1001 Inspiring Quotes about Trust

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Trust quotes

He that takes truth for his guide, and duty for his end, may safely trust to God’s providence to lead him aright.

— Blaise Pascal

friend is someone you can trust and admits you whatever you are

— Lovely Free-Smith, Mom, I’m Pregnant: A Parent’s Guide to the Pregnant Teen

You’ve got to trust people. And because I am a control freak, sometimes that’s difficult for me, because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I can’t hand over. But I’m trying to do that more.

— Victoria Beckham

We can trust our doctors to be professional, to minister equally to their patients without regard to their political or religious beliefs. But we can no longer trust our professors to do the same.

— David Horowitz

You can trust your gut instinct. Always.

— Ana Ortega, Taxi, Life Stories

Familial betrayal is, to me, the most heartbreaking kind – because if you can’t trust your family to love you and protect you, who can you really trust?

— Alexandra Bracken

Sometimes a psychic tells you something and it feels wrong and others may be right on the money. It’s your choice about whom to trust, and giving that trust is something we do ourselves.

— Martha Beck

With God, there’s always an appointed time for things, and when you put Him first, trust in His timing, and keep the faith, miracles happen!

— Germany Kent

You’d think experienced political professionals would know better than to place their trust in exit polls, notoriously inaccurate surveys that had John Kerry winning the 2004 election by five points when he actually lost by three.

— John Podhoretz

Learn to trust yourself and you will create a meaningful life.

— Lynn A. Robinson

You know how there are words that never really—they are never really quite right. You can’t quite trust them. Use them. You know. Without p

— Emma Richler, Be My Wolff

National security laws must protect national security. But they must also protect the public trust and preserve the ability of an informed electorate to hold its government to account.

— Al Franken

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

— Corrie ten Boom

A DEFINITION NOT FOUND IN THE DICTIONARY Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children

— Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

I’m fascinated by the idea of disparate, difficult people learning to trust each other when they’re thrust into hellish circumstances.

— Sharon Shinn

I have experienced some fun moments that have built my courage, and showed me that if we will trust God with our potential embarrassment and step into the outer edges of our faith, fun things can happen.

— Adam Gellert, Activation: A Story of God’s Transforming Power

Eyes are my best friend and I trust them, cuz they never lie to me

— Sotero M Lopez II

To bear means to support the weight of that which is held. It is a sacred trust to bear the priesthood, which is the mighty power and authority of God.

— Russell M. Nelson

Those who wish well to the State ought to choose to places of trust men of inward principle, justified by exemplary conversation.

— John Witherspoon

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.

— Maya Angelou

Always trust your gut instinct. There will come a time when you will understand, but for now trust God has a plan greater than you have ever imagined.

— Shannon L. Alder

I don’t trust easily, so when I tell you I trust you, don’t make me regret it.

— L.J. Smith

To gain strength in our struggles, we must have a positive perspective of the principles in the plan of salvation. We must realize that we have a personal Savior whom we can trust and turn to in our times of need.

— L. Lionel Kendrick

The U.K. and Ireland are like-minded on E.U. matters, and the process of working together in Brussels has built an immense store of knowledge, personal relationships, and trust between our governments.

— Enda Kenny

If you say that you have never lied at all, then you give too much trust on anybody.

— Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Our Heavenly Father longs to bless his children in ways we can’t comprehend.   Even when we can’t see through our circumstances, we can trust the Lord to meet our needs.

— Shelley Hitz, 21 Stories of Faith: Real People, Real Stories, Real Faith

People need to get smart and understand that politics is a wrong bussiness for ugly people and those ugly people are “Politicians” so please do not trust politicians and do not have any faith in politic.

— Arash Tabish

The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who have helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.

— Ulysses S. Grant

I forgive people but that doesn’t mean I accept their behavior or trust them. I forgive them for me, so I can let go and move on with my life.

— forgive

I hope with all my heart and soul that every young man who receives the priesthood will honor that priesthood and be true to the trust which is conveyed when it is conferred. May each of us who holds the priesthood of God know what he believes.

— Thomas S. Monson

never trust guys with tunics!i did that once…………by the way i dont have a tunic.

— dumitru mardari

You must train your intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.

— Ingrid Bergman

As you communicate regularly with your very own angels, you will come to trust them and you will also in the process develop more confidence.

— Catherine Carrigan, Unlimited Intuition NOW

All I know is that I’m a sinner and that God has forgiven me of my sins. Because I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

— Franklin Graham

Well, you can’t trust most people in this game, period; it can be a very shady business.

— Marvin Hagler

I need you both to trust me, ” Vincent said. “I don’t mean that I would like you to trust me. I mean that I need you to trust me.

— Michael Grant, BZRK

The person who has a firm trust in the Supreme Being is powerful in his power wise by his wisdom happy by his happiness.

— Joseph Addison

Let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies!

— Jerry Spinelli, Love, Stargirl

Never trust a woman hoarding a half-eaten bag of M&M’s.

— K.D. Harp, Blackmail

You must trust yourself more than you trust others. Pay attention to your inner voice – it will tell you if how and in what you are investing is right for you.

— Suze Orman

You can only trust your emotions as you can lie to yourself with your brain but not your heart.

— Carl White

You have to believe in yourself and only trust your own vision and instincts. If I’d listened to what other people thought about my work in the first 10 years that I was a writer, I never would have made it to begin with.

— Philipp Meyer

You can’t please everyone, and you have to trust your instincts, and you have to do your work and throw yourself in there and trust your instincts, and just trust that you’re doing a good job that I can be proud of as well.

— Matt Ryan

Our need to control eventually works against us b/c we start to repress what we truly feel, need and want. God is in control so trust in that more than yourself!

— Michael Barbarulo

And if you can’t trust an ancient talking tree, what was the point of having one?

— Michael J. Sullivan, Age of Myth

Faith is when you choose to trust the Lord, even when there’s a lot at stake.

— Gift Gugu Mona

I think that we may safely trust a good deal more than we do.

— Henry David Thoreau

I cannot trust my other side, my drunken side, to act in my best interests anymore.

— Robert Black

If you fall-and trust me, you will- make sure you fall on your back. Because if you fall on your back, you can see up. And if you can see up, you can get up. And you can keep going and going and going.

— Hoda Kotb, Hoda: How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee

Like begets like honesty begets honesty trust trust and so on.

— James F. Bell

When worry is present, trust cannot crowd its way in.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

You wouldn’t want to be in a rock band – trust me.

— Jenny Lewis

You? I know you! You trust beyond reason.”She met his eyes steadily. “Yes. It’s how I get results beyond hope. As you may recall.

— Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civil Campaign

A friend is like a rope, you trust it until it snaps.

— Auliq Ice

My mother had taught shorthand and typing to support us since my father died, and secretly she hated it and hated him for dying and leaving no money because he didn’t trust life insurance salesmen.

— Sylvia Plath

There is not one single police officer in America that I am not afraid of and not one that I would trust to tell the truth or obey the laws they are sworn to uphold. I do not believe they protect me in any way.

— Henry Rollins

The animals haven’t split apart into what they think and what they feel. They are whole and trust in their instincts.

— Bryn Hammond, Amgalant Two: Tribal Brawls

When someone talks about their problems, it doesn’t just mean they’re complaining, it means they trust you enough to tell you.

— Ziad K. Abdelnour, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics

I may not have a world of things, I may not have the biggest wings, What I do have is a heart of love, Because I trust the One above

— Charmaine J Forde

The trust I have…for some people…comes down to how well I know them, and then it’s a matter of my trusting them to do what I think they’re going to do.

— Steven Erikson, The Crippled God

Never trust a person more than you, when they break the trust you lost the life of happiness, it shakes the heart and gives the tears for ever

— Debolina

The last thing we expect others to do is the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them.

— Lauren Kate, Teardrop

Only people you trust can ever really betray you, Amber.

— Mark Henwick, Hidden Trump

Logically, harmony must come from the heart… Harmony very much based on trust. As soon as use force, creates fear. Fear and trust cannot go together.

— Dalai Lama

God’s help is available for us to achieve great things. We must put our hope and trust in the Lord.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

When we venture in that unfamiliar sea, we trust blindly in those who guide us, believing that they know more than we do.

— Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello

He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense.

— Joseph Conrad

I shall endeavour still further to prosecute this inquiry, an inquiry I trust not merely speculative, but of sufficient moment to inspire the pleasing hope of its becoming essentially beneficial to mankind.

— Edward Jenner

He who has faith has… an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, calmness, and assuring trust that all will come out well – even though to the world it may appear to come out most badly.

— B. C. Forbes

Do you trust me?” he said. Olivia met his hard gaze, and a frisson of uncertainty ran down her spine. She did trust him. Completely. But did he trust her? And why did that matter so much?

— Chloe Cox, Free and Bound

In suffering, we trust the Saviour to be our strength.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

Better to find your own way than to blindly trust the words of others, whoever they are.

— Gemma Malley, The Resistance

Just be, right now, here; & breathe. Stop questioning every little thing, stop analysing how it should be and let go of the control, you hold so tightly onto; and beging to trust the magic of yourself.

— Nikki Rowe

Gone is the trust to be placed in oaths; I cannot understand if the gods you swore by then no longer rule, or men live by new standards of what is right.

— Euripides, Medea

All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Only the Communist Party, as the institution that brings together the revolutionary vanguard and will always guarantee the unity of Cubans, can be the worthy heir of the trust deposited by the people in their leader.

— Raul Castro

Sometimes, the people that love you the most turn out to be the people you will trust the least.

— Shannon L. Alder

I feel good because I believe I have made progress in rebuilding the people’s trust in their government.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

Steve, on the other hand, has plenty of friends, but he wouldn’t bleed for any of them, because he wouldn’t trust them to bleed for him. In that way he’s just as alone as me.

— Markus Zusak, Underdogs

Really listening and suspending one’s own judgment is necessary in order to understand other people on their own terms. As we have noted this is a process that requires trust and builds trust.

— Mary Field Belenky

This was one of the casualties of war, that trust itself seemed to die a thousand deaths.

— Eric Metaxas, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Love is unknown. To open the heart in trust is unknown. They say love hurts. It doesn’t have to.

— Don Miguel Ruiz

Any day God removes His hand from you, you are finished. Your hope and trust is only in Him. Your confidence, your strength, your power and your life is in God. There is no better life without Him. Look around the world and you will understand me.

— Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder

My old man taught me to never trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn’t die.

— Tommy Tran

Begin to trust thyself.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

I grew up in a neighborhood in Baltimore that was like a war zone, so I never learned to trust that there were people who could help me.

— Jada Pinkett Smith

I never trust people with no appetite. It’s like they’re always holding something back on you.

— Haruki Murakami, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

I always trust my gut reaction it’s always right.

— Kiana Tom

How much can you really trust the promise of a suicidal father?

— Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

Don’t trust your fears. They’re unfounded.

— Josh Langley, Turning Inside Out – what if everything we’ve been taught about life is wrong?

You were nothing more than a daydream that a beautiful heart was bound to fall in love with, and daydreams aren’t real and beautiful hearts trust easily, fall fast and crash hard.

— Melody Lee, Moon Gypsy

Too many guys don’t know what to do with their lives after boxing. I was lucky because I had two managers who didn’t trust each other, and so they were always making sure where all the money was, and because of that, so did I.

— Gerry Cooney

Artists are the antennae of the race but the bullet-headed many will never learn to trust the great artists.

— Ezra Pound

That’s nice, isn’t it?” Edith said. “That little kid is so trusting it’s kind of holy, but if his trust were misplaced it would really be holy.

— Joy Williams, Escapes

Trust is a choice. Actually, trust is more of a desperate, hopeful guess based on limited information.

— Jim C. Hines, Revisionary

When you get lost in a really strange place, nothing is more comforting than found your friend whom you trust and can show the way.

— Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

It’s hard to be happy in the now when you can’t stop worrying about the future. What I want is to trust that everything will work out. To believe with all my heart that I’ll end up where I belong.

— Lisa Schroeder, The Bridge from Me to You

I place my trust in You, O adorable Blood, our Redemption, our regeneration. Fall, drop by drop, into the hearts that have wandered from You and soften their hardness.

— Agnes of Rome

The faithless are surprised, that the faithful put no faith in them; the infidels are astounded that the wise do not put trust in them. After all we don’t entrust cement to grow abundant foliage.

— Justin K. McFarlane Beau

There is trust in there being a Spirit who loves me and wants me to have love in my life. I trust in this higher power, it is what keeps me moving forward no matter what happens.

— Kenny Loggins

Faith is nothing else than trust in the divine mercy promised in Christ.

— Philipp Melanchthon

Don’t ever trust men with good intentions. They’ll always disappoint you.”Leo

— Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Both transparency and trust form the basic component of truth itself. With truth, there is no need to be untrue. If one is truthful, then there is godliness because God is truth. And when godliness is on your side, success is guaranteed.

— Vishwas Chavan, Vishwasutras: Universal Principles for Living: Inspired by Real-Life Experiences

The one thing you don’t do is screw with me, or I’ll make your life a living hell; and trust me I’ll make sure you burn!

— Anonymous

Like a good marriage, trust on a team is never complete; it must be maintained over time

— Patrick Lencioni, Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide for Leaders, Managers, and Facilitators

I trust Canadians’ capacity to determine who will sit in their Parliament.

— Justin Trudeau

Every public company depends to some extent on the trust of its investors.

— Alex Berenson

Only an idiot would trust a Kelpie this close to the water. Getting on its back with the scent of the sea in the air would be a fast, painful means of suicide, and I’m not a fan of pain.

— Seanan McGuire, Rosemary and Rue

Strange bonds of trust and self-deception tend to grow between journalists and their subjects.

— Sam Harris

The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.

— Stephen King

I trust no one, not even myself.

— Joseph Stalin

Like everybody else, I’ve had relationships in which I was passionately in love but was completely miserable all the time and didn’t trust the person I was in love with one inch.

— Salman Rushdie

My evidence that I am saved does not lie in the fact that I preach, or that I do this or that. All my hope lies in this: that Jesus Christ came to save sinners. I am a sinner, I trust Him, then He came to save me, and I am saved.

— Charles Spurgeon

The time has come, that man should change his ideas to respect the woman and woman should her to trust the man. Now social interactions need a better way to grow up.

— M.H. Rakib, The Cavalier

You must stir it and stump it and blow your own trumpet or trust me you haven’t a chance.

— W. S. Gilbert

I have picked the very, very best deputy that I could. David Parker is a fantastic guy. He’s a person who I trust absolutely. He’s got a wonderful sense for policy. He will be great on organisation, and I know that I could not have a better deputy.

