

— Muhammad Yunus

Diligence, hard work, perseverance, excellence are the values that will make us have quality churches that will make us bring kingdom of God to the earth.

— Sunday Adelaja

The quality of your life is a function of the quality of the thinking you have done.

— Pearl Zhu, Thinkingaire: 100 Game Changing Digital Mindsets to Compete for the Future

In the non-material scenario, both temple or total quality gets raised, deploying communication as mortar, culture as reinforcement, and commitment as concrete.

— Priyavrat Thareja

It is according to how we are able to answer the question of what we do (normally the first enquiry we will have to field in any new acquaintance) that the quality of our reception is likely to be decided.

— Alain de Botton, Status Anxiety

One thing matters more than anything else for a dating product, and that is the quantity and quality of the people who use the product. It’s really freaking hard to get critical mass.

— Sam Yagan

Sentimentality is a quality that rarely has the slightest influence on action.

— Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist

Education is no substitute for intelligence. That elusive quality is defined only in part by puzzle-solving ability. It is in the creation of new puzzles reflecting what your senses report that you round out the definition.

— Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

You can choose the quality and the type of reality you experience every day through your focus. What you focus on, you feel.

— Mensah Oteh

Only a person who has already developed life within himself will be able to extend a quality life to somebody else

— Sunday Adelaja

Courage is a quality so necessary for maintaining virtue that it is always respected even when it is associated with vice.

— Samuel Johnson

She lived frugally, but her meals were the only things on which she deliberately spent her money. She never compromised on the quality of her groceries, and drank only good-quality wines.

— Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Science, as long as it limits itself to the descriptive study of the laws of nature, has no moral or ethical quality and this applies to the physical as well as the biological sciences.

— Ernst Boris Chain

What is equity? It is the quality of citizens of a given society to relate to each other in fairness and impartiality

— Sunday Adelaja

Central banks don’t have divine wisdom. They try to do the best analysis they can and must be prepared to stand or fall by the quality of that analysis.

— Mary Kay Ash

The more a book is like an opium pipe, the more the Chinaman reader is satisfied with it and tends to discuss the quality of the drug rather than its lethargic effects.

— Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

You know, Daddy, I think that the most necessary quality for any person to have imagination. It makes people able to put themselves in other people’s places. It make them kind and sympathetic and understanding. It ought to be cultivated in children.

— Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs

I think honesty is the most heroic quality one can aspire to.

— Daniel Radcliffe

But just as quantity wins respect and honour for a church, it is quality that provides a church with safety and protection.

— Sunday Adelaja

The quality of the product is inseparable from the quality of its parts.

— Rajen Jani, Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories

Like soil, the quality of your mind decides the quality and quantity of ideas your mind can produce.

— Mensah Oteh

We are faced with the incredible challenge of creating high quality content for a crowd of skimmers. The faster you understand this, the more effective your content tactics will become.

— Laura Busche, Powering Content: Building a Nonstop Content Marketing Machine

Cutting back on calories is not the answer to successful weight loss and successful health… you have to increase the quality of what you eat, not just reduce the quantity.

— Joel Fuhrman

People could say a lot of negative things about the apocalypse, but there was no arguing the air quality in Los Angeles had really improved.

— Peter Clines, Ex-Heroes

The validation of your dreams is not in the colour of your skin but in the quality of your heart.

— Kingsley Opuwari Manuel

One key quality of all global achievers is that, they keep improving day after day. They set standards that they keep surpassing year after year.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

What a person cares about most of all determines the quality of his life.

— Sunday Adelaja

Quiet that self-sabotaging inner voice that lays blame anywhere besides at the altar of your feet. We are responsible for the quality of our lives.

— Toni Sorenson

Being mindful of our feelings we will get Delighted. The quality of life is in proportion of our capacity to get delighted. The capacity for delight is within our capacity to pay attention to things around us.

— Nataša Nuit Pantović, Mindful Being

I don’t particularly enjoy watching films in 3D because I think that a well-shot and well-projected film has a very three-dimensional quality to it, so I’m somewhat sceptical of the technology.

— Christopher Nolan

The single most important thing in a child’s performance is the quality of the teacher. Making sure a child spends the maximum amount of time with inspirational teachers is the most important thing.

— Michael Gove

Authority is not a quality one person ‘has, ‘ in the sense that he has property or physical qualities. Authority refers to an interpersonal relation in which one person looks upon another as somebody superior to him.

— Erich Fromm

Access to basic quality health care is one of the most important domestic issues facing our nation.

— Ed Pastor

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

It’s our decisions, not our conditions, that ultimately shape the quality of our lives.

— Derric Yuh Ndim

The one thing we can do is invest in the quality of education, especially higher education.

— Ron Kind

I heard you laughing, ‘ Jack said. He wanted to say something about the quality of that terrible laughter, but he did not know how to begin. So he said, ‘ I’ve never heard anyone laugh like you do.

— Isobelle Carmody, Greylands

There was, I think, a prevailingimpression common to the provincial mind, that his misfortune wasthe result of the defective moral quality of his being a stranger.

— Bret Harte

Environmental quality was drastically improved while economic activity grew by the simple expedient of removing lead from gasoline – which prevented it from entering the environment.

— Barry Commoner

One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is making certain that any individual who wants to receive a quality education can do so.

— Christine Gregoire

Americans have been tremendously fortunate in poetry, regarding both the quantity and quality of poetry produced. Unfortunately, it remains in schools and universities; it is not widely distributed.

— Joseph Brodsky

In what he suffered, as in all true suffering and in true joy, there was the quality of eternity. He could not believe it would ever end.