— David Cunliffe

Writing a book is not a small undertaking, but God placed it on my heart to trust Him with such a project.

— Benjamin Watson

When all else fails, trust God.

— David Robinson

Those who trust to chance must abide by the results of chance.

— Calvin Coolidge

You couldn’t trust people to be tomorrow what they had been yesterday.

— Garth Risk Hallberg, City on Fire

I’m a terrible actor. I’m still learning. When I first started, I wish I knew then to trust myself more, really. I was in a terrible panic in the early part of my career.

— Hugh Grant

I am stupid, am I not? What more can I want? If you ask them who is brave–who is true–who is just–who is it they would trust with their lives?–they would say, Tuan Jim. And yet they can never know the real, real truth….

— Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

The trust institutions have in the marketplace, the confidence customers and suppliers and workers and employees have, are very important to a business’s effectiveness.

— Janet Yellen

The most special relationships, in my experience, are based on a combination of trust and mutual respect.

— Charles Kennedy

People don’t place their trust in government or company pension plans they have to be self-reliant.

— Scott Cook

Obey every rule that will enhance your trust in God for greater work! Break every law that might cause a tear in your relationship with Him against your destiny!

— Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Takers believe in a zero-sum world, and they end up creating one where bosses, colleagues and clients don’t trust them. Givers build deeper and broader relationships – people are rooting for them instead of gunning for them.

— Adam Grant

People shouldn’t trust artists and they shouldn’t trust art. Part of the fun of art is that it invites you to interpret it.

— Tony Kushner

There was something about Mikie that made me want to trust him. It might have been the Centanario Anejo.

— Nadja Baer, Redemption

It is not good for us to trust in our merits, in our virtues or our righteousness; but only in God’s free pardon, as given us through faith in Jesus Christ.

— John Wycliffe

My trust in you was like the small child’s; who, when thrown in the air, expects to be caught, but you dropped me down, and not a moan escaped my lips.

— Faraaz Kazi

Yeah, trust the fuckhead.

— Warren Ellis, Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1: Back on the Street

Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly.

— George MacDonald

This mix of love and hate, this blend of trust and hurt I have for him is so confusing even I can’t understand it.He leaves, and I break.

— Tammy Faith, Broken Heart

You know you’ve found love when they have: a smile that melts you, an innocence that soothes, a presences that glows and a trust in them that grows. – For Lydia

— Kieran Harper

We do not trust educated people and rarely, alas, produce them, for we do not trust the independence of mind which alone makes a genuine education possible.

— James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name

The key to high-quality communication is trust, and it’s hard to trust somebody that you don’t know.

— Ben Horowitz

Being on your own would be sad, sick and weird. I don’t trust myself. I need that balance.

— Daniel Craig

When I get logical, and I don’t trust my instincts – that’s when I get in trouble.

— Angelina Jolie

Let’s put aside the politics and trust the people. Let’s embrace the unique opportunity we all have; take the heat and make the hard and difficult decisions, knowing that we’re doing it to make things better for the people of Illinois.

— Rod Blagojevich

I am glad that I can tell the truth, for lies are a form of theft; the liar steals from another person’s trust. There are liars all over the world who have grown rich on the trust they have stolen.

— Najaf Mazari

Never trust the artist. Trust the tale. The proper function of the critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it.

— D. H. Lawrence

I have made it a rule of my life to trust a man long after other people gave him up, but I don’t see how I can ever trust any human being again.

— Ulysses S. Grant

Honoring your word is the fiber from which trust is built.

— David W. Earle

I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week if there is anything to be got by it.

— Charles Dickens

The crisis of physical hunger is essentially a crisis of faith. What or whom will you trust to meet your most basic needs? Will you trust the God who made human bodies, or will you seek your own way? (Deuteronomy 8:1-3)

— Charles R. Swindoll

Our friendship is made of bendy straws, long midnight letters, my so-called life marathons, sleepless sleepovers, diner milk shakes, apron strings, a belief in beauty, sucking helium, and the most trust I’ve ever felt for anyone, including myself.

— David Levithan, The Realm of Possibility

A good pastor knows how to trust people and how to give them authority to fulfill all kinds of tasks. He tries to make himself unnoticed and unnecessary. Don’t be indispensable!

— Pastor Adelaja Sunday

Comrade Kim Jong Il, by continuing the march of Songun without interruption and with absolute trust in our service personnel and other people who were faithful to the Party’s cause, led the socialist cause of Juche along the road of victory.

— Kim Jong-un

He raised his hand in a peaceful gesture. “You need to relax a bit, dove. Like Mouse over there. You trust me, don’t you, Mouse?””Nope!””Ahhh, I’m hurt. Nobody likes me.

— Ilona Andrews, Magic Burns

Debating whether one trusts or not is a sign that one does not want to trust at all, and therefore is still incapable of it.

— Idries Shah, Thinkers of the East

A lot of tragedy would be averted if people didn’t confuse trust with love. I expect my clients to trust me. I really don’t care if they hate me. ~ Brandon Hull

— Jayden Hunter, Undressed To The Nines

Men are able to trust one another, knowing the exact degree of dishonesty they are entitled to expect.

— Stephen Leacock

If I really wanted to say or ask anything important (to her imposing father) I could not trust my tongue to get it right.

— Lynne Olson, Citizens of London: The Americans who Stood with Britain in its Darkest, Finest Hour

Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.

— Isaac Watts

Building a trust to a friend or to anyone else is like sewing a an elegant gown, once betrayed the string or needle breaks and gonna need to replace them.The relationship will go on but it will never have the same treatment.

— Bradley B. Dalina

Never trust books on the question of whether or not to trust your rational thinking. Trust your rational thinking on the question of whether or not to trust the books.

— Abhijit Naskar

Your driver is on the steer, driving you and you can feel free to doze in the car; this is trust built on competence. Competence is to ensure that your actions put people’s hearts at ease when things are in your hands.

— Israelmore Ayivor

Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust and old authors to read.

— Francis Bacon

Luca chuckled. “You will learn to trust me, princess.”Ryan scoffed as he also brushed past Luca and walked into the library. “Like hell she will.

— Franca Storm, Fated Desire

I periodically realize every few years that the only person whose taste I really trust is me.

— Brian Eno

We all make mistakes, and we all need second chances. For youth in foster care, these mistakes are often purposeful – if not consciously so; a way to test the strength of a bond and establish trust in a new parent.

— Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Life is a gift, given in trust – like a child.

— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Don’t trust children with edge tools. Don’t trust man, great God, with more power than he has until he has learned to use that little better. What a hell we should make of the world if we could do what we would!

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.

— W.C. Fields

Just add the feature trust in your profile.

— Deyth Banger

Anyway, why would you trust anything written down? She certainly didn’t trust “Mothers of Borogravia!” and that was from the government. And if you couldn’t trust the government, who could you trust?Very nearly everyone, come to think of it…

— Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment

The only way you’re going to reach places you’ve never gone is if you trust God’s direction to do things you’ve never done.

— Germany Kent

Love hurts. There is nothing as painful as heartbreak. But in order to learn to love again, you must learn to trust again.

— Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven

I think you have to be much more secure and much less angry to trust the simple. You’ve got to be in a pretty good place to trust those simple, obvious answers and, most important, to use them.

— Spencer Johnson

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.

— Corrie Ten Boom

AH I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

He that takes truth for his guide, and duty for his end, may safely trust to God’s providence to lead him aright

— Blaise Pascal

Don’t sign your namebetween worlds, surmountthe manifold of meanings, trust the tearstain, learn to live.

— Paul Celan, Glottal Stop

The biggest mistake is not to forgive someone who broke your trust but to return him the previous version of you who trusted blindly.

— Himmilicious

What is it that makes us trust our judges? Their independence in office and manner of appointment.

— John Marshall

It isn’t fair how I doubt him, and I wonder if he’ll ever gather that my loss of faith extends further than I’d ever known it would, severing lines of trust and leveling my confidence like a city-flattening tornado.

— Tammara Webber, Good For You

Don’t always trust what you see. In a bull market even a duck looks like a swan.

— Vijay Kedia

Your breakthrough is on the way. Don’t be discouraged if things are not working out right now. God is working it all out behind the scenes. It may not come when you want, but trust that it will be right on time, because our God is an on time God.

— Germany Kent

All of life is a trust fall, and I’m awakening to the thrill, rather than the fear, of being suspended midair.

— Leigh Ann Henion, Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventurer’s Search for Wonder in the Natural World

The harder I train every day on the track and in the gym, the more trust I gain in myself.

— Miguel Cotto

When team members trust each other and know that everyone is capable of admitting when they’re wrong, then conflict becomes nothing more than the pursuit of truth or the best possible answer.

— Patrick Lencioni

You cannot trust a person who only has new friends.

— J.A. Perez

I don’t trust anybody in my life except my mother and my dogs.

— Cheryl Cole

At the time I could no more believe my eyes than I can now trust my memory.

— W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

Peace and trust take years to build and seconds to shatter.

— Mahogany SilverRain

How can anyone trust scientists? If new evidence comes along, they change their minds.

— Terry Pratchett, Judgement Day

Lifting his head to gently kiss her lips, he whispered, “I trust you.” Then he covered his own eyes with her satin mask.

— Aleatha Romig, Convicted

Always trust your instinct! If you just close your eyes, talk to God and listen you can always hear the truth

— Tammy Johnson

Trust yourself more than you trust the words of others.

— Tiffany L. Jackson, 12 Keys to Success for Misfits, Weirdos & Introverts: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Understanding Your Place in the World

I like women, but you can’t always trust them. Some of them are big liars, like this one woman I met who had a dog. I asked her her dog’s name and then I asked, ‘Does he bite?’ and she said, ‘No.’ And I said, ‘So how does he eat?’ Liar!

— Demetri Martin

As time goes by, I realize that I do trust the wind. And I often write my songs for myself.

— David Friedman

When we step out in faith and use the talents He’s given us, we show that we trust God, that we believe He will bless our actions and cause us to succeed.

— Victoria Osteen

We have grown to trust blindly in our senses of balance and reason, and I can see where the mind might fight wildly to preserve its own familiar stable patterns against all evidence that it was leaning sideways.

— Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House

People who think they are free eventually end up slaves to their own desires, and those who give their freedom away to the only One you can trust with that freedom eventually get it back.

— Philip Yancey

A change in those moments, some switch turned off forever, the end of trust or safety or love, and how do we ever find the switch again?

— David Vann, Aquarium

Making promises and then saddling yourself with a political system and a political union that means that you cannot deliver those promises, I fear, doesn’t contribute to an atmosphere of trust and confidence in politics.

— Michael Gove

If you won’t trust yourself, nobody else will.

— Anamika Mishra

Blessed are you, all who put your hope and trust in the Lord.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

One thing is painfully clear-I can’t trust anyone.

— Kayla Krantz, The Council

People who cannot trust are themselves not trustworthy, and therefore cannot be entrusted with important things.

— Idries Shah, Sufi Thought and Action

You have to relax, write what you write. It sounds easy but it’s really, really hard. One of the things it took me longest to learn was to trust the writing process.

— Diane Setterfield

I asked a ref if he could give me a technical foul for thinking bad things about him. He said, of course not. I said, well, I think you stink. And he gave me a technical. You can’t trust em.

— Jim Valvano

I learned you can’t trust the judgment of good friends.

— Carl Sandburg

If you desire something, and trust that it will come to you, then you will have it.

— Mike Basevic, No Limits, Mastering the Mental Edge

An actor should never be influenced by the surroundings, because you have to submit completely, and trust me, it’s not a good feeling when you know that your father is going to come and watch you work every day!

— Arjun Kapoor

Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you; Be true to your word and your work and your friend; Put least trust in him who is foremost to praise you, Nor judge of a road till it draw to the end.

— John Boyle O’Reilly, Life of John Boyle O’Reilly

We should be wise in how we manage the little and then God can trust us with much

— Sunday Adelaja

I never trust a man who tucks in his shirt by choice or neglects coffee in favor of tea.

— Brian D’Ambrosio

No. The moral of the story in so far as it has one is that cannibals can study logic, and that if you are going to leave the path, you better have your wits about you and know better than to trust the first scary old lady who talks to you in public.

— Nick Harkaway, The Gone-Away World

To be a Christian who is willing to travel with Christ on his downward road requires being willing to detach oneself constantly from any need to be relevant, and to trust ever more deeply the Word of God.

— Henri Nouwen

We can trust ourselves to know when our boundaries are being violated.

— Melody Beattie

You need to trust God so you can trust others.

— Laurie Alice Eakes, Lady in the Mist

Never trust a man with a lunatic wife in an attic, ” Richard told me. “And anyone named Heathcliff should make you suspicious.

— John Irving, In One Person

Transparency is not about restoring trust in institutions. Transparency is the politics of managing mistrust.

— Ivan Krastev

This is me, asking a risk-taker like you to trust me. To let me love you until I take my last breath. These were my last solo flights. From now on I want to wing everything with you and only you.

— Robin Bielman, Wild About Her Wingman

If you want to be trusted, trust first. Make decisions that are grounded in your authentic principles. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t push others down to obtain success.

— Richie Norton

France, after the month of May, will share trust with the current leadership of the United States which, on many subjects, has tended to take useful positions in our view.

— Francois Hollande

Without such trust and safety, social relationships tend to become strategic rather than cooperative, increasingly full of skepticism and even anxiety and fear about others’ intentions. (p. 27)

— Donald Rothberg, The Engaged Spiritual Life: A Buddhist Approach to Transforming Ourselves and the World

He who receives money in trust to administer for the benefit of its owner, and uses it either for his own interest or against the wishes of its rightful owner, is a thief.

— Jose Marti

To seek is to show valor. To endure is to show strength. To believe all will arise in a time of perfection. There shows trust and faith in you.

— Tania Elizabeth, The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Souls Cry

They say never trust a skinny chef, but the fact is, to stay healthy when you’re a chef means you have to work twice as hard.

— Marcus Samuelsson

I trust Winsor and Newton and I paint directly upon it.

— Edward Hopper

I think if you don’t trust in yourself, it helps to trust in something else.

— Noemie Lenoir

Our confident hope is our great trust in God.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

You can’t trust anyone you have to pay, and really, they can’t trust you.

— Sara Sheridan, The Pleasure Express

It’s probably a bit of a power trip when you befriend somebody enough that they trust you to tell you things.

— Josh Brolin

If we put our trust in the common sense of common men and ‘with malice toward none and charity for all’ go forward on the great adventure of making political, economic and social democracy a practical reality, we shall not fail.

— Henry A. Wallace

Selling is a sacred trust between buyer and seller.

— Richie Norton

To trust in your own aliveness, in your own ability to sustain and be sustained – there are times when there is no greater act of defiance.

— Jessica Fechtor, Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home

Never trust a strange place because there might be someone or something that may introduce you to your death.

— Jaydeep Shah, Horror Stories 3: Knock of Death

So when it comes to Elvis and Joe, I have to trust my instincts, because they’ve gotten me here. And I have to write what I believe in, what I find moving.

— Robert Crais

Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody.

— Agatha Christie, Endless Night

People don’t trust government, they don’t trust Wall Street, they don’t trust the church, they don’t trust the media.

— Donna Brazile

There’s not much you need to know about the world. Except how to use a sword and trust very few.

— Melina Marchetta, Froi of the Exiles

I do not have any trust fund, I have always trusted God for all my funds.

— Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder

It had been my repeated experience that when you said to life calmly and firmly (but very firmly!) “I trust you do what you must ” life had an uncanny way of responding to your need.

— Olga Ilyin

The sadness of the women’s movement is that they don’t allow the necessity of love. See, I don’t personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed.

— Maya Angelou

Strong communities are built around local, real food. Food we trust to nourish our bodies, the farmer and planet.

— Kimbal Musk

Few delights can equal the presence of one whom we trust utterly.

— George MacDonald

To find love is the great human undertaking…and it’s always complicated by our compulsions and unconscious patterns, to say nothing of issues of trust and control.

— Michelle Huneven, Blame

When trust improves, the mood improves.

— Fernando Flores

Come then, put away your sword in its sheath, and let us two go up into my bed so that, lying together in the bed of love, we may then have faith and trust in each other.

— Homer, The Odyssey

Sharpen and trust your judgement: learn when spending is a shrewd investment and when it is merely an indulgence

— Rasheed Ogunlaru

My mother was sarcastic and delightful and, trust me, quite remarkable.

— Kevin Spacey

The Master, by residing in the Tao, sets an example for all beings.Because he doesn’t display himself, people can see his light.Because he has nothing to prove, people can trust his

— Lao Tzu

I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.

— Gilles Peress

Without trust and respect, only fear and distrust of others’ motives and intentions are left. Without trust and respect between parties, it is nearly impossible to find good solutions to effective communication.

— Deborah A. Beasley

Personalization is based on a bargain. In exchange for the service of filtering, you hand large companies an enormous amount of data about your daily life–much of whic you might not trust your friends with.

— Eli Pariser, The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think

Jesus teaches us to forgive and I’ve got to trust him on that one.

— Billy Corgan

love everyone, trust a few and rely on nobody

— Claude lavallee

Every single Pixar film, at one time or another, has been the worst movie ever put on film. But we know. We trust our process. We don’t get scared and say, ‘Oh, no, this film isn’t working.’

— John Lasseter

Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.

— Lauren Kate, Torment

We must not lose our trust in the power of kindness.

— Debasish Mridha

It’s difficult to get started-when it comes to dealing with an unknown quantity, people are reluctant to trust their own opinion. It helps if two or three people give you a boost.

— Lyle Lovett

I love you. I trust you and… I want to be your human canvas!

— Angela Gascoigne, Branded

If you say one thing, and do something different, how can your conscience trust you? Self-trust comes from integrity.

— Ilchi Lee, Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential

I came to trust in Jesus as my Savior after a two-year personal study of the Bible that convinced me that Scripture is free of contradiction and error – doctrinally, historically, and scientifically.

— Hugh Ross

Better to have the trust of the people than their respect. With trust, their respect could be earned later; without it, respect could never be deserved, and so to have it would be like poison.

— Orson Scott Card, Earthfall

Don’t trust something you don’t understand !!

— jojo1980

When you’re an entertainer, it’s hard not to compare yourself with the next person’s success. But you have to trust your own journey and your strengths and believe in yourself. I think that’s the best place to start.

— Kat Graham

Achievements take leaders’ name everywhere. Character keeps those names wherever they reach. A leader with no trust soon fades no matter how far he goes.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Ladder

They that trust in the Lord shall never be confounded!

— George Muller

The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.

— Ulysses S. Grant

It is always a difficult issue for each of us to trust one another yet we expect to be trusted by others.

— Auliq Ice

Don’t respect or trust any one out of your limit.Because if u cross the bridge of your patience and emotions for any one. Then you will find yourself as a broken mirror

— Agha Kousar

How much can you really trust the promise of a suicidal farther?

— Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

The most important lesson that I have learned is to trust God in every circumstance. Lots of times we go through different trials and following God’s plan seems like it doesn’t make sense at all. God is always in control and he will never leave us.

— Allyson Felix

We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.

— Frank Crane

Most companies that go through layoffs are never the same. They don’t recover because trust is broken. And if you’re not honest at the point where you’re breaking trust anyway, you will never recover.

— Ben Horowitz

Purge everything that’s holding you back. Whatever it is you feel you are being deprived of, trust the limitation serves to bring you more of what you want.

— Holly Lynn Payne, DAMASCENA – The Tale of Roses and Rumi

Alice, I am the game, and trust me: you don’t want to play me.

— Elle Lothlorien, Alice in Wonderland

Faith is our direct link to universal wisdom reminding us that we know more than we have heard or read or studied that we have only to look listen and trust the love and wisdom of the Universal Spirit working through us all.

— Dan Millman

I’ve only ever trusted my gut on everything. I don’t trust my head, I don’t trust my heart, I trust my gut.

— Bryan Adams

As you think about the future . . . give thanks and trust God . . . Even when life may be difficult, we should thank God for all He does for us—which we do not deserve.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

Afterall, trust is greater than love, and to truly trust another humanbeing is rare. Love can exist without trust, but trust cannot exist without love. Antonio; Hidden Mountain

— Sammy Sutton, King Solomon’s Journey

I hadn’t been able to trust since the age of four. I was torn between wanting to be cradled and telling the world to go fuck itself, and those were opposite sides of the same coin.

— Betsy Lerner, Food and Loathing: A Life Measured Out in Calories

Responsibilities are given to him on whom trust rests. Responsibility is always a sign of trust.

— James Cash Penney

Sometimes believing is a matter of deciding. Deciding who you’re going to trust and what you know about who you trust.

— Melissa Tagg, Like Never Before

Direct talks is the only possible way to build trust and to resolve the conditions for a peace perspective between Palestinians and Israelis.

— Reuven Rivlin

The only chance of success is to trust in your own power.

— Ally Condie, Atlantia

Ideas are only lethal if you suppress and don’t discuss them. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s stupid. Banning books shows you don’t trust your kids to think and you don’t trust yourself to be able to talk to them.

— Anna Quindlen

It’s so much easier to like people, and to let people in, to trust them until they prove that you should do otherwise. The alternative is being an iceberg.

— Taylor Swift

It had been drilled into us that to feel fear is to not fully trust God. Whoever made that up has never been beneath a cafeteria table with a tiny thread of someone else’s blood trickling onto their leg.

— Douglas Coupland, Hey Nostradamus!

I trust Jesus with all my tomorrows, knowing that He will solve the mystery of life beyond the grave.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

When we are anxiously attached, our inability to trust the intentions and behaviors of others will often lead us to escalate situations and then reject attempts to reassure us. It is a painful and dramatic spiral.

— Mary Crocker Cook, Awakening Hope. A Developmental, Behavioral, Biological Approach to Codependency Treatment.

A man becomes trustworthy when you trust him.

— Graham Greene, The Quiet American

When suffering comes, learn to trust each day into God’s hands . . . let your lips be filled with prayer and praise.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

How can people trust the harvest, unless they see it sown?

— Mary Renault

Doing designs on a loom takes a lot of talent and experience, and, trust me, I won’t be able to do that.

— Liya Kebede

Remember, nothing happens before it’s supposed to, so trust that, as you are striving for authenticity and personal excellence, the recognition of your life’s purpose is nearing closer.

— Jennifer Elisabeth, Born Ready: Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl

Taking care of whom to trust everyday, is a key to your living if your to be a live.

— Auliq Ice

Never trust the teller. Trust the tale.

— D. H. Lawrence

There is an intimacy and trust that is needed between leaders, between their assistants and advisers. Usually, you have the real substance behind closed doors; and the press conferences, you have niceties, nice photo ops.

— Tzipi Livni

One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.

— Thomas Sowell

I am deeply honored by the trust the board has placed in me to lead Duke Energy. I have a high degree of confidence in the strength of our company’s leadership and dedicated employees.

— Lynn Good

To be able to accept the wonder and the marvel of one’s own personality, however flawed or ‘accidental, ‘ and place it in and trust it to the hands of the One who made it, is one of the greatest achievements in life.

— Ravi Zacharias, The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives

We are not strangers. It’s a lack of trust that keeps us separated.

— Michael R. French, Once Upon a Lie

A defining factor of team success is trust in God.

— Sunday Adelaja

The moment someone chooses to trust in Jesus Christ, his sins are wiped away, and he is adopted into God’s family. That individual is set apart as a child of God, with a sacred purpose.

— Charles Stanley

Never divulge secrets to acquaintances.Never betray old friends for new ones.Never mistake flattery for praise.Never rely on dishonorable people.Never trust your enemy’s friends.Never mistake someone’s kindness for weakness.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Instead of vacillating, we need to value, acknowledge and trust our intuition for what it is, a sense of truth.

— Laurie Nadel, Dr. Laurie Nadel’s Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power

In a relationship, when trust is lost, everything is lost.

— Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

When I trust someone I do it without doubt or fear or reservation. And then I work on a Plan B.

— Joyce Rachelle

Love always trust and forgives.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

I write for the people I grew up with. I took extreme pains for my book to not be a native informant. Not: ‘This is Dominican food. This is a Spanish word.’ I trust my readers, even non-Spanish ones.

— Junot Diaz

Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you; Be true to your word and your work and your friend; Put least trust in him who is foremost to praise you, Nor judge of a road till it draw to the end.James Jeffery Roche

— James McAllister, iNation

Human beings are the most successful of animals because of their capability to learn, and an abused animal learns very quickly to defend itself. It also learns very quickly to trust very few people – if any.

— Brad Thor, Black List

All he could do was wait like this, patiently, until it grew light out and the birds awoke and began their day. All he could do was trust in the birds, in all the birds, with their wings and beaks.

— Haruki Murakami, Kino

Can’t trust no one else to do what you won’t do for yourself.

— Peter V. Brett, The Desert Spear

We express our lack of trust in God when we complain

— Sunday Adelaja

You can’t trust politicians. It doesn’t matter who makes a political speech. It’s all lies – and it applies to any rock star who wants to make a political speech as well.

— Bob Geldof

In that moment I’m able to accept the inevitability of how I feel, though not with joy. I need to talk to someone. I need to trust someone. And for whatever reason, I know, I know it’s her.

— Veronica Roth, Four: A Divergent Story Collection

If I’m not telling you something, it’s for a reason. Just because you trust me, it doesn’t mean I have to automatically trust you. Trust doesn’t work like that.

— David Levithan, Every Day

After all, damn it, what does being in love mean if you can’t trust a person.

— Evelyn Waugh, Vile Bodies

When we have no choice of what is to come, we must find the strength to have trust in what lies ahead. SURRENDER.

— Karen A. Baquiran

I almost trust her to burn the bridges while standing at the cliff herself. She hardly agrees to be on the same page as others, either ahead of all or all in a different book.

— Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

Instead of saying, “I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues” say “I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.

— Horacio Jones

He knows bad days. Bad days take him completely by surprise. They make him not trust the good days because it’s likely something is lurking twenty-four hours away.

— Melina Marchetta, The Piper’s Son

I am not ready to die, But I am learning to trust deathAs I have trusted life.I am movingToward a new freedom

— May Sarton, Selected Poems

The value of trust is very much like the value of dignity.

— R.A.Delmonico

Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.

— Steve Wozniak

The surest antidote for anxiety is to always do your best and have complete trust in God.

— Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

The first thing I am going to tell my successor is, don’t trust the military men – even on military matters.” JFK

— David Talbot, Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

Train leaders in behaviors that promote trust and respect. Bust existing silos and focus on what’s best for the project.

— Eunice Parisi-Carew, Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster

A lot of people with a lot of ill gotten wealth may think that they have high net worth, but will simply never be worthy of any trust or respect.

— Jeroninio Almeida, Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

There’s something about that blind trust between Timbaland and me – two people that have almost nothing in common except for a love of music – that is really rejuvenating.

— Chris Cornell

Never trust anyone, Daniel, especially the people you admire. Those are the ones who will make you suffer the worst blows.

— Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

Your big heart will make you care and care a lot – About nature, a friend, a moment, even an enemy. Sometimes you will feel no one else does. Take a breath and trust it will be momentarily. Keep looking for those who care and keep them close to you.

— Septem Nuntius, 777: Messages from the Elder Gods

My intellect is so limited, Lord, that I can only trust in You to preserve me as I should be.

— Flannery O’Connor

I’m a scientist, not a theologian. I don’t know if there is a God or not. Religion requires certainty. Revere and respect Gaia. Have trust in Gaia. But not faith.

— James Lovelock

If someone lies, well, you had a choice to trust that person or not. I think the way my father raised me, well, he trusted everybody. And that worked for him.

— Tom Brady

We are all selfish and I no more trust myself than others with a good motive.

— Lord Byron

It’s hard finding people you trust or who aren’t going to take your money. Everyone wants to get a piece of whatever you’re doing. It’s a nightmare.

— Cara Delevingne

More wine, ” Lightsong said, raising his cup.”You can’t get drunk, Your Grace, ” Llarimar noted. “Your body is immune to all toxins.””I know, ” Lightsong said as a lesser servant filled his cup. “But trust me—I’m quite good at pretending.

— Brandon Sanderson, Warbreaker

You mustn’t stand about. Come home with me to dinner.’‘No.’ More shakes his head. ‘I would rather be blown around on the river and go home hungry. If I could trust you only to put food in my mouth – but you will put words into it.

— Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall

I go to movies expecting to have a whole experience. If I want a movie that doesn’t end, I’ll go to a French movie. That’s a betrayal of trust to me. A movie has to be complete within itself; it can’t just build off the first one or play variations.

— Joss Whedon

Practice trust in small matters for huge returns in the large ones.

— Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls:Life Lessons from Solo Moments in New York

When you trust your gut, follow your heart, and use your head, magic happens!

— Jodi Livon, The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition

If I saw the gates of hell open and I stood on the brink of the abyss I would not despair I would not lose hope of mercy because I would trust in You my God.

— Gemma Galgani

Liberty, as it is conceived by current opinion, has nothing inherent about it; it is a sort of gift or trust bestowed on the individual by the state pending good behavior.

— Mary McCarthy

Can you trust me, he said. Not will you. Can you.Can I trust him?What do I have to lose?