— Elizabeth Goudge, The White Witch

The more I give myself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty or judgmental about any other time the better I feel about the quality of my work.

— Wayne Dyer

You must commit to a lifestyle of constant and continuous never ending improvement of your daily habits, because it’s one of the most important predictors of your success and the quality of your life.

— Mensah Oteh, The Best Chance: A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose, Reaching Your Potential, Experiencing Fulfilment and Achieving Success in Any Area of Life

We know the quality of another’s heart through her voice.

— Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice

Psychopathy is like sunlight. Overexposure can hasten one’s demise in grotesque, carcinogenic fashion. But regulated exposure at controlled and optimal levels can have a significant positive impact on well-being and quality of life.

— Kevin Dutton, The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success

Being willing and able to adapt quickly to changes has been proven many times to be a key quality in success. Willing Change

— Jane Collins, Willing Change

And the quality all these reasonable failures share is an inability to accept that the statue quo is temporary.

— Chuck Klosterman, but what if we are wrong chuck klosterman

The outcomes in your life will depend on the quality of the frames you use to evaluate the events, the choices you make, and your decision not to be affected negatively by any events that occur.

— Mensah Oteh

The freedom enjoyed in Western society under the rule of law and constitutional government explains both the quality of its civilization and its wealth.

— Paul Johnson

Pulp existed for 12 years before we got famous. Now, you could say that was just lack of imagination, but it’s some kind of quality isn’t it? Tenacity. You could also say it was sloth.

— Jarvis Cocker

A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea. Rome represents conquest; Faith hovers over the towers of Jerusalem; and Athens embodies the pre-eminent quality of the antique world, Art.

— Benjamin Disraeli

In the worldly life, self-serving pride (swa-maan) is considered a good quality and arrogant pride (abhimaan) as a bad quality.

— Dada Bhagwan

Now the city is at its loveliest. The crowds of summer and autumn have gone, the air has a new freshness, the light has that pale-gold quality unique to this time of year. There have been several weeks of this weather now, without a drop of rain.

— Lucy Foley, The Invitation

The quality of your decisions can only be improved if you improve all these factors.

— Mensah Oteh

People think of Latina women as being fiery and fierce, which is usually true. But I think the quality that so many Latinas possess is strength. I’m very proud to have Latin blood.

— Zoe Saldana

One cannot help but identify with the life-giving quality of water, not just to quench our thirst, but for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

— Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life – Fennel’s Journal – No. 1

Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.

— Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There

Man’s status in the natural world is determined, therefore, by the quality of his thinking.

— Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

I am responsible for my own well-being my own happiness. The choices and decisions I make regarding my life directly influence the quality of my days.

— Kathleen Tierney Andrus

Every wonderful quality “in” someone is waiting to be recognized in all of life’s great symphony.

— Donna Goddard

As a person, he was wonderful. He really was a great person. He was full of life. He had a great sense of humor. Very talented, of course, but very caring to his parents. There was a very endearing quality about Elvis.

— Priscilla Presley

A truly honorable person, would never convince another to stray, from their personal pursuit of honor. No, only one lacking this noble quality would try to justify and market, an existence without it.

— Justin K. McFarlane Beau

Individuals with kidney disease who are able to obtain treatment early experience a higher quality of life and are able to maintain more of their day-to-day activities, including keeping their jobs.

— Xavier Becerra

The most admirable quality among people is when we pause and think of something to say, without ripping others to shreds (even if they deserved it).

— Efrat Cybulkiewicz

The growth that we want is one that brings real benefits to the people, raises quality and efficiency of development, and contributes to energy conservation and environmental protection.

— Li Keqiang

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts … take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.

— Marcus Aurelius

The quality of our lives lives, depends on the quality of our thoughts.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Greatest quality of money is whether coming or going leave tears in the eyes of beholder.

— Kishore Bansal

There is a third quality to friendship, and it is not as easy to put into a single word. The right word, literally, is “sympathy” – sym-pathos, common passion. This means that friendships are discovered more than they are created at will.

— Timothy J. Keller, The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God

Integrity is never a given. It is a quality that can only be proven over time.

— Gary Hopkins

Cynicism is extremely contagious, and the most pious among us cannot long endure its potency. The gullible should be on their guard, however, since this endearing quality frequently masquerades as wit.

— Mike Corbett

Decisions create success, and the quality of your decisions will determine the quality of your life.

— Mensah Oteh

Ultimately everything depends on the quality of the individual, but our fatally short-sighted age thinks only in terms of large numbers and mass organizations…

— C.G. Jung, The Undiscovered Self

Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Access to quality education has enabled me to reach far beyond the Bangladeshi village I grew up in.

— Muhammad Yunus

Productivity depends on many factors, including our workforce’s knowledge and skills and the quantity and quality of the capital, technology, and infrastructure that they have to work with.

— Janet Yellen

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

— Vince Lombardi

…sometimes offering a quality daily opinion about what’s going on in American politics feels like trying to compose a beautiful symphony using only the recorded screams of psychiatric patients.

— Caitlin Johnstone

Despite a lack of natural ability, I did have the one element necessary to all early creativity: naïveté, that fabulous quality that keeps you from knowing just how unsuited you are for what you are about to do.

— Steve Martin, Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life

When you grow up close to poultry and fields and gardens and open-air markets, you can’t help but develop an instinct for quality food.

— Alain Ducasse

When people lack true culture or are devoid of innovative ideas, they speak about wine, various brands of alcoholic beverages, or the quality of soap.

— Dimitris Mita

A Muslim must not hate his wife and if he be displeased with one bad quality in her, then let him be pleased with another that is good.