— Robin McKinley, Sunshine

Gay male and lesbian culture is obsessed with purity of identity as the only basis for figuring out who you can trust or dance with. -Pat Califia

— Carol Queen, PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality

In God we trust all others must pay cash.

— American Saying

There is a mathematics to all his relationships, underlying each and every one. He wants it to all add up in his head and he wants to do the adding. And should someone step outside his ciphers, the circle his mind has drawn, his trust evaporates.

— Geoffrey Wood

The last thing we expect others to do, its the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them.

— Lauren Kate, Teardrop

I do not trust people who do not wear a wrist watch.

— Ama H. Vanniarachchy

As though there were a tie And obligation to posterity. We get them, bear them, breed, and nurse: What has posterity done for us. That we, lest they their rights should lose, Should trust our necks to gripe of noose?

— John Trumbull

When consumers purchase a Toyota, they are not simply purchasing a car, truck or van. They are placing their trust in our company.

— Akio Toyoda

He always believed that people live up or down to the amount of trust you put in them.

— Hilary Duff, Elixir

Despite countless prayers for Joseph to be safe, God said no. His plan remains a mystery. I have had to accept that mystery and trust Him in the dark.

— Shelley Ramsey

The trust of the people in the leaders reflects the confidence of the leaders in the people.

— Paulo Freire

Sometimes, the scariest thing you will ever have to do is trust God to fight the battles you can no longer fight.

— Shannon L. Alder

Republicans would have preferred the court overturn the health care bill, an act that would have underscored Obama’s biggest liability – the perception among voters, including those who like and trust him, that he has been ineffective.

— Ron Fournier

It is not something you can tell by looking at a person, but trust is always being increased or decreased as you interact with a person.

— Innocent Mwatsikesimbe, Mirror

When we’re down and the momentum is stacked against us. Those are the moments when we find out what we’re made of. When we learn to trust and lean on each other.

— Charles Martin, A Life Intercepted

To be honest, the fact that people trust you gives you a lot of power over people. Having another person’s trust is more powerful than all other management techniques put together.

— Linus Torvalds

It is easier for an ambitious friend to become an enemy than for an enemy to become a friend. It is even easier to make friends than you can find people to trust as friends.

— Janvier Chouteu-Chando, Disciples of Fortune

No, I don’t think I could fall in love with him, handsome though he is, because I don’t accept any of that huff he gives me about my great beauty and all that. I’d have to trust a man’s words before I could love him. I think.

— Sherwood Smith, Court Duel

I trust that when people meet, we meet for a transcendent reason, and that the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.

— Marianne Williamson

Counterintuitive actions prove we can trust real knowledge and do the opposite of what we feel makes sense.

— Penn Jillette

My daughter, Lila, is my style critic. She’ll say, ‘No, Mummy, you can’t wear that.’ She’s very good. I do trust her instinct.

— Kate Moss

Every time I make American film I just trust American directors and American writers.

— Jackie Chan

You’ve got to trust your instincts, your judgment and trust the storytelling that came before and the quality of the acting with the emotion.

— Jean-Marc Vallee

As I have said, you have no reason to trust me, and an excellent reason not to.

— Robin McKinley, Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast

I let out a battle cry. Sure, a lot of people might have mistaken it for a sudden yelp of unmanly fear, but trust me. It was a battle cry.

— Jim Butcher, My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

Commit to the healing path and trust the process.

— Rosenna Bakari

You only trust those who are absolutely like yourself, those who have signed a pledge of allegiance to this particular identity.

— Judith Butler

You desire that which exceeds my humble powers, but I trust in the compassion and mercy of the All-powerful God.

— Saint Stephen

I do not trust technology. I mean, I don’t think we’re in any danger of kids, you know, doing without video games in the future, but I am saying that their lives are largely out of balance.

— Richard Louv

Whether you’re throwing up or breaking up, you want your girlfriend right there! I don’t trust women who don’t go to their girlfriends.

— Drew Barrymore

It’s really important to me that the public have confidence in their criminal justice system. We don’t operate very well if the public doesn’t trust us.

— Sally Yates

You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

— Thomas L. Friedman, The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century

The strange part about a person’s lack of trust is that it often comes from not trusting themselves.

— David W. Earle

We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…. Government has to make those choices for people.

— Hillary Rodham Clinton

Swimming and all other sports have got to get to that place where you have the trust of the people watching it.

— Adam Peaty

A revocable living trust allows your heirs to avoid probate entirely and keeps you in complete control of your finances while you’re alive. You can always make changes to what’s in the trust and to how you’d ultimately like it managed or disbursed.

— Suze Orman

Once you trust in yourself, you automatically want to go outside of yourself.

— Jeff Koons

It is a violation of trust to use your kids as caulking for the cracks in you.

— Anne Lamott, Some Assembly Required: A Journal of My Son’s First Son

There are lots of women I look up to, but mentors are someone you talk to and not just admire. A lot of my friends that I trust are my mentors.

— Kate Moss

You saved my life.I trust you until you give me a reason to do otherwise

— Kristen Painter, Flesh and Blood

I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.

— Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl

One thing I’ve learned in my limited experience is you can justify anything intellectually. There are a million reasons to stay with someone, and a million reasons to end something – so you can really only trust your gut.

— Tavi Gevinson

Perhaps trust had to be accompanied by a measure of common sense, and a hefty dose of realism about human nature. But that would need a lot of thinking about, and the tea break did not go on forever.

— Alexander McCall Smith, The Good Husband of Zebra Drive

When you’re in the heat of the moment, you need guys you can trust and who have been there for you.

— Bradley Wiggins

Be yourself!’ said Gro. ‘No one will hear any of you otherwise, still less trust you. That’s the most important thing of all. If you’re not yourself you just can’t sustain it in the long term.

— Åsne Seierstad

In life, when you have a partner–someone you can rely on and trust with everything that you are–there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish. I will always be there for you, if you let me.

— Christina L. Barr, Sunrise Sunset

I was 22 years old when I asked Christ to come into my heart. You cannot be born a Christian you can only be converted. And that is by putting your faith and trust in Christ.

— Franklin Graham

Never trust a man, who when left alone with a tea cosey… Doesn’t try it on.

— Billy Connolly

To see a friend who has suffered the loss of all things begin again with trust and love, gives us strength to continue on.

— Mother Angelica

If people don´t trust you, maybe you´ve told them the wrong story

— Alin Sav

Do not trust and depend on someone as a godfather but accept God the father of all fathers.

— Osunsakin Adewale

I read the NY Times but I don’t trust all of it.

— David Byrne

Love need trust. If you don’t have trust on your partner, i am sure you can’t enjoy the feelings of true love.

— Raj Kumar

People respond to kindness. They trust a smile more than a promise that you will leave them choking on their own blood.

— Kiersten White, And I Darken

Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. It’s what unites us. The trick is not to let it destroy your trust in others when that happens. Don’t let them take that from you.

— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Invincible

This is not new: people do business with people they like, know and trust. Taking that axiom in to account, would YOU trust YOU?

— Beth Ramsay, #Networking is people looking for people looking for people

Heavy burden is laid on our hearts, so we do not trust in ourselves. But in God , who gives grace for endurance.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

You want to believe in leaders, really believe in leaders. You want what they are saying to be truthful, and you want to trust them.

— Pierce Brosnan

I’m so suspicious of boys-slash-men. I just don’t like them or trust them.

— Megan Fox

There’s obviously nothing wrong with selling your art – only an idiot with a trust fund would tell you otherwise. But it’s confusing to know how far you should take it.

— Banksy

Do your part to help reap a harvest, and trust God to do His part.

— Katy Kauffman, 2 Timothy: Winning the Victory

It is difficult to trust someone not raised to doctrine.

— Stephen L. Carter, Back Channel

I trust you all slept well, ” I said, deliberately keeping my tone light. I returned Malich’s glare with a tight-lipped grin.“Yes, we did, ” Kaden answered quickly.“I’m sorry to hear that.

— Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

For me, the director is the most important thing. He is steering the boat. If you don’t trust him, you won’t be able to give him your all.

— Michelle Yeoh

I trust everyone. I just don’t trust the devil inside them.

— Troy Kennedy Martin

What happens when you get to the point where you don’t know where right begins and wrong ends, when you no longer care who the bad guys are and who the good guys are supposed to be? When the only person you can really trust is yourself?

— R.K. Ryals

I don’t trust anyone… It’s something that I have to live with, and I have to find the balance of who I want in my life and who isn’t good for me.

— Selena Gomez

They are the only people in the world who I can truly trust and rely on. Touring gets really lonely. I guess I have friends around me but when you’re paying them can they ever really be true friends?

— Kelly Osbourne

Always trust yerself, lass. There’s not a soul in this world that has a heart like yers. Plenty o’ smart people here, aye, but logic ain’t always the best way to a decision. Can ye remember that? -Alban Dewberry

— E.S. Lowell, The Last Fairy Tale

Who could trust language?

— Anne Rice, The Wolf Gift

I trust people with my eyes and ears wide open.

— Amit Abraham

Amidst of all these darkness, soul wrenching pain and disappointments, you have a heart that still believes in love, trust and second chances. And that my dear, is what makes you so beautiful.

— Akshay Vasu

Is your country under great dangers? Light is gone and the darkness is everywhere? You don’t know whom to trust and what to do? Read the history of your country! There you will find out the best map for the way out!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

I’m in a great place because I trust people behind the camera as I go off, and I still go back to my day job and do film.

— Lee Daniels

The truth begins where trust ends.

— Ivan Yelkin

I will have to earn trust and respect from my kids.

— Tiger Woods

I found that the same softness which once made me a target now compelled people to trust me with their stories.

— Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me

Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

— Basheer Amiri

Donald Trump I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw him.

— Mark Cuban

All these years the people said ‘He’s acting like a kid.’ He did not know he could not fly, so he did. Well he’s one of those that knows that life is just a leap of faith. So spread your arms, hold your breath and always trust your cape.

— Guy Clark

I know none of this seems very believable. It probably doesn’t even make sense. But for once in your life, please, I am asking you to trust me. Trust yourself.

— Charles Yu, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

When the heart accepts death first, words you can trust are feelings you can take.

— Auliq Ice

Trust is not simply a matter of truthfulness, or even constancy. It is also a matter of amity and goodwill. We trust those who have our best interests at heart, and mistrust those who seem deaf to our concerns.

— Gary Hamel

perturbed to put trust on people nowadays, people changes partner as per necessity. 🙁

— kurbhatt

It takes time to earn trust and it takes time to learn to be open enough to work in at team in an effective way so that every contribution is “valuable” regardless of your personal opinion.

— Auliq Ice

When trauma involves intentional harm, such as in a crime or abuse, trust can totally collapse.

— Dena Rosenbloom, Life After Trauma: A Workbook for Healing

Twasn’t me, ’twas the Lord! I always told Him, ‘I trust to you. I don’t know where to go or what to do, but I expect You to lead me, ‘ an’ He always did.

— Harriet Tubman

But the pirates never showed, and the slaves found themselves trapped on a narrow peninsula. (Lesson: never trust pirates.)

— Erik Sass, The Mental Floss History of the World: An Irreverent Romp through Civilization’s Best Bits

Never trust the one who praise you frankly

— Ansaf Nilar

How can people trust social media over newspapers today?

— Joel Landau, Source Journalism and News Values

I trust and rely on God.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

It’s time to stop the raid on the Social Security trust fund and start allowing Americans to invest their Social Security taxes in personal savings accounts.

— Mike Pence

Do you trust me?”She could still hear him, through flesh and noise.”I love you!” she shouted.It wasn’t the answer he’d expected or the she’d expected to give. It was the wrong time, the wrong thing to say, but her answer lit a fire in his eyes.

— Dawn Metcalf, Indelible

I would rip the stars from the sky if you wished it. Anything for you. But remember to trust me. Remember your promise.

— Roshani Chokshi, The Star-Touched Queen

When you’re surrounded by all these people, it can be even lonelier than when you’re by yourself. You can be in a huge crowd, but if you don’t feel like you can trust anybody or talk to anybody, you feel like you’re really alone.

— Fiona Apple

Don’t forget: when you start a website, it’s not yet a trusted site. So you have to bring people from a trusted site to your site to build up the trust in your site.

— James Altucher

Either we are adrift in chaos or we are individuals, created, loved, upheld and placed purposefully, exactly where we are. Can you believe that? Can you trust God for that?

— Elisabeth Elliot

Suppliers and especially manufacturers have market power because they have information about a product or a service that the customer does not and cannot have, and does not need if he can trust the brand. This explains the profitability of brands.

— Peter Drucker

If we aren’t trustworthy to our own words and values, why should we expect others to trust us with their resources, let alone with their lives?

— Assegid Habtewold, The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For Continued Success in Leadership

Never trust a fiction author. They spend countless hours making you believe in a world they created. They are among the best, most dedicated liars in the world.

— James Ticknor

Once God leads you to make a decision, don’t draw back. Instead, trust His leading, and believe He goes before you—because He does.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

When you’re anxious, don’t immediately trust your automatic thoughts because oftentimes these thoughts are irrational. Thoughts are not facts. They’re just thoughts and sometimes don’t need to be given so much importance.

— John Tsilimparis, Retrain Your Anxious Brain: Practical and Effective Tools to Conquer Anxiety

I don’t trust the everyday: it is a mask, a sham. It gives the illusion of permanence, of an unshatterable calm, a placid surface; and yet underneath the pot is slowly coming to a boil.

— Rebecca Walker, Black White and Jewish

Years of togetherness teach the partners true emotional intimacy: trust and share feelings and thoughts; but often still drive them away from each other, if one partner only is willing to learn.

— Marina Moloda, Believer

I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation, and an assurance was given me that he had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death.

— John Wesley

The thing is: you might be right to trust someone at one point, but they can change.””+ in between they must be drifting from trustworthy to not. But you can’t tell how far they’ve drifted until it’s too late.

— J.J. Abrams, S.

Things often have a 50/50 chance of going our way or the other, trust that you will be able to handle the disappointment, change, discomfort and treat it all as an adventure.

— Malti Bhojwani, The Mind Spa Ignite Your Inner Life Coach

I have trust issues.”“I know. I’m on a mission to cure you of that.

— Simone Elkeles, Rules of Attraction

You should never trust a liar so you should never trust a man of honor. Those two are the worst of mankind.

— Alice Hoffman, Property Of

Things that have happened with Enron and companies like that, where they’ve squandered their employees’ pension funds, I think it has brought a new level of anxiety. People don’t feel like they can trust their employer.

— Mike Huckabee

Most teams are naturally flat; they have fewer members than a large enterprise, which allows for intimacy and trust to form. This makes collaborative problem solving in individual teams more straightforward.