— Anonymous

I do want to be involved in quality projects that say something positive about the Latino community.

— Jimmy Smits

Secretariat was just ridiculously endowed with every positive quality that a person would seek out in a non-human. He was very aware of his environment he surveyed the terrain before he ran and would look people in the eye.

— Diane Lane

Uncertainty is a quality to be cherished, therefore – if not for it, who would dare to undertake anything?

— Villiers de L’Isle-Adam

I wish you didn’t have to design so often. Try to do quality and cut down on quantity. I think fashion is very, very important.

— Vivienne Westwood

Many people fail in their career, business and relationship, and others get stuck because of their inability to make quality decisions.

— Nkem Paul, The Art of Achievement and Fulfillment: Fundamental Principles to Overcome Obstacles and Turn Dreams Into Reality!

The amount of time you invest into your products determines the quality of the products.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

The courage of a soldier is found to be the cheapest and most common quality of human nature.

— Edward Gibbon

No matter how many times audience has already applauded, the sound of their applause will get louder with the better quality of your magic effect.

— Amit Kalantri

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

— Ray Kroc

It comes from looking at the heart of things, from stopping to smell not only the roses but the bushes as well. It is a quality of attention to ordinary life that is so loving and intimate it is almost worship.

— Martha N. Beck

You should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.

— Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

Tell about the quality of light coming in through your window. Jump in and write. Don’t worry if it is night and your curtains are closed or you would rather write about the light up north—just write. Go for ten minutes, fifteen, a half hour.

— Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

Artists, by their free expressions, encourage others to be free. This is the quality that makes works of art enduring.

— Marty Rubin

If you make an inner-intent to remain steady in a completely unsteady atmosphere, you will be able to remain steady. This is because steadiness is indeed the quality of your own Self-form. So then, what do You have do with what is unsteady?

— Dada Bhagwan

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

— George Washington

For the ancient Greeks, the ultimate test of the educational system was the moral and political quality of the students that it produced

— Henry A. Giroux, Teachers as Intellectuals: Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Learning

All science asks is to employ the same levels of skepticism we use in buying a used car or in judging the quality of analgesics or beer from their television commercials.

— Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

The quality of your awareness determines the quality of life you experience.

— Shilpa Menon

Mysteriously and in ways that are totally remote from natural experience, the gray drizzle of horror induced by depression takes on the quality of physical pain.

— William Styron

It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge which determines the mind’s dignity.

— William Ellery Channing

I’m a Marketer, I don’t believe in Brands , but I believe in Quality and quality has different definitions

— ياسمين يوسف

When our ‘thought life’ is in good shape, our thought processes shape-up, and quality decision-making becomes a norm. It is these quality decisions that will take you to your destiny. Change your thinking and affect your environment.

— D.S. Mashego

Quality of work is directly related to the quality of a person’s character.

— Orrin Woodward

Persons of quality had devoted yester evening and much of the night to liquidating their holdings in the South Sea Company and gathering in clubs and coffeehouses to misinform one another.

— Neal Stephenson

When everything is said and done, the only thing that really matters is the quality of the soul you build during the life you’re given.

— Kayt C. Peck

We are identified and known by the sort of fruit, the quantity of fruit, and the quality of fruit borne out in our daily conversation, conduct, and character. There is no greater criterion for Christians. It is the paramount gauge of God’s people.

— W. Phillip Keller

One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees…

— Leo Tolstoy

It has been my experience, that women possess little or no pride where love affairs are concerned. Pride is a quality often on their lips, but not apparent in their actions.

— Agatha Christie, Towards Zero

A lonely day is God’s way of saying that he wants to spend some quality time with you.

— Criss Jami, Killosophy

Wisom is inseparable from knowledge; it is knowledge plus a quality which is within the human being. Without it, knowledge is dry, almost unfit for human consumption, and dangerous to application.

— Isidor Rabi

Appreciate the people & good fortune within everyday life, this, is the quality of life, experienced.

— Bob Armstrong

No person of quality ever remembers social restrictions save when considering how most piquantly to break them.

— James Branch Cabell, Beyond Life

If an apprentice does not hear what a master hears, is then that quality not present in the music? Yes and no. In the world in which the apprentice lives no.

— Robert Fripp

The quality of life depends on the power of love.

— Debasish Mridha M.D.

The forces that have worked hard to stoke populist anger against reform are the very ones that benefit from a health system which puts profits ahead of quality care for its patients.

— Jerrold Nadler

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

The disparity between a restaurant’s price and food quality rises in direct proportion to the size of the pepper mill.

— Bryan Q. Miller

America needs education reform on all levels to expand quality schools, build on past successes, and lower college debt.

— Kevin McCarthy

I demand a lot from myself and reflect this attitude upon others: I consider it to be an important quality for a leader. I also think it is impossible to achieve success without persistence.

— Yelena Baturina

Wonder, as a quality of intellect, has fallen from favor.

— Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness

Incidentally, I really agree with those who say that the capacity to forgive says something about the essential quality of a person. I’m the lowest grade.”I didn’t mean to criticize you.”I promise to be better in my next life…

— Jo Nesbø, Panserhjerte

Education is the process in which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives. Learning must be experienced.

— William Glasser

When antibiotics became industrially produced following World War II, our quality of life and our longevity improved enormously. No one thought bacteria were going to become resistant.

— Bonnie Bassler

What a strange sort of love, to be entirely free from that quality of selfishness which is frequently the chief constituent of the passion, and sometimes it’s only one!