— Chris Fussell

I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time.

— Robert Browning

Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than the one who is never in doubt.

— Eric Sevareid

The world doesn’t give peace, for it doesn’t have any peace to give. It fights for peace, it negotiates for peace, it maneuvers for peace, but there is no ultimate peace in the world. But Jesus gives peace to those who put their trust in Him.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

With the muscles of our body, we can lift and move heavy things. With the muscle of integrity, we can turn intention into powerful action. That’s how we can earn trust from our conscience, and can truly believe in ourselves.

— Ilchi Lee, Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential

Never trust people who smile constantly. They’re either selling something or not very bright.

— Laurell K. Hamilton, Burnt Offerings

She doesn’t trust easily, but when she does it’s always with the devil himself.

— Melody Lee, Moon Gypsy

In these times, God’s people must trust him for rest of body and soul.

— David Wilkerson

The way you build trust with your people is by being forthright and clear with them from day one. You may think people are fooled when you tell them what they want to hear. They are not fooled.

— Dick Costolo

God is good, and I love Him. Right now, God is permitting a very hard thing. Why, I don’t know, but I still trust Him.

— Dee Henderson

We grow in time to trust the future for our answers.

— Ruth Benedict

Never trust a German to get a sauce right. Their solution to everything is just add more butter.

— Kate Quinn, The Serpent and the Pearl

If you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too;!

— Rudyard Kipling, If: A Father’s Advice to His Son

Work hard, do your best, live the truth, trust yourself, have some fun…and you’ll have no regrets.

— Byrd Baggett

Prayer is the secret weapon that restores your trust in God.

— Jim George

Loyalty is everything to him, ” Robbie said. “He expected ye to trust him, to believe in him, without requiring an explanation.” She had failed David, and he could not forgive her.

— Margaret Mallory, Captured by a Laird

Many times, my intuition wins. I trust my intuition a lot. A lot.

— Thalia

For the rest of my life I’m going to trust that God is always at work in all things and give Him thanks long before my simplest prayers are answered.

— Nancy Parker Brummett

You know, sometimes you’ve got to trust the people you love. You’ve got to trust that if they’re good people, they’ll make good decisions.

— Janette Rallison, How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend

We trust to novels to train us in the practice of great indignations and great generositie.

— Henry James

An artist simply cannot trust any public emblem of merit.

— Samuel R. Delany, Dhalgren

I follow my heart for I can trust it.

— J. C. F. von Schiller

The solution is to trust yourself, to trust each other and to trust your connection with the Source of all Love and Light. To trust God.

— Brownell Landrum, A Chorus of Voices: DUET stories Volume III – Adult Version

Everything happens for a reason. Wait on God and trust in Him. He wants the best for us. He wants to take us from glory to glory, and from victory to victory.

— Germany Kent

It doesn’t get any easier. You have to stay close to the people you trust so they can put you back together again.

— Girl Meets World

You can always trust the man who died for you.

— Danny Deaubé

How do you trust a government whose people are proved to be untrustworthy?

— Kapil Sibal

Seize the day and put the least possible trust in tomorrow.

— Horace

DEFINITION NOT FOUND IN THE DICTIONARY Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children

— Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

A poet ought not to pick nature’s pocket. Let him borrow, and so borrow as to repay by the very act of borrowing. Examine nature accurately, but write from recollection, and trust more to the imagination than the memory.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

If customers don’t trust you to help them at the beginning of the sales process, they certainly won’t trust you with their money at the end of it.

— Chris Murray, Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

I just don’t think that I trust men. That’s the problem. I can appreciate a beautiful-looking man, but he’s not my type.

— Cara Delevingne

Sometimes, you’ve got to forget life’s lessons, trust your heart and give’mistake’ a second chance.

— Adwitiya Borah, The Wrong Vantage Point

When truth takes a backseat to ego and politics, trust is lost.

— Patrick Lencioni

God is very good to those who trust in Him, and often surprises them with unlooked for blessings. Little do we know what may happen to us to-morrow. Chance is banished from the faith of Christians, for they see the hand of God in everything.

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, Based on the English Standard Version

Amidst all the bacchanal and confusion in your life, find something to be grateful for, even if it is the air that you breath and trust me, this will transform you in some small way. Gratitude is really really the great multiplier.

— Akosua Dardaine Edwards, What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self-Love

They implicitly trust that their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are their own, and fail to recognize that they may be “channeling” someone else’s thoughts and feelings.

— Lisa Firestone, The Self Under Siege: A Therapeutic Model for Differentiation

But one creature said at last, “I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.

— Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Humility may well be one of the most difficult of the fruit of the Spirit to be cultivated in us – and to maintain. That’s because without humility, it’s not likely that you will put your complete trust in God.

— Joyce Meyer

Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.

— Andrew Carnegie

Just because some dreams never see light that doesn’t make us nonbelievers, they are wings to our sky and fiction makes us dream. I know the truth is fatal, especially for the stubborn’s but trust me the illusion is worse.

— Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

Love is like a bird, they flies everywhere, its free, but its hard to trust someone where they like to stay.

— Erico Quiambao

I really, sincerely believe that one should trust the work, and not the author.

— Peter Greenaway

Men trust their ears less than their eyes.

— Herodotus

There are many kinds of truth: societal truths, religious truths, fundamental truths, scientific truths, and universal truths. Your truth should be what you can trust with your heart.

— Debasish Mridha M.D.

Men come and go. They lie, or die, or leave you. A mountain is not a man, though, and a stone is a mountain’s daughter. I trust myself, and I trust my mules. I won’t fall.

— George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

I would rather trust a woman’s instinct than a man’s reason.

— Stanley Baldwin

I’m learning to trust other people to do things. My time is limited, and I’d rather be spending it with my kids.

— Kourtney Kardashian

I’ve learned to really just trust my gut and to go with what I really feel inside.

— Cassadee Pope

The fifth gift is Hope. Through each passage and season, may you trust the goodness of life.

— Charlene Costanzo, The Twelve Gifts of Birth

Do not trust to the cheering, for those persons would shout as much if you and I were going to be hanged.

— Claude M. Bristol

I trust you: That’s huge. That’s truth. That’s real love. Everyone uses ‘I love you’ so loosely.

— Justin Chatwin

During the Arab Spring, I learned all sorts of things from Twitter. I wouldn’t necessarily trust that information, but it gave me ideas about questions to ask. You can really learn things from the wisdom of crowds.

— Nicholas Kristof

You remember to trust in Heavenly Father. Life is a blessing, but it is also a testing. Take the one as you do the other and trust Him who allows all. Trust what Creator is doing, though we cannot understand it or see the full path.

— Lori Benton, A Flight of Arrows

I trust and use RakEM for my private messages and calls. Other messengers collected metadata about who I messaged, when and where – RakEM does not collect metadata, encrypts local files, and uses the strongest end-to-end encryption around.

— John McAfee

Life, ’ thought Septimus, … ‘you could never trust the bastard. What it gives with one hand, it takes away with the other.

— M.L. Stedman, The Light Between Oceans

I learn to trust someone I love..I learn to deal with heartbreak..I learn to forgive him who hurts.I never stop learning in this life.

— Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Intuition is a trust that if we follow our heart, if we follow our love, joy and truth, the Whole becomes enriched.

— Swami Dhyan Giten, Presence – Working from Within. The Psychology of Being

Sometimes you just have to put everything you got outthere and screw the consequences. Sometimes you have to jump and trust someone else to catch you. Sometimes you have to put your dignityaside and beg

— Robin Kaye, Back to You

I do not trust those who make the vaccines, or the apparatus behind it all to push it on us through fear.

— Billy Corgan

It’s too good, she is. She wants to find the good in others, and sometimes her way of finding that is to trust them, hoping she’ll not be disappointed but she sometimes is.

— Claire Keegan

I have understood over these last years that in order to believe in God, it is essential to have trust in humanity. There is no God without humanity. I continue not to believe, neither in God, nor in humanity.

— José Eduardo Agualusa, A General Theory of Oblivion

The idea that God’s mercy is connected to whether or not I shave is ludicrous, and I need to just trust myself, and that, you know, if I’m deserving of God’s mercy, I’ll get it, regardless of, you know, my beard.

— Matisyahu

In order to protect the honour of her motherland, she had betrayed the trust of her mother.

— Debajani Mohanty, The Curse of Damini

Choose those you give your trust to carefully. Be caring

— be loving

Once trust is built, distance cannot kill it. Time and space alone cannot destroy authentic connection.

— Vironika Tugaleva

Faith does not need to push the river because faith is able to trust that there is a river. The river is flowing. We are in it.

— Richard Rohr

Love is supposed to be based on trust, and trust on love, it’s something rare and beautiful when people can confide in each other without fearing what the other person will think.

— E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

Authenticity is the litmus test for the honesty, transparency, and trust which are necessary for healthy relationships.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Being: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Presence & Essence for Positive Impact

The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation where the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.

— James Madison

That’s kind of what trust is, isn’t it? A willful self-delusion.

— Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire

I find it difficult to trust my eyes. Things are never what they seem.

— Emory R. Frie, Enchanted Forest

Again, I don’t fully understand my emotion response to the library or trust it. It was the site of a series of intellectual revelations that were crucial to me, not just as a student but as a human being.

— Siri Hustvedt, A Plea for Eros: Essays

I want someone who can trust that my big hands are going to take care of them.

— Dwayne Johnson

When you’re surrounded by all these people, it can be lonelier than when you’re by yourself. You can be in a huge crowd, but if you don’t feel like you can trust anyone or talk to anybody, you feel like you’re really alone.

— Fiona Apple

There was an edge to his expression, like he didn’t trust anyone who was more attractive than he was.

— Marissa Meyer, Winter

Unless government appropriately regulates oil developments and holds oil executives accountable, the public will not trust them to drill, baby, drill. And we must!

— Sarah Palin

I just trust in God, work hard, and focus on executing.

— Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

We must allow people the space and time of discovery, and trust in all that is to come.

— Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

I have found that sometimes when a person gives up on ‘humankind’ they can often find trust and love in animal kind. André Chevalier

— Nikki Sex, Abuse

I trust myself. Beyond that, I’d just as soon go to Vegas. ~ Drew Stirling

— Jayden Hunter, Undressed To The Nines

I don’t know… I don’t think you can trust any of Kurt’s characters. That’s how Mr. Sutter operates: nothing is what it seems.

— Jimmy Smits

As contagion of sickness makes sickness, contagion of trust can make trust.

— Marianne Moore

Behold, we know not anything;I can but trust that good shall fallAt last — far off — at last, to all, And every winter change to spring.

— Alfred Tennyson

Do you always travel with such cumbersome books?”I don’t trust anyone who wouldn’t.

— Doug Dorst, S.

It’s a very brave thing to fall in love. You have to be willing to trust somebody else with your whole being, and that’s very difficult, really difficult and very brave.

— Nicole Kidman

Don’t trust the heart, it wants your blood.

— Stanisław Jerzy Lec

I wondered then if there could ever be trust in a relationship based from the outset upon deceiving other people.

— Catherine Sanderson, Petite Anglaise

My trust in a higher power that wants me to survive and have love in my life, is what keeps me moving forward.

— Kenny Loggins

Learn to always trust God in all situation, learn to forgive those who wrong u in order to receive your daily bread from God

— Idowu Ayodeji

I wish people would realize that animals are totally dependent on us, helpless, like children, a trust that is put upon us.

— James Herriot

Where I come from, family’s defined as those who don’t screw you over a paycheck. Blood makes no difference. If you can trust them with your life and know that they’ll be there come whatever hell rains down, then they’re your family.

— Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Shadows

The only people in this world I really trust are my fans – even if they do forget you so fast.

— Yukio Mishima, The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea

People don’t know the past, even though we live in literate societies, because they don’t trust the sources of the past.

— Daniel Pauly

Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow.

— Horace

So if the players trust the coach, it’s not a problem. If the players don’t trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa.

— Bill Parcells

And that, Pavel, is why you shouldn’t use magic for every tiny little thing. Where you can put your trust in science, that’s what you should do.

— Sergei Lukyanenko, Новый Дозор

I was good at being a doctor my patients liked me. At times people trust you with things they wouldn’t tell their spouses. It was a real privilege.

— Khaled Hosseini

Every text session my crush introduce me with a new quality in her crush, and trust me it’s crushing my emotions…!!

— Akansh Malik

I trust God, but He trusted me first. I love God, but He loved me first.

— Alin Sav

Oh Lass, I’m not going full out R rated for Alex, trust me, ” he emphasized and rolled his eyes. “No, no. I’m doing this for you, so you feel luscious, and if it should jolt Raf out of his comfort zone, bonus!

— Melanie Bennett, Only For Makayla

Building trust takes long- years, sometimes decades. It takes a second, a word, or a misstep to lose it. Regaining trust takes even longer.

— Assegid Habtewold, The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For Continued Success in Leadership

That’s how you know you really trust someone, I think; when you don’t have to talk all the time to make sure they still like you or prove that you have interesting stuff to say.

— Sara Zarr, Story of a Girl

Build a little fence of trust Around today Fill the space with loving work And therein stay.

— Mary Frances Butts

Trust is very hard to earn, yet very easily to lose. So, if you want people to perceive you as trust worthy make sure you always behave that way.

— Linda Alfiori, The Art of Loving Again: How to More Intelligently Start Again After a Breakup, Divorce and the Death of a Loved One

Listen to all, believe few, count on some, but trust none.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

Even an animal, if you show genuine affection, gradually trust develops… If you always showing bad face and beating, how can you develop friendship?

— Dalai Lama

You can never trust a Vampire, child.

— S.R. Crawford, No Secrets: Eternity series

Morning birdsong filled the room. For all his high opinion of birds, privileged among God’s creatures, still, deep in his heart, the Emperor did not trust them, just as he did not trust artists.

— Joseph Roth, The Radetzky March

Replace a goal of obedience with one of connection and trust instead. Children are drawn to follow those to whom they are emotionally connected. By parenting not for obedience but for relationship, kids are naturally inclined to follow your lead.

— Kelly Bartlett

Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.

— Eric Hoffer

It is not a brave thing to trust God. To true believers, it is a sweet necessity.

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students

The senses deceive from time to time, and it is prudent never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once.

— Rene Descartes

He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted.

— Lao Tzu

Contra: Why don’t you trust me honey? Wait, rather I doubt that you are in a going around.

— Vikrmn, Corpkshetra

Faith don’t come in a bushel basket, Missy. It come one step at a time. Decide to trust Him for one little thing today, and before you know it, you find out He’s so trustworthy you be putting your whole life in His hands.