— Thomas Hardy, The Return of the Native

We must recover the element of quality in our traditional pursuit of equality. We must not, in opening our schools to everyone, confuse the idea that all should have equal chance with the notion that all have equal endowments.

— Adlai E. Stevenson

In two days, it’s hard to to get the quality you would normally want for a design project.

— Douglas Wilson

The quality of beauty lies on how beholder values an object.

— Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

The quality of your communication shapes the quality of your life. Every cell in your being aligns with what you declare.

— Niurka, Supreme Influence: Change Your Life with the Power of the Language You Use

Honor bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Service brings satisfaction. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership.

— James Cash Penney

If your mind is expansive and unfettered, you will find yourself in a more accommodating world, a place that’s endlessly interesting and alive. That quality isn’t inherent in the place but in your state of mind.

— Pema Chödrön, Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change

Personal discipline is a most powerful character quality and one worthy of dedicating your life to nurturing.

— Elizabeth George

Today, I look forward and I see a future in which games once again are explicitly designed to improve quality of life, to prevent suffering, and to create real, widespread happiness.

— Jane McGonigal

I think you have to keep a childlike quality to play music or make a record.

— Beck

A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support.

— Kate Middleton

The good news is that as fragile as fearlessness may be, it is also a personal quality that we can foster in ourselves.

— Gerhard Casper

It’s about the quality of the worry, ” I said. “I have happier worries now than I used to.

— David Gilmour, The Film Club: A True Story of a Father and Son

There’s a very simple reason why quality relationships are scarce: we live in a fallen world, and it sucks.

— Susan E. Isaacs, Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir

Both the IDB and Fundacion ALAS believe that the future of prosperity and equality that we hope for has to start today with higher investment and higher quality in Early Childhood Development programs throughout the region.

— Shakira

Complexity is not an aesthetic criterion. It is a quality associated only with division and organization of labor.

— Christopher Caudwell, Illusion and Reality: A Study of the Sources of Poetry

You could move.’ —“Dear Abby” responds to a reader who complained that a gay couple was moving in across the street and wanted to know what he could do to improve the quality of the neighborhood.

— Abigail Van Buren

If you can react the same way to winning and losing that’s a big accomplishment. That quality is important because it stays with you the rest of your life.

— Chris Evert

Updates are low quality if we lose more contacts than we gain. It’s over posting if all we get is exposure.

— David Chiles

That’s a very admirable quality in a wife. The ability to admit she is in the wrong.

— Lindsay Armstrong, Leave Love Alone

Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.

— Samuel Ullman

Well-liked… a dangerous quality in a leader.

— Robert Ferrigno, Heart of the Assassin

Your success is hidden in the quality of your decisions and the consistency of your actions.

— Mensah Oteh

Integrity is never given. It is a quality that can only be proven over time.

— Gary Hopkins

We will restore science to its rightful place and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost.

— Barack Obama

You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.

— William S. Burroughs

I think there’s something in the fact that it’s hard to be good looking and funny. You have to have an oddball quality people have to sympathise with you to find you funny.

— Chris O’Dowd

Doesn’t matter you have thousand of qualities but if you are not honest with your beloved then other all qualities are rubbish.to hold relation and love there is need only one quality Thats call Honesty and just Honesty

— Moahmmed Zaki Ansari

The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development.

— Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

Chris enjoys spending quality time while cooking, wine tasting, attending opera, playing golf, and practicing martial arts – JiuJitsu.

— Chris Salamone

Your thoughts create your reality and you can chose the quality and the type of reality you experience every day by guarding your mind and only allowing the right input.

— Mensah Oteh

Improve yourself. You can become what you admire most in life. By admiring the quality of excellence in other people, and practicing that same quality, you too can become exceptional. Get going now and push yourself to create the reality.

— Mark F. LaMoure

Write your goals down. Write your goals on paper and not in your mind. That makes the vision plain. Spend quality time with yourself and review your life.

— Oscar Bimpong

Happiness is not a possession to be prized it is a quality of thought a state of mind.

— Daphne du Maurier

Forgiveness is not a feeling – it’s a decision we make because we want to do what’s right before God. It’s a quality decision that won’t be easy and it may take time to get through the process, depending on the severity of the offense.

— Joyce Meyer

You have to realize I like doing big movies that appear on a big screen. So the visuals and the audio have to be of a certain quality before I start to get excited about the thing.

— Hans Zimmer

The appreciative smile, the chuckle, the soundless mirth, so important to the success of comedy, cannot be understood unless one sits among the audience and feels the warmth created by the quality of laughter that the audience takes home with it.

— James Thurber

And more than the quality of its institutions, what distinguishes a developed country from a developing one is the degree of consensus in its politics, and thus its ability to take actions to secure a better future despite short-term pain.

— Raghuram G. Rajan, Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy

quality input determines a quality output and feedback.

— Ikechukwu Joseph

Coal mining is an industry rife with mismanagement, corruption, greed and an almost blatant disregard for the safety, health and quality of life of its work force. Everyone knows this. Everyone has always known it.

— Tawni O’Dell

He was handsome and strong, but somehow that wasn’t enough for him. He also felt the need to be tough and inured to hardship… But how was he to come by that quality in this luminous garden, where all manner of fruit was to be had for the picking?

— Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

In a strange way, I envied the quality of Morrie’s time even as I lamented its diminishing supply. Why did we bother with all the distractions we did?

— Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Our confidence needs to come from within, not without. From the quality of our hearts, not the quantity of things we own. After all, he who dies with the most toys…still dies.