— Lynn Austin, Candle in the Darkness

That cloak of love you were wearing—he’s torn it to shreds, undoing the seams of trust that held it together. How can you ever wear those shreds?

— Antonia Michaelis, The Storyteller

The restaurant business is something that you have to treat like a baby. You have to constantly be there. You can’t trust it to anybody else, because no one’s going to love it like you do.

— Action Bronson

Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window

— Steve Wozniak

I know it sounds new age-y, but what I’ve truly come up with is that you really need to trust that you’re on your own path, as long as you stay true to it and you show up, which is 99% of it.

— Jane Lynch

Trust in God, but trust yourself first.

— Debasish Mridha

There is something at work that’s bigger than us. It’s about having a trust in life and being at peace that things are happening the way they should. You do what you do as well as you can do it, and then you don’t worry or agonize about the outcome.

— Sherilyn Fenn

Of course you can trust me, ” Jake Hix said. “We read the same books.

— Lemony Snicket, When Did You See Her Last?

Without the journey and crucial moment of understanding, I would still be questioning everything before me. I know now that I must trust what comes next, for there is a plan greater than the one I can see at work.

— Brynn Myers, Falling Out of Focus

When you trust yourself, you will come out like a beautiful sunbeam through the dark clouds!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

Strong people are those who have been broken so many times, lost many people in life but still have love to give and strength to trust again.

— Steeven Shaw

We are at an impasse…There will come a time, when we can no longer safely approach any Muslim (or radicalised liberal), since we simply cannot trust that they won’t lash out with the intent to kill.

— Anita B. Sulser PhD, We Are One

I had to learn how to love myself and trust me it’s not the type of thing that happens over night.

— Crystal L. Swain, Bird Dance

Don’t trust too much to all people around you. Don’t be fool by their kindness that are showed to you.

— Jervin Balmediano

God uses nobodies that will trust Him implicitly and fully.

— Greg Gordon, Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ

Integrity and self trust are the two important powers that can help you to reach success.

— Debasish Mridha

Be true to the writer within you; tell the story you’re dying to tell in exactly the way you wish to tell it, and don’t trust anyone who tries to sway you otherwise.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

I lie to her. Because this world is not safe. The people who are supposed to protect us, the people we are supposed to trust — I know that sometimes they are the ones who do the most harm.

— Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Long Game

I can’t—won’t do that to him, ” Summer says sharply. “Or to myself. Besides, your feelings for me aren’t real. The Society did this to you. And if they did it to you, they probably scrambled my brain too. I can’t trust that any of this is real.

— Laura Kreitzer, Burning Falls

Perhaps that was a thing about attractive women: A rejection demanded their respect, made them trust you more.

— Jo Nesbø, The Snowman

The best Gift a man can get from God is a noble wife, trust me, everything is possible!

— Samuel Asumadu-Sarkodie

Ginny!” said Mr. Weasley, flabbergasted. “Haven’t I taught you anything? What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain?

— J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

When we started the e-commerce, nobody believed that China would have e-commerce because people believed in ‘guang-shi, ‘ face-to-face, and all kinds of network in traditional ways. There’s no trust system in China.

— Jack Ma

Nonviolence is kindling light of love into the dark places and budding trust from the threshold of hopelessness.

— Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

Let’s make room for the kind of art that challenges us, pushes boundaries, stirs and inspires, and takes our breath away with its uniqueness. Let’s reconnect with our artist souls and trust that if we make good art, we’ll make good money.

— Teresa R. Funke, Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life blog

…because he was far more interested in allowing his disciples to cultivate a relationship and trust with and in him than leading them to a place of “arrival”.

— Brandan Roberston, Nomad: A spirituality for travelling light

Brands are all about trust. That trust is built in drops and lost in buckets.

— Kevin Plank

I shout at him to remind him of his duties. That does not mean that I do not trust him at all.

— Anuradha Bhattacharyya, The Road Taken

A foundation built upon trust will accomplish more than a foundation built upon worry.

— K.R. Royal

Whenever there is love beyond boundaries …. Whenever trust flows deeper than oceans …. Nevertheless, a Trial is born …. You pass that trial, sacred you shall be …. if you don’t, your are immortal !!!!

— M.W.Latif

You show true friends the ugly–and trust them enough to turn it into something beautiful.

— Rachel Van Dyken, The Playboy Bachelor

We can say that Muad’Dib learned rapidly because his first training was in how to learn. And the first lesson of all was the basic trust that he could learn.

— Frank Herbert

All in all, I just don’t trust journalists – and I don’t think it’s a good practice for me to trust journalists.

— Frank Ocean

I trust the Universe Implicitly, therefore my experience is happening FOR me and not TO me. I trust the Universe. I trust the process.

— Maria Flynn

Our – our friends can’t trust us anymore. You know, Ukraine was a nuclear-armed state. They gave away their nuclear arms with the understanding that we would protect them. We won’t even give them offensive weapons.

— Ben Carson

There’s never a reason to trust someone. If there’s a reason, then it’s not trust.

— Gerald Morris, The Quest of the Fair Unknown

Those who trust us educate us.

— George Eliot, Daniel Deronda

Building a trust to a friend or to anyone else is like sewing an elegant gown, once betrayed the string or needle breaks and you gonna need to replace them.The relationship will go on but it will never have the same treatment.

— Bradley B. Dalina

I don’t trust words. I trust actions

— Ain Eineziz

Forgiveness in no way requires you to trust the one you forgive. It doesn’t mean the relationship must be restored. p. 61

— Roberta Fish, Ministering Hope to the Hurting Heart

If people love you, they will listen. If people trust you, they will follow.

— Alin Sav

In the library I felt better, words you could trust and look at till you understood them, they couldn’t change half way through a sentence like people, so it was easier to spot a lie.

— Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

I think Congress can pass a bill when the American people start regaining trust in the administration to actually do their job and enforce the laws that are already on the books.

— Jeff Duncan

The cast of ‘Vikings’ is a real team, a true ensemble. It’s a mad, eclectic, great bunch! But we support each other and trust each other completely. There are no egos.

— Clive Standen

Old friend, ‘ said Cadvan, filling another glass for himself and sniffing its rich smell. ‘If we do not trust one another, we are already defeated.

— Alison Croggon, The Singing

Do not let your heart be troubled, trust in God.

— Lailah Gifty Akita

As soon as we start putting our thoughts into words and sentences everything gets distorted, language is just no damn good—I use it because I have to, but I don’t put any trust in it. We never understand each other.

— Marcel Duchamp

Don’t you think you ought to at least think about getting yourself to your ultimate? Because, trust me, nobody else is going to get you there.

— Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You

Your calling is God trust to you

— Sunday Adelaja

With God, you are stronger than your struggles and more fierce than your fears. God provides comfort and strength to those who trust in Him. Be encouraged, keep standing, and know that everything’s going to be alright.

— Germany Kent

CIf you are honest, truthful, and transparent, people trust you. If people trust you, you have no grounds for fear, suspicion or jealousy.

— Dalai Lama XIV

I’ve tried to make choices. You don’t really trust me to.

— Kiera Cass, The Prince

Those who trust and hope in the Lord, will forever be happy.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

I doubted myself, and that made me doubt you. But you weren’t the problem. You were never the problem. I should have trusted you, but I didn’t, because I couldn’t trust myself.

— Stephanie Perkins, Isla and the Happily Ever After

Self-confidence can be defined in two sentences. (1) I trust myself to face life’s challenges and (2) I trust myself to follow my dreams and goals.

— Gudjon Bergmann, Empowerment Basics

When your steps are destined… you can trust that your journey has a variety of processes. These processes will be disguised with a perfect strife; however, the struggle is pivotal in breeding greatness…” (T.luard)

— Tiffany Luard

It had been my repeated experience that when you said to life calmly and firmly (but very firmly!) “I trust you do what you must ” life had an uncanny way of responding to your need.

— Olga Ilyin

To require God to prove that He is able and willing to fulfill His promises would be proof positive that one does not trust Him.

— Charles R. Swindoll

The thing I most connect with is the idea of not giving up. And that’s a thing I have in my own life. You have to trust your instincts and keep trying.

— Callie Thorne

Would that thy love, beloved, had less trust in me, that it might be more anxious!

— Héloïse d’Argenteuil, The Letters of Abélard and Héloïse

Plant the seeds of trust and compassionMake caring and sharing a life’s missionHold hand with dreams of greatness Peace will grow with beauty and fragrance.

— Debasish Mridha

…No man is foolish when his friend betrays him because a man’s world is most serene when he has people to trust and call friends. After all, is it not often said that a friend is another self?

— Janvier Chouteu-Chando, The Usurper: And Other Stories

I trust online banking. You know why? Because if somebody hacks into my account and defrauds my credit card company, or my online bank account, guess who takes the loss? The bank, not me.

— Kevin Mitnick

I believe that Christians believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not by works. And we believe that if you’re saved, Jesus becomes your savior. He makes a promise to you. You can trust his promises. You can bank on that word.

— Robert H. Schuller

There is a rule in Hell: Don’t trust anyone who takes time out of their day to help you.

— Heather Heffner, The Tribe of Ishmael

When praying for healing ask great things of God and expect great things from God. But let us seek for that healing that really matters the healing of the heart enabling us to trust God simply face God honestly and live triumphantly.

— Arlo F. Newell

What do you want to trust me with tonight?” A sigh escaped forcefully, waving the white flag that I was a melted, scorched woman at those words. “Anything, ” I whispered back.

— Shelly Crane, Wide Spaces

If I do find out the Secret, I won’t be able to tell it to you-you know that right?And that doesn’t mean I don’t trust you.It’s just because I can’t.Sometimes even best friends have to keep secrets from each other.”-Cass

— Pseudonymous Bosch, This Book Is Not Good for You

To be a strong and empathetic person always requires us to trust that God will send angels to the people’s heart we tried to reach, but couldn’t.

— Shannon L. Alder

My dad had always said to not trust something unless it’s taken a tumble in the dirt. He’d meant it for people, and for things. Shiny and new didn’t exist for humankind any more.

— Katherine McIntyre, Snatched

I trust that you are aware that today’s success is tomorrow’s mediocrity. This means anything appealing today will be appalling tomorrow.

— Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

Every relationship is governed by motive, capability and reliability and these three factors become the core components of the trust equation

— David Amerland, The Tribe That Discovered Trust: How Trust Is Created Lost and Regained in Commercial Interactions

Never trust money more than gold.

— Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Emotionally intelligent people trust their instincts and can identify how certain thoughts, feelings, people, and situations make them feel.

— Susan C. Young, The Art of Preparation: 8 Ways to Plan with Purpose & Intention for Positive Impact

To some extent I happily don’t know what I’m doing. I feel that it’s an artist’s responsibility to trust that.

— David Byrne

You’ve seen what you’ve seen you’ve felt what you’ve felt. Ideology is for people who don’t trust their own experiences and perceptions of the world.

— Douglas Coupland, Generation A

Everything you want lies on the other side of learning to trust yourself. Take a chance. Have faith. You already know who you are, what you want, and where you want to go.

— Vironika Tugaleva

I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it.

— Charles Dickens

When you trust yourself, you sow the seeds of fear into the hearts of your enemies!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

I realized that everything I had to do I could not do on my own, and so I was almost obliged to put myself in God’s hands, to trust in Jesus who – while I wrote my book on him – I felt bound to by an old and more profound friendship.

— Pope Benedict XVI

Time and need compels to trust strangers even for a specific time

— Tehreem Rahat

Honesty means exactly what it says. We are honest and trustworthy in all our dealings. People can trust our word, because we refuse to lie or shade the truth.

— Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

It’s that preparation that goes into each week. We have a term: ‘Trust your training, trust your teammate, and trust yourself.’

— Dan Quinn

Only trust thyself, and another shall not betray thee.

— William Penn

But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.

— Francis Chan, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

Relationships in general make people a bit nervous. It’s about trust. Do I trust you enough to go there?

— Neil LaBute

Here in the United States, our profession is much maligned, people simply don’t trust or like journalists anymore and that’s sad.

— Christiane Amanpour

Hope is a trust in a Supreme.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

No one can trust you until you can trust yourself.

— Debasish Mridha

At the end of the day, I only trust my family.

— Ali Lohan

Overcome your problems as they arise. Do not live in fear of the next bad thing in your life. Enjoy your time now and trust that you have the strength to defeat every problem that comes your way in the future.

— Avina Celeste

The only way to find out how far you can trust a person is by wholeheartedly trusting him or her.

— Debasish Mridha

Let us trust the power of love, and fly by spreading the wings of love.

— Debasish Mridha

He learned to trust the Father when circumstances seemed hopeless. Christ used the tool of adversity to forge radiant joy in his spirit.

— Nicholas Cappas, Heaven Breaks In

My body either likes you or it doesn’t. And, I trust my body but I can’t assuredly tell you why.

— Crystal Woods, Better to be able to love than to be loveable

I love actors, and I’m very protective of them. I trust them. It’s a mutual trust.

— Lee Daniels

In every tyrant’s heart there springs in the end this poison, that he cannot trust a friend.

— Aeschylus

I don’t believe in everything, I don’t trust everyone, that’s why I question everything and everyone.

— “Beta” Metani’ Marashi

Never trust a man who reads only one book.

— Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Purity of Blood

When you experience the clarity that comes when you choose trust and love, you can see other people accurately – as the same as you.

— Kimberly Giles

Never trust any complicated cocktail that remains perfectly clear until the last ingredient goes in, and then immediately clouds.

— Terry Pratchett

It’s good to have a manager who shares your interests, or goals. You can presumably trust a husband. I don’t know if it’s the best way to work. I really shouldn’t discuss this.

— Dorothy Stratten

It doesn’t make any sense… that’s why I trust it!

— Kate Winslet

The secret of a long life is to never trust a doctor.

— Luise Rainer

Fear not but trust in Providence Wherever thou may’st be.

— Thomas Haynes Bayly

I’m not saying the whole world will work this way, but with Airbnb, people are sleeping in other people’s homes and other people’s beds. So there’s a level of trust necessary to participate that’s different from an eBay or Facebook.

— Brian Chesky

As six-time world karate champion and then a movie star, I put too much trust in who I was, what I could do, and what I acquired. I forgot how much I needed others and especially God.

— Chuck Norris

Bereavement is the sharpest challenge to our trust in God; if faith can overcome this, there is no mountain which it cannot remove.

— Dean Inge

When a Promise of Leadership is neglected or unfulfilled, trust is broken, engagement erodes, and performance suffers.

— William A. Adams, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Government is a trust and the officers of the government are trustees and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.

— Henry Clay

The hardest thing to do is to trust people.