— Sean Covey

It is essential to check the quality of work carried out or people let you down

— Sunday Adelaja

Self-denial is the first quality of love

— Sunday Adelaja

If we intend to provide a better life, and a better world, for future generations, we can’t ignore the quality of the environment we leave them.

— John Kasich

A touch less ego and dash more humility will improve the quality of anything you turn your hand to.

— Rasheed Ogunlaru

Every civilization depends on the quality of the individuals it produces. If you over-organize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness– they cannot work and their civilization collapses

— Frank Herbert

Taste is the fundamental quality which sums up all the other qualities. It is the nec plus ultra of the intelligence. Through this alone is genius the supreme health and balance of all the faculties.

— Comte de Lautreamont

The quality of any advice anybody has to offer has to be judged against the quality of life they actually lead.

— Douglas Adams, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide: Five Complete Novels and One Story

Honesty is a quality Patrick likes. Give him a bitter pill if the situation demands it, but don’t tell him it’s chocolate.

— Leta Blake, Will & Patrick Wake Up Married

But the fact is, no matter how good the teacher, how small the class, how focused on quality education the school may be none of this matters if we ignore the individual needs of our students.

— Roy Barnes

When you recognize or experience the truth about yourself you automatically feel love, because love is a quality of your true consciousness and true ideas.

— Tae Yun Kim, Seven Steps to Inner Power

In California, the state’s huge dairy herd produces twenty-seven million tons of manure a year, the particulates and vapors from which have helped to make air quality in the argiculturally intensive San Joaquin Valley worse than it is Los Angeles.

— Paul Roberts, The End of Food

The first time I ever felt the necessity or inevitableness of verse was in the desire to reproduce the peculiar quality of feeling which is induced by the flat spaces and wide horizons of the virgin prairie of western Canada.

— T. E. Hulme

Often times it isn’t the quality of your candidates, it’s the quality of your interview.

— Mark W. Boyer

Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways.

— Michael Kors

A leader is one who, out of madness or goodness, volunteers to take upon himself the woe of the people. There are few men so foolish, hence the erratic quality of leadership in the world.

— John Updike

All women desire one simple quality in their partner, which is understanding.

— Abhijit Naskar

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others.

— Winston Churchill

Just make up your mind at the very outset that your work is going to stand for quality… that you are going to stamp a superior quality upon everything that goes out of your hands, that whatever you do shall bear the hallmark of excellence.

— Orison Swett Marden

In Nepal, the quality of conversation is much more important than accuracy of the content. Maybe we get overexcited about information in England?

— Jane Wilson-Howarth, A Glimpse of Eternal Snows: A Journey of Love and Loss in the Himalayas

The quality of life that you have is determined solely by the effort you put into giving your life value, purpose and a reason.

— Steven Redhead, The Solution

We never know the quality of someone else’s life, though we seldom resist the temptation to assume and pass judgement.

— Tami Hoag, Dark Horse

Dignity impacts the quality of your external world in your relationships, communications, and interactions.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Being: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Presence & Essence for Positive Impact

There is one quality more important than know-how…. This is know-how by which we determine not only how to accomplish our purposes but what our purposes are to be.

— Norbert Weiner

Ranchers need clean water for their stock, farmers need it for their crops, every employer needs it to stay in business, and every living thing needs it for life… The law needs to be clear to protect water quality and the rights of landowners.

— Mark Udall

Don’t underestimate the cosmetic power of sunglasses. It’s worth spending a bit of money on a quality pair. I usually go for Dior or Louis Vuitton.

— Dita Von Teese

Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.

— Carl von Clausewitz

I’ve begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own.

— Chaim Potok, The Chosen

He has a beauty to him that is not quite angelic, a quality that’s both ethereal and dark. (Jonathan)

— Helen Boswell, Mythology: The Wicked

What we don’t talk about enough is Ohio’s unique and remarkable quality of life. We are a state of cities, small towns and growing suburbs where life is affordable and destinations within reach. There is no better place to raise a family.

— Bob Taft

People with a distinctly displayed fear of failure, when they encounter more complicated tasks of a problem nature, the quality of work becomes worse, while it improves in case of people with motivation for success

— Sunday Adelaja

If I had learned more about business ahead of time, I would have been shaped into believing that it was only about finances and quality management.

— Anita Roddick

Reform of the medical liability system should be considered as part of a comprehensive response to surging medical malpractice premiums that endanger Americans’ access to quality medical care.

— Lincoln Chafee

Product investment, quality management, and all the things that are key for a car company – great, there has been no compromise in those aspects. But I feel there’s a lot we could do on communication, particularly from a Chinese perspective.

— Li Shufu

Very strange is this quality of our human nature which decrees that unless we feel a future before us we do not live completely in the present.

— Phillips Brooks

If you make more appointments with quality people, you will have less disappointments with non-quality people.

— Robert J. Braathe

Courage is the first of the human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all the others.

— Winston Churchill

You cannot offer quality experiences as an isolated island. Learn to work well with others on the success train. Respect those you work with and appreciate their contribution in making you the best at what you do.

— Archibald Marwizi, Making Success Deliberate

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our thinking.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Evangelicals overwhelmingly voted for Ronald Reagan – not because he was the most religious candidate, but he possessed the quality evangelicals felt like was most important, and that is leadership.

— Robert Jeffress

A doctor’s mission should not be to prevent death, but more importantly it should be to improve the quality of life.

— Abhijit Naskar

In learning and argumentation, the quality brain is similar to a facility of maximum security. What passes the logic test, free of fallacy and pretense, then must pass the test of biblical accuracy in order to proceed as an adopted, reliable truth.

— Criss Jami, Killosophy

The quality of your ideas ‘your actual thoughts’ determines your success more than you think.

— Auliq Ice

The quality of our thoughts and emotions impact our body more than the quality of the food which we eat.

— Maddy Malhotra, How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident: Overcome Fears, Break Habits, Be Successful and Happy

Ardor, n. The quality that distinguishes love without knowledge.

— Ambrose Bierce

Acceptance of the danger is of the essence for playing a quality sport.

— Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.

— Sidney Sheldon

If there’s any redeeming quality that I can find in running away from something, it’s that I’m on my feet. Now all I’ve got to do is alter my direction.

— Craig D. Lounsbrough

Developing a cheerful disposition can permit an atmosphere wherein one’s spirit can be nurtured and encouraged to blossom and bear fruit. Being pessimistic and negative about our experiences will not enhance the quality of our lives.

— Barbara W. Winder

Every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

— Bill Frist

It is not what you give your friend but what you are willing to give him that determines the quality of your friendship.

— Mary Dixon Thayer

A sense of humour is the only divine quality of man

— Arthur Schopenhauer

Mindfulness isn’t inherently Eastern, just as electricity isn’t inherently Western. Mindfulness is a quality of presence that’s innate in all human beings.

— Shamash Alidina

Architecture is exposed to life. If its body is sensitive enough, it can assume a quality that bears witness to past life.

— Peter Zumthor

The innocence of a child is an astounding quality which if not withered away as they grow can spread love and happiness everywhere

— Aura Of Thoughts

Do not confuse kindness with weakness. Kindness is a dying art. It is the single most important quality in this world and one which is sorely lacking.

— James Rhodes, Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication, and Music

There are fewer people living in tents, more people with access to quality health care, more kids who are in school, and for the first time in a long, long time, Haiti is attracting private sector investments.

— Cheryl Mills

Your life is a reflection of the quality of the questions you ask yourself and others.

— Mensah Oteh

The English of the Bible has a pithiness and raciness a homely tang a terse sententiousness an idiomatic flavour which comes home to men’s business and bosoms … a nobility of diction and … a rhythmic quality . . . unrivaled in its beauty.

— John Livingston Lowes

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

We travel a lot and don’t get enough time to spend with our family, and so we have to take our pictures, videos, also bother about things like which are the HD quality phones. So I’m very much a part of these typical things.

— Yami Gautam

As an educator myself, I understand the profound effect that good teachers and a quality education have on the lives of our young people.

— Ben Bernanke

The quality which makes man want to write and be read is essentially a desire for self-exposure and masochism. Like one of those guys who has a compulsion to take his thing out and show it on the street.

— James Jones

If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery as a quality which knows no fear, I have never seen a brave man. All men are frightened. The more intelligent they are, the more they are frightened.

— George S. Patton

The quality of your life hinges on your attitudes and offerings.

— Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

The quality of a man is not determined by the opinions that others hold of him, nor by the opinions that he holds of himself. The quality of a man is determined only by his actions and the choices that he makes. Only that and that alone.

— C. JoyBell C.

While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of mans humanity to a man.

— Maya Angelou

Bravery is not the trait of a fearless person, lest the reckless actions of a fool be considered brave. Bravery is the quality that allows us to overcome our fears and succeed.

— Gerard de Marigny, The Eagle’s Plume

If we had any nerve at all, if we had any real balls as a society, or whatever you need, whatever quality you need, real character, we would make an effort to really address the wrongs in this society, righteously.

— Jerry Garcia

All canonical writing possesses the quality “of making you feel strangeness at home.

— Harold Bloom, The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the decisions you make each day.

— Mensah Oteh

The emphasis of the churches were not in how much work or home keeping is done in the four walls of the church itself, they rather told the Protestants to go prove their love to God at their work places through the quality of their works

— Sunday Adelaja

Cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. It cannot be done. You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.

— —William S. Burroughs

If we can reduce the cost and improve the quality of medical technology through advances in nanotechnology, we can more widely address the medical conditions that are prevalent and reduce the level of human suffering.

— Ralph Merkle

There is a certain quality to words that when strung in a certain way–has an almost hypnotic effect.

— Lang Leav, Lullabies

Intellectuals are judged not by their morals, but by the quality of their ideas, which are rarely reducible to simple verdicts of truth or falsity, if only because banalities are by definition accurate.

— Perry Anderson, Spectrum: From Right to Left in the World of Ideas

Is there some principal of nature which states that we never know the quality of what we have until it is gone?

— Herman Melville

Material and technical changes are mostly quite visible. But less visible are the changes in the mind of the people, their way of thinking, their conception of the world and the quality of their fears. (“Horizon and Vision” )

— Erik Pevernagie

Americans must place greater emphasis on the more subtle dimensions of national power, such as innovation, education, the balance of force and diplomacy, and the quality of political leadership.

— Zbigniew Brzezinski

We must ensure our system of higher education offers world-class quality for a world-class economy.

— Bob Taft

If you really want to buy greatness with time, you must invest the quality amount of time into your purpose and land of calling.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Courage is the first of human qualities, because it is the quality that guarantees all the others. – Winston Churchill


You can rest a lot in an hour or have a whole day and not do it properly. One way I get a quality recharge is to connect with nature. To experience something that’s bigger than me.

— Lili Taylor

The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our action.

— Andre Godin

Loyalty, ” he stated, ineffably gentle. “A quality honoured by sages and fools, by which humankind finds the courage to trample the reflex for self-preservation.

— Janny Wurts, Stormed Fortress

Just as the earth that bears the man who tills and digs it, to bear those who speak ill of them, is a quality of the highest respect.