— Dwight Howard

In many ways, it was much, much harder to get the first book contract. The hardest thing probably overall has been learning not to trust people, publicists and so forth, implicitly.

— Neil Gaiman

Without trust there’s no cooperation. And without cooperation there’s no progress. History stops.

— Rick Yancey, The Last Star

After all, trust is greater than love, and to truly trust another human-being is rare. Love can exist without trust, but trust cannot exist without love.

— Sammy Sutton, King Solomon’s Journey

That’s what trust is. It’s about giving someone else power over you. Power to hurt you.

— Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages

Had her ordeal addled her mind? She was on a horse with a wild Highlander going God knew where with men even he did not trust and yet she found it thrilling!

— Margaret Mallory, The Gift

Some will wear masks their entire life because they care about what other people think, while others remove the mask to be who they truly are. The difference between the two is not the ability to trust others, but to trust in God.

— Shannon L. Alder

Women are delicate creatures at the best of times moved by desires unknown to the men who place trust in them.

— Melvin Musera

Some of us don’t trust others unless there’s a reason to trust them.I prefer to trust others until they give me a reason not to.

— Steven Aitchison

Never trust a man who doesn’t radiate love.

— Debasish Mridha

I trust my taste. I trust it completely and I always have done, and I’ve always thought it isn’t that different from everybody else’s.

— Brian Eno

I believe that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. You cannot trust people in power. The founders knew that. That’s why they divided power among three branches, to set interest against interest.

— James Comey

Sometimes the ones you trust aren’t the most trustworthy. Just better actors.

— Veronica Blade, Something Witchy This Way Comes

A wise man does not trust all his eggs to one basket.

— Miguel de Cervantes

As life has a way of unfolding as it is meant to, I have learned to trust life.

— Linda Thompson

If you can’t trust yourself, love yourself and believe in your dreams, it makes it hard for anyone else to trust, love or believe in you.

— Kim Ha Campbell, Inner Peace Outer Abundance

You have to build trust among team members so that people feel free to admit what they don’t know, make mistakes, ask for help if they need it, apologize when necessary, and not hold back their opinions.

— Patrick Lencioni

Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time… Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.

— Ziad K. Abdelnour, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics

I am not sure I trust you.””You can trust me with your life, My King.””But not with my wine, obviously. Give it back.

— Megan Whalen Turner, The King of Attolia

A breach in trust brings mistrust, followed by a multitude of troubles.

— Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I do so with humility, deeply moved by the trust you have placed in me. It is a great honor. It is an even greater responsibility.

— Mitt Romney

Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.

— Sara Shepard

I have a great agency! It’s definitely team work with my fashion career. The trick is to surround yourself with the best people, those whose opinions you really trust and value.

— Suki Waterhouse

Like the Biblical Israelites, Americans who are afraid want to put their trust in actors who can effectively protect them, but rather than turning solely to the Lord, modern citizens might choose to put their trust in government experts.

— Bethany Albertson, Anxious Politics: Democratic Citizenship in a Threatening World

Old Barley might be as old as thee hills, and might swear like a whole field of troopers, but there were redeeming youth and trust and hope enough in Chinks’s Basin to fill it to overflowing.

— Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

There are two reasons why we don’t trust people, First, we don’t know them. Second, we know them.

— Anonymous

When a salesperson truly cares about you, trust forms, and you’re more likely to buy, come back for repeat business, and refer new customers.

— Adam Grant

Is trust such a thing to be earned and spent like silver?

— Will Bly, Ravens in the Sky

We put our hope and trust in the living God.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

In any solid, good relationship, it takes a while to trust someone.

— Minka Kelly

Life turns to be colorless when people you trust the most ignore in times of sorrow.

— Srinivas Shenoy

I’ve considered having my nose fixed. But I didn’t trust anyone enough. If I could do it myself with a mirror.

— Barbra Streisand

If you ever doubt anything here, if you ever not know what to think or who to trust, you trust Todd, okay? You remember that.

— Patrick Ness

Let us restore trust back to our society

— Sunday Adelaja

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough.

— Frank Crane

I feel like our whole friendship was a lie. She’s probably the only person I’ve ever really opened up to, and the whole time she was hiding stuff from me. I just don’t feel like I can trust somebody like that.

— Brendan Halpin, Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom

Richard looked up to find a thirty-ish, tall, black haired man sauntering towards him with a smile that said “You can trust me”, but really meant “Don’t believe a word I say”. This was Jack, and he hadn’t changed a bit.

— Alexander Ferrick, HACK3R

I know it when I don’t know it. Sometimes I know it when I don’t think I know it. I need to trust myself in these moments, these rare moments of self-doubt.

— Rush Limbaugh

You may control people physically by force, but you won’t change their hearts and minds—that requires trust and friendship.

— Auliq-Ice

Accept that you will not always deal with situations with polished sophistication but trust that you have the power and exercise the will to improve how you cope.

— Carlos Wallace, Life Is Not Complicated-You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments Into Your Greatest Blessings

The sin underneath all our sins is to trust the lie of the serpent that we cannot trust the love and grace of Christ and must take matters into our own hands

— Martin Luther

Never trust the storyteller. Only trust the story.

— Neil Gaiman, Fables and Reflections

The trust of those in dark need is forgiving work.

— Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture

What we’ve gone through in the last several years has caused some people to question ‘Can we trust Microsoft?’

— Steve Ballmer

They may have been rightly overbearing in her formative years, but they also loved Roselyn enough to trust she needed dreams more than realities.

— Thomm Quackenbush, Danse Macabre (Night’s Dream, #2)

Well, I sort of don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin.

— Jack White

You learn that there’s no right way to do it, no wrong way to do it. It’s just what you feel comfortable with, to trust that, and don’t let anybody box you in to a certain style of parenting or make you feel a certain way about what your kids do.

— Stephen Curry

Be wise enough to forgive but don’t be foolish enough to trust again.

— Ikechukwu Izuakor, Great Reflections on Success

Do not lose hope — what you seek will be found. Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped to help you in their turn. Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story. (from ‘Instructions’)

— Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

In what life can I trust anything out of your mouth ever again?

— Victoria Aveyard, King’s Cage

As you call people to submit to the Person of Christ, you can trust the Spirit of Christ to lead them to salvation.

— David Platt, Follow Me: A Call to Die. A Call to Live.

To be passive is to let others decide for you. To be aggressive is to decide for others. To be assertive is to decide for yourself. And to trust that there is enough, that you are enough.

— Edith Eva Eger, The Choice: Embrace the Possible

For trust not him that hath once broken faith

— William Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Part 3

Today I trust my instinct, I trust myself. Finally.

— Isabelle Adjani

When something is as fundamental as trust the danger is that everyone thinks they understand what it is and therefore fail to define it.

— David Amerland

Any decent society has to be built on trust and love and the intelligent use of information and feelings. Education involves being able to practice those things as you struggle to build a decent society that can be nonviolent.

— Myles Horton, The Long Haul: An Autobiography

For what it’s worth: trust your feelings. I can’t promise that you’ll never get hurt again, but I can promise you the risk is worth it.

— Rick Riordan, The Serpent’s Shadow

How devastating it is to be thought of as arrogant. Surely, we have known each other long enough and well enough, for her to understand that my silence only reflects my sense of trust and satisfaction.

— Barbara Hodgson, The Tattooed Map

The maid that loves goes out to sea upon a shattered plank, and puts her trust in miracles for safety.

— Edward Young

Personally, I don’t like inherently happy people. I don’t trust them. I think there’s something seriously wrong with anyone who isn’t at least a little let down by the world.

— Tiffanie DeBartolo, How to Kill a Rock Star

I trust all joy

— Theodore Roethke, Straw for the Fire: From the Notebooks of Theodore Roethke

The sooner you decide that it is alright to believe the opposite of what the masses do, and that it is alright to trust the universe, and you choose to be happy rather than be right, the sooner you will be happy.

— Malti Bhojwani

When do you become a man? When you become your own man. When other men trust you to do a man’s work. Trust you with their name, their reputation, their thoughts. Trust you to watch their backs and trust you with their lives.

— Carew Papritz

As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.

— Joan Dye Gussow

I don’t trust my mind for everyday thinking, but I am convinced that it has one very great function, which is to eventually make me aware of astounding things.

— Jim Woodring, Jim

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

— William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him.

— Henry L. Stimson

If you cannot predict the betrayal from the ones that you love and trust the most, then you are living in a fool’s paradise.

— Lionel Suggs

I am a free spirit. I am very impulsive. I put the most trust in people chance after chance, regardless of how they treat me.

— Sasha Lane

She narrowed her gaze. “I don’t trust you to keep your eyes closed.”“Smart woman, ” he said. “I wouldn’t trust me, either, if I were you.

— Christina Brooke, London’s Last True Scoundrel

Who would not rather trust and be deceived?

— Eliza Cook

Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.

— Mona Sutphen

Everything is going to be okay, Princess Eloise, ” he whispered against her ear. “I promise.”But it wouldn’t. She knew better than to ever trust a man who promised happy endings in the middle of a kidnapping.

— Avery Flynn, His Undercover Princess

Don’t ever get discouraged, your effort may not be acknowledged but trust me it’s noticed.

— Tyconis D. Allison Ty

Without trust in the possibilities for your life, where would you be? Where would any of us be? Our hopes for the future give us momentum.

— Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limits

Never trust a species that grins all the time. It’s up to something.

— Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

The only difference between meditation and non meditation is that when we meditate we are not grasping anything or trying to do anything: instead we are releasing ourselves to our lives, with trust that our lives are all we need. (78)

— Norman Fischer, Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer’s Odyssey to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls

What is the world coming to, when you can’t trust a whore named Snake?

— Edward Conlon, Blue Blood

I generally wade in blind and trust to fate and instinct to see me through.

— Peter Straub

I love like a beaten child and I trust like an addict.

— Kris Kidd, Down for Whatever

Put your trust in God but be sure to keep your powder dry.

— Oliver Cromwell

When you trust someone, you don’t need to know everything.

— Bob Goff, Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people’s faces.

— Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

One has to be careful, whenever one tells a story about a great injustice. We are a species that loves narrative, but has been taught not to trust an individual speaker.

— Ken Liu, The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary

Our duty is found in the revealed will of God in the Scriptures. Our trust must be in the sovereign will of God as He works in the ordinary circumstances of our daily lives for our good and His glory.

— Jerry Bridges, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

Well, I – you know, the scripture says that God works by faith. And you have to have faith. You have to have trust in God so that God can work.

— Victoria Osteen

You’ve never really know what it’s like to trust God to provide for you today, because you’ve got today provided for. And probably tomorrow too. Maybe even into next winter, with all the food socked away in that extra freezer in the garage.

— Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working

Let’s do something really fucking crazy and trust each other.

— Emma Scott, How to Save a Life

I am not going to approve the home-screening format for my film just carte blanche in lieu of a theatrical screening when I cannot trust that it will ever be seen in the format that it’s intended to be.

— Jeff Nichols

They speak very well of you”.- “They speak very well of everybody.”- “That so bad?”- “Yes. It means you can´t trust them.

— Iain M. Banks

Repose not trust in testing another’s degree of honesty at the risk of one’s loss in matters big, unless collateralized.

— Firoozeh Dumas

And, with much of Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, and Mussolini’s armies in Albania, on the Greek frontier, one wasn’t sure what came next. So, don’t trust the telephone. Or the newspapers. Or the radio. Or tomorrow.

— Alan Furst, Spies of the Balkans

It’s ever so important to believe in what you do, trust your ability to create and show yourself worthy. Never sell yourself short.

— Simon Zingerman, We All Need Heroes: Stories of the Brave and Foolish

It was hard to trust someone enough to let them all the way in when I didn’t think they deserved to be there. -Cora

— Jay Crownover, Rome

Roaches should never trust humans. We’re all doomed.

— La Tisha Honor

Without God, reality is madness. Reason will tell you so. You either madly trust in God, or you trust in a world gone mad without him.

— Geoffrey Wood, Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero

Frankly, our adversaries are emboldened by the lack of American leadership in the world, and our friends and our allies, they have lost trust in us.

— Jack Keane

Know your magic, trust your magic, use your magic and know that you are a manifestation of life’s magic.

— Rasheed Ogunlaru

If you cannot trust yourself, you cannot even trust your mistrust of yourself – so that without this underlying trust in the whole system of nature you are simply paralyzed

— Alan W. Watts

The only way to find peace is to face the unknown and trust that God has heard your tears.

— Shannon L. Alder

Remember you’ve done nothing wrong. You aren’t responsible for what has happened, but you will be responsible for what may happen if you don’t trust your parents to help.” [said Craig]

— Sarah Richards, Taken in the Woods

Don’t trust your head, Samwise, it is not the best part of you.

— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

You have to trust the people who work with you and hire, but also listen to as many smart people as you can.

— George Stroumboulopoulos

When you find fame, or you get signed to a record label, it’s not what you imagined – because you imagined they would have 100 percent trust or faith in you as an artist. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case – it’s what sells.

— James Arthur

In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It’s hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn’t afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.

— Tori Amos

I put things in perspective and trust that everything is in its right place, be grateful that I’m healthy. Then throw on a cap and some killer red lipstick and gloss, that always seems to do the trick.

— Sasha Jackson

Never trust anyone Daniel, especially the people you admire

— Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Forget that blind ambition, and learn to trust your intuition.

— Jimmy Buffett

Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.

— Catherynne M. Valente, In the Night Garden

In spite of the haze of speculation, it is still something of a shock to find myself here, coming to terms with an enormous trust placed in my hands and with the inevitable sense of inadequacy that goes with that.

— Rowan Williams

We as authors sign a pact with our readers they’ll go on reading because they trust us to play fair with them and deliver what we’ve promised.

— Pamela Glass Kelly, From Inspiration to Publication: How to Succeed as a Children’s Writer: Advice from 15 Award Winning Writers

Each time you turn your life issues over to God and allow Him to lead, you build trust in Him.

— Elizabeth George, Prayers to Calm Your Heart: Finding the Path to More Peace and Less Stress

We call ourselves poor, that’s why we’re poor. When we will start calling ourselves rich then we will become rich, even it won’t look like that. Self trust is freedom.

— Arefin Bashar Arif

Order your soul reduce your wants live in charity associate in Christian community obey the laws trust in Providence.

— Saint Augustine

If I can trust the word of a friend, why do I question the word of the God of the universe? Go figure. Sin is truly bizarre.” [Running Scared, p. 111]

— Edward T. Welch

I could tell you, but you should never trust what someone says about themselves. It’s something you need to see for yourself.

— Maria La Serra, The Proverbial Mr. Universe

We have a great country, we are a great nation – let us trust in it.