— Thiruvalluvar, Thirukkural

We will invest in our people, quality education, job opportunity, family, neighborhood, and yes, a thing we call America.

— Dan Quayle

people have character strength but they lack communication skills, and that undoubtedly affects the quality of relationships as well.

— Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

I appreciate health care that gets to the root cause of our symptoms and promotes wellness, rather than the one-size-fits-all drug-based approach to treating disease. I love maintaining an optimal quality of life – naturally.

— Suzanne Somers

Persistance is the quality of winners. Successful people never never give up

— Lynda Field

Her father had always said that a man could be fairly judged by the quality of his allies and that of his enemies.

— Jim Butcher, The Aeronaut’s Windlass

Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.

— Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

It’s not the quality of the answers that changes our lives, it’s the quality of the question

— Steven Aitchison

We reach for the same brand not because we trust its quality but because we want to reassure ourselves that we made a smart choice the last time we bought it.

— David McRaney, You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You’re Deluding Yourself

It takes a strong individual to live passionately, and with having quality in their conviction, that sets the results one achieves.

— Steven Cuoco

Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way… you become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.

— Aristotle

The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor.

— Vince Lombardi Jr.

Tension is an interesting quality – and architecture must have it. There should be elements of the inexplicable, the mysterious, and the poetic in something that is perfectly rational.

— Annabelle Selldorf

The multidimensional digital effects provide impressive advantages in terms of the speed of delivery, the quality of information for decision making, and the wisdom of digital workforce.

— Pearl Zhu, Change Insight: Change as an Ongoing Capability to Fuel Digital Transformation

People don’t appreciate music any more. They don’t adore it. They don’t buy vinyl and just love it. They love their laptops like their best friend, but they don’t love a record for its sound quality and its artwork.

— Laura Marling

When you practice leadership, The evidence of quality of your leadership, Is known from the type of leaders that emerge out of your leadership

— Sujit Lalwani, Life Simplified!

If you really want to buy greatness with time, you must invest the quality amount of time into your purpose and land of calling. The more time you invest into your land of promise, the more productive the land becomes for you.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Grounded by healthy self-esteem and personal self-worth, this admirable character quality can inspire awe and reverence.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Being: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Presence & Essence for Positive Impact

It is when the heavenly fire has departed and the soul is cool again that we discover the real quality of our will.

— Jean Nicolas Grou

Faith is that quality or power by which the things desired become the things possessed.

— Kathryn Kuhlman

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

— Dale Carnegie

The concept of virginity is a social construct. If you’re wondering if my commercial value, self-respect, and/or quality of my immortal soul has been affected by things that have gone in or out of my vagina the answer is no.

— Christy Leigh Stewart

Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.

— Virginia Woolf

The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such. All leaders whose fitness is questioned are clearly lacking in force.

— Andre Maurois

From cell phones to computers, quality is improving and costs are shrinking as companies fight to offer the public the best product at the best price. But this philosophy is sadly missing from our health-care insurance system.

— John Shadegg

I’m drawn to girls with a certain self-effacing, humorous quality and an innate independence and point of view. I love the notion of never taking yourself too seriously or being too put together.

— Chris Benz

Listen to your body. The quality of your communication matters.

— Natalie Geld

Dignity impacts everything in your life. It affects the quality of your internal world for how you see, feel, and think about yourself.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Being: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Presence & Essence for Positive Impact

I believe we could both maintain growth and increase, both in quality and quantity

— Sunday Adelaja

No quality imparts apparent strength to its possessors more effectively than faith. From hospital beds to battlefields, it is the iron that strengthens a man to confront his destiny.

— Mike Corbett, Laughter of the Damned

Give your child quality time. If you’re going to be with him for two hours, then disconnect from absolutely everything. Look at him in the eyes – get to know your baby. Sitting there as you watch TV is not quality time to me.

— Sandra Echeverria

We do have serious energy needs for the country, we are aware that natural gas is especially in demand because of its air quality benefits: 90 percent of new power plants have been natural gas-powered.

— Gale Norton

The 21st chapter gives the novel the quality of genuine fiction, an art founded on the principle that human beings change. —– “A Clockwork Orange Resucked” intro to first full American version 1986

— Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath.

— Marian Anderson

Humility is a great quality of leadership which derives respect and not just fear or hatred.

— Yousef Munayyer

I think we’re rapidly approaching the day where medical science can keep people alive in hospitals, hooked up to tubes and things, far beyond when any kind of quality of life is left at all.

— Richard Lamm

Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures.

— Tom Peters

Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass.

— Walter Pater

A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today – and in fact we have forgotten.

— John F. Kennedy

Patience is a most necessary quality for business many a man would rather you heard his story than grant his request.

— Lord Chesterfield

Greatness is the quality of time you are able to convert into the production of value.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

We want a system that will improve consistency and steadiness in the quality of government.

— Ferdinand Mount

Giving is a quality of God Himself

— Sunday Adelaja

There is no quality of human nature so nearly royal as the ability to yield gracefully.

— Charles Conrad

Mankind: A quality of life upgrade is available to each and every one of you. It should give you a quality of life upgrade, which means no drugs, no alcohol, no fast food – unless, of course, it’s a mallard.

— Ted Nugent

I don’t know whether to be pleased that our lovemaking was of such a high quality that you immediately want more, or if it’s an indication you are one of those sex-addicted people who are never satisfied.

— Katie MacAlister, The Importance of Being Alice

Relationship Time to Aloneness.” Having a companion fixes you in time and that of the present, but when the quality of aloneness settles down, past, present and future all flow together. A memory, a present event, and a forecast all equally present.

— John Steinbeck

Some things is made by destiny, yes, other things by hard work, but quality you don’t learn. Quality you are born with.

— Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The significance – and ultimately the quality – of the work we do is determined by our understanding of the story in which we are taking part.

— Wendell Berry

You are not your thoughts!! This simple yet powerful statement can greatly change the quality of your life.

— Dawn Gluskin

We want to make sure that we incentivize the health care system to be designed to provide you the best quality health care possible.

— Valerie Jarrett

If you can decide to invest all your time into giving birth to a quality product, the whole world will celebrate you and everyone will be in need of your product.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.

— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

I’ve come to learn that what really matters is the relationship, the quality of the relationship.

— Tucker Max

Travel does this: it creates space that allows thoughts and memories to intrude and assert themselves with impunity. Smells and sights, the quality of light, the honk of a horn — can all act as touchstones when least expected.

— Andrew McCarthy, The Longest Way Home: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down

Without judgments life loses its hierarchical quality of being a choice between preferences and by losing that, it loses it’s savor.

— Auliq Ice

You must invest quality time in your land to become great

— Sunday Adelaja

That word, confidence, was like butter on a hot stove for Darien, what he considered the most attractive quality in a woman.

— Soroosh Shahrivar, The Rise of Shams

We must solve the problem in health care by curbing out-of-control costs that erode paychecks for working families and push quality coverage out of reach for millions of Americans.

— Paul Ryan

If you can invest all your time into giving birth to a quality product, the whole world will celebrate you and everyone will be in need of your product.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

Why choose the lesser evil anyway, when the greater evil is usually higher quality and will last longer before it breaks?

— Scott Perkins, Howard Carter Saves the World

If you invest your life into yourself, you are not pouring your life out somewhere, to some job or for some salary, you are re-investing it into yourself. You are multiplying the quality of your life.

— Sunday Adelaja, How To Become Great Through Time Conversion: Are you wasting time, spending time or investing time?

There’s no secret to success, but if there were one, it would be that your decisions create your success or lack of it and the quality of your decisions will determine the quality of your life.

— Mensah Oteh

If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.

— Confucius

the quality of your mind depends on the quality of your thought

— okorie deborah

I am beginning to understand the way in which memories hold us, mindfully, to the earth, by the quality of attention paid that they require to be made at all.

— Liz Stephens, The Days Are Gods

Mathematics has the inhuman quality of starlight, brilliant and sharp, but cold.

— Hermann Weyl, Levels of Infinity: Selected Writings on Mathematics and Philosophy

Developing a positive attitude is one of the most transformational things you can do to shift your mindset, improve your disposition, manifest good things, and attract quality people into your life.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Preparation: 8 Ways to Plan with Purpose & Intention for Positive Impact

So remember those who win the gameLose the love they sought to gainIn debitures of quality and dubious integrityTheir small-town eyes will gape at youIn dull surprise when payment dueExceeds accounts received at seventeen

— Janis Ian

Learning is the first quality of acceptance and vice versa

— Raghava.k

Giving someone gifts cannot equate to spending quality time with them. Never replace time with things. Time is precious and once lost cannot be regained. Make every moment count…you never know when your time will be up.

— Kemi Sogunle

Emotion lay at the very heart of the process of perception, intertwined with intellectual functions, yet adding to perception a quality that reason lacked.

— John Corrigan

Life sometimes confuses us by making us discover in someone we hate a quality or qualities we love.

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana

When it has finished saying it, it no longer is. The longer it is in saying it, the more it can say it at length, the more slowly it melts, the better quality it is.

— Francis Ponge, Soap

កាលនិយាយពីប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ គឺ​និយាយ​ពី​ការ​ចូល​រួម។ កាលណានិយាយពីការចូលរួម គឺ​និយាយ​ដល់​គុណ​ភាពរបស់អ្នកចូលរួម””When it comes to democracy, its key element is participation. When it comes to participation, its key element is quality of the participants

— Khem Veasna ខឹម វាសនា

Many women think that if they put out too quickly, their partner won’t respect them. This is not the case. It’s not about waiting for a certain quantity of time before having sex, it’s about waiting for a certain quality of connection.

— Neil Strauss, The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

The efforts of a leader will be emulated. Depending on the quality of appointed leadership, this can be medicine or poison to a living business.

— Steve Maraboli

The special quality of hell is to see everything clearly down to the last detail.

— Yukio Mishima, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Education alone can conduct us to that enjoyment which is, at once, best in quality and infinite in quantity.

— Horace Mann

Cities all over the world are getting bigger as more and more people move from rural to urban sites, but that has created enormous problems with respect to environmental pollution and the general quality of life.

— Alan Dundes

Great research universities around the world are visible not just through their quality graduates but as knowledge creators and technology developers.

— Kapil Sibal

At all costs the true world of childhood must prevail, must be restored; that world whose momentous, heroic, mysterious quality is fed on airy nothings, whose substance is so ill-fitted to withstand the brutal touch of adult inquisition.

— Jean Cocteau, The Holy Terrors

The first and foremost leadership quality is Honesty, the business and its employees are a reflection of a leader and as a result the ethical behavior will be followed by everyone in the team

— Chris Salamone, Rescue America: Our Best America Is Only One Generation Away

There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them and they communicate it to everything they touch. It is first of all a physical quality then it is a quality of the spirit.

— Tom Wolfe

There is within the human heart a quality of intelligence which has been known to surpass that attributed to the human mind.

— Aberjhani, Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.

— Roger Ebert