— Felipe VI of Spain

It’s difficult for me to trust a woman. Men are attracted to beautiful women. Women are attracted to men who offer security – financial security. And if you have money and you’re famous, women find that sexy.

— Curtis Jackson

I need you to just trust me for now without knowing all the answers.

— J.M. Richards, Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning

…a friend is someone to whom you can tell all your secrets, someone whom you can trust without reservation, a person who is not overawed when you are at your best, and is not turned away when you are at your worst.

— Steven J. Carroll, City of Words

When we are passionate about God, we can trust our passions.

— Erwin Raphael McManus, Chasing Daylight: Seize the Power of Every Moment

I had this unusual mix of curiosity, the ability to write in ways people understood, and when I appeared, viewers seemed to trust me to get them through some cataclysmic changes.

— Tom Brokaw

To put one’s trust in God is only a longer way of saying that one will chance it.

— Samuel Butler

I think about trust and confidence as something that you earn every day, and we will keep at it, earning it every day.

— Lynn Good

I don’t think I have ever taken any ‘offbeat’ advice. Actually, I don’t know I take any advice very often. I trust my own instincts and seek out information so I can make fully informed decisions. That’s what’s worked for me.

— Diane Hendricks

When you knock off work tonight, go looking for Toby, because, trust me, he will be looking for you.

— C.J. Duggan, The Boys of Summer

She’d been trained as a child no to trust anyone, but he’d just saved her life, and she was freezing. He could be a yeti for all she cared.

— Krystal Shannan, A Very Russian Christmas

You can always trust information given you by people who are crazy they have an access to truth not available through regular channels.

— Sheila Ballantyne

Are we turning back? Because if you’re just trying to solve my post-traumatic stress problem by exposing me to rock sharks until I’m desensitized, trust me—that ship has sailed.

— Elle Lothlorien, Alice in Wonderland

If you trust in yourself. . .and believe in your dreams. . .and follow your star. . . you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.

— Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

Let us trust the power of love.

— Debasish Mridha

I can trust in my parents’ love. And it strikes me that is a big thing to trust, a big thing to have had, no matter what else happens.

— Ally Condie, Matched

If you define yourself by the title of coach or boss, you’ll never earn real trust from your players or employees.

— Bill Courtney, Against the Grain: A Coach’s Wisdom on Character, Faith, Family, and Love

Because Ann learned to trust God fifteen years ago, she is able to trust God now with an even more difficult situation.

— K. Howard Joslin, Honest Wrestling: Questions of Faith When Attacked by Life

If you don’t earn their trust at the beginning, they sure as hell won’t trust you with their money at the end.

— Chris Murray, Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent.

— William Shakespeare

I trust if your life is right, the right things will happen at the right time. If the chords are in harmony inside, I think other things will happen in the same way. That sounded highfalutin’ to me once, but I believe it now.

— Gene Wilder

Ask me, “Why would you travel on the difficult path?”. Because , I trust God to walk me through the unknown journey.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

The entire process of making a movie is sort of blind trust because, otherwise, all of it just doesn’t make any sense: the fact that we can create any sense of reality or emotion given the arbitrariness of a day.

— Brie Larson

Brains are like toddlers. They are wonderful and should be treasured, but that doesn’t mean you should trust them to take care of you in an avalanche or process serotonin effectively.

— Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

you can’t just tell someone to trust you..you gotta show them that they can trust you….

— Michael J Herbert

Middle age is when your age starts to show through your middle… and trust me, MIss, your age doesn’t show in the slightest.#dean

— Shayla Orick

Look for the consistency and you will find all the trust you need. It is often found in the people that stick around long after every one has decided to leave.

— Shannon L. Alder

Inspirational leaders need to have a winning mentality in order to inspire respect. It is hard to trust in the leadership of someone who is half-hearted about their purpose, or only sporadic in focus or enthusiasm.

— Sebastian Coe

I don’t like it, but my hands are tied. I just want you to know this: if I ever get the chance to betray you, I will. If the opportunity arises to pay you back, I’ll take it. You’ll never be able to trust me.

— Darren Shan, A Living Nightmare

Control said nothing, had said nothing for quite some time as if he didn’t trust words anymore. Or had begun to cherish the answers silence gave him.

— Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance

I can no longer trust in this loveIt has fallen like the saints aboveAll because of your sweet liesYou sang them like a lullaby”Phoenix

— Shay Leigh, Sinless Within

As soon seek roses in December, ice in June, Hope constancy in wind, or corn in chaffBelieve a woman or an epitaphOr any other thing that’s falseBefore you trust in critics.

— George Gordon Byron

I love that we can trust Barack to do what he says he’s going to do, even when it’s hard – especially when it’s hard.

— Michelle Obama

People trust their eyes above all else – but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there

— Zoë Marriott, Shadows on the Moon

If I can’t trust my child with what is happening in our home how do I think he or she will ever experience trust?

— K.L. Jordaan

No matter what you’re facing, embrace life in trust and contentment based on your faith in Jesus.

— Elizabeth George

Basically what Ingra is saying is trust him he knows what to do despite us probably dying soon.” Tria chimed in “Right…” Pantiel replied

— Charon Lloyd-Roberts, JACQUERIE. Volume II

I don’t read fashion blogs all that much. I do read magazines, and I trust my friends’ opinions, even though we all dress very differently.

— Sophia Amoruso

Let’s stop big government energy mandates like cap-and-trade, and instead trust the American innovator to make us energy independent.

— Marco Rubio

You have to trust someone before you can have rituals with them.

— Rachel Klein, The Moth Diaries

We know we are all tarnished, so we doubt everyone else too. It is sad situation, where we need a leader but cannot really trust anyone.

— Chetan Bhagat, What Young India Wants

To find yourself: be yourself, trust yourself, and love yourself.

— Debasish Mridha

With the muscle of integrity, we can turn intention into powerful action. That’s how we can earn trust form our conscience, and can truly believe in ourselves.

— Ilchi Lee, Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential

Make no mistake—we don’t trust each other, not by any stretch of the imagination.

— Marie Lu, The Midnight Star

People will doubt you, but do you doubt your own self? People will insult your integrity, but do you trust yourself? If you are at peace with yourself and with God, you can be at peace with the world.

— Nana Awere Damoah

Always trust your fellow man. And always cut the cards. Always trust God. And always build your house on high ground. Always love thy neighbor. And always pick a good neighborhood to live in.

— Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

You always do good ones. We trust you, Mr. Duke, ” Says Dylan. Foolish lads, thinks Felix: never trust a professional ham.

— Margaret Atwood, Hag-Seed

All of my favorite people – people I really trust – none of them were cool in their younger years.

— Taylor Swift

Time has taught me not to lose hope, yet not to trust too much in hope either.

— Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Never trust your colleagues. Work politics are founded by them.

— Adhish Mazumder, Solemn Tales of Human Hearts

My message to anyone who’s afraid that they can’t write music when they’re happy is ‘Just trust the passion.’ The passion can write a lot of things.

— Alanis Morissette

People don’t care anymore because they don’t believe in us; they don’t trust us. And that’s why we should change politics, not just accept the cynical frame that, ‘Well, that’s just politics.’

— Gavin Newsom

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.

— John Adams

I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to make you very uncomfortable tonight, but you’re going to be safe. Do you trust me?

— Annabel Joseph, Dark Control

You naked in my bed is even more unbelievably beautiful than I thought it would be… and trust me I’ve thought about it. A lot.

— Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far

Surrender to the unknown and trust that the universe will lead you home.

— Karen A. Baquiran

You really shouldn’t trust a soul in this game. Not when everyone has something to gain or lose.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout, Opal

I think I have to trust that you end up with the person you’re supposed to end up with, and that everything in between is there to teach you stuff.

— Taylor Swift

Monotheism makes me grouchy. I don’t trust any religion that makes God look like one of the ruling class. I guess I’m a pagan or an animist.

— Gloria Steinem

The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are. Instead, we trust people to be who we want them to be – and when they’re not, we cry.

— David Duchovny

Hope and trust are beautiful things. One gives a person the will to live, the other makes it worth living.

— Jacob Gralnick, Subterranean

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.

— Bill Murray

To restore the trust of the people, we must reform the way the government operates.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

Now the first step has to be taken, the step towards democracy. This step is full of risks, and requires trust on all sides. We don’t know where it will lead. But if we just stand still, we will have no chance of escaping the violence.

— Daniel Barenboim

When you see no present advantage, walk by faith and not by sight. Do God the honor to trust Him when it comes to matters of loss for the sake of principle.

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon

I trust God to meet my every need.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

The friend I can trust is the one who will let me have my death.The rest are actors who want me to stay and further the plot.

— Adrienne Rich, Leaflets

I guess you just have to trust your kids, trust that their innate interest in life will win out in the end, don’t you think?

— George Saunders, Tenth of December

We all can have accidents in life. God knew this, and so He sent Jesus as our Healer. His healing touch is God’s mercy to us. If you are hurt, ask God to heal you and then trust Him to do it in His way and in His time.

— Stormie Omartian, Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On

Despite the fact that logic tells us that we should not trust anyone, in any situation where the unknown variables are too many or the risks too high, we nevertheless go ahead and take what can only be called a leap of faith.

— David Amerland, The Tribe That Discovered Trust: How Trust Is Created Lost and Regained in Commercial Interactions

Love everyone; trust everyone. You might get hurt, but don’t fear because a lover has no fear.

— Debasish Mridha

Do not trust your memory it is a net full of holes the most beautiful prizes slip through it.

— Georges Duhamel

People don’t trust private health insurance companies for all the right reasons.

— Bernie Sanders

It’s definitely team work with my fashion career. The trick is to surround yourself with the best people, those whose opinions you really trust and value.

— Suki Waterhouse

Resilient communities relied on informal networks of deep trust to contend with and heal disruption.

— Andrew Zolli, Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back

It can be hard at times, but you must trust God. You shouldn’t take things into your own hands. He always knows best.

— Debbie Lynne Costello, Shattered Memories

Empowered Women 101: If he has to destroy other people to raise your self esteem and level of trust then he is not a son of God and guess what your not a daughter of God for letting him do it.

— Shannon L. Alder

Too many Christians live their lives like slaves – to the devil – because they believe his lies more than they trust God.

— Joyce Meyer

Jesus wants us to trust him to take care of all our yesterdays and tomorrows.

— Mother Angelica

There was no trust anywhere in the world, O my brothers, the way I could see it.

— Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

In the end, you have to choose whether or not to trust someone.

— Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic & Baby

I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.

— Oprah Winfrey

Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them.

— Lauren Kate, Torment

We must trust our own thinking. Trust where we’re going. And get the job done.

— Wilma Mankiller

When we believe that God expects us to try hard to become who Jesus wants us to be, we will live in that blurry, frustrating land of Should Be rather than trust in The One Who Is.

— Emily P. Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life

I just have to trust that the story is going to shake out in such a way that’s going to be palatable to readers.

— Lynn Coady

I’m always more comfortable and in a good place when I’m with friends because I know they trust me. I’m able to get great performances from people who trust me.

— Lee Daniels

Eden will stay with you.” I glanced up at the blue-haired woman who watched us. “She promises to take good care of you. Right, Eden?”Eden nodded, curt and no-nonsense, a soldier to the bones.I glanced back at Angelina. “You trust her, don’t

— Kimberly Derting, The Pledge

Never trust the translation or interpretation of something without first trusting its interpreter.

— Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees. And both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.

— Henry Clay

Trustworthiness is a mark of a success-minded person. To be seen as trustworthy is a great compliment. When people trust you, they expect that you will honor their trust.

— John Patrick Hickey, Oops! Did I Really Post That

We try too much and trust too little. Count the times God’s Book tells us to “try.” Now count the times it tells us to “trust.

— Peter Kreeft, Prayer for Beginners

You can never really trust someone who remembers every embarrassing detail of your adolescence.

— Daniel Clowes, David Boring

Do you not believe, Governess, where this power comes from, you seek? It is not from the “things” you keep. I trust the Creator to take care of me. Come what may, I will stay out of your way.”Trinity, The Little People Journey into the Mystic Sea

— Chris DiSano Davenport, The Little People Journey into the Mystic Sea

If you’ll trust me, I’ll give you a week you’ll never forget.

— Cathryn Fox, Wild Ride

There is nothing nominal or lukewarm or indifferent about standing in this hurricane of questions every day and staring each one down until you’ve mustered all the bravery and fortitude and trust it takes to whisper just one of them out loud

— Rachel Held Evans, Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church

This time I would choose to err on the side of illogic. I had to trust intuition, and plunge as I had never plunged before, with blind faith.

— Dean Koontz, Forever Odd

Never trust a man who dresses too well or stays too clean. It ain’t natural and whatever he’s up to probably ain’t legal.

— Sue Merrell, One Shoe Off

Right on the edge of fear was where trust could grow.

— Cherise Sinclair, Breaking Free

The idea is to believe me… but as far as I see the world… to believe is a sin… to trust me one very big mistake. If you do that I am fucking threat to the whole world… so?

— Deyth Banger

Focus on your portal, trust the process, don’t get so involved in the desires or beliefs of others that cause you confusion and compromise your own alignment. – – The universe loves a believer!

— Napz Cherub Pellazo

It takes a big man to trust a thief, ” Renny agreed

— Melissa Landers, Starflight

a relationship without trust is like a car without gas..you can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere…

— Michael J Herbert

Nico was devastatingly alone. He’d lost his big sister Bianca. He’d pushed away all other demigods who’d tried to get close to him. His experiences at Camp Half-Blood, in the Labyrinth and in Tartarus had left him scarred, afraid to trust anyone.

— Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Never trust a mirror, ‘ his mother had told him. ‘They never tell the truth unless you make them.

— Isobelle Carmody, Greylands

Never trust someone that claims they care nothing of what society thinks of them. Instead of conquering obstacles, they simply pretend they don’t exist.

— Tiffany Madison

Being a cat means beautiful, agile, innocent, brave, curious and trust also honorable respect for as much as not so doing bribery.

— Sekar Arum

Like some dogs: kick them once and they never trust you again, no matter how nice you are to them.

— Stephen King, The Green Mile

Trust, you give it and you take it away. You believe it with everything you have in you, you allow your heart to trust somebody else. I trusted very few in life, but sometimes you just needed to give in and fight the urge to flee.

— Holly Hood

Trust is that tiny thread that holds your brand together; when trust is torn or tampered with, you will have a broken brand; your business will fall.

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

If I had chosen the populist course, it would have been a breach of the trust placed in me by the people.

— Narendra Modi

If I can’t trust your word, I can’t trust you.

— Osayi Emokpae Lasisi, Impossible Is Stupid

I will work my heart out to earn the trust of the people of Massachusetts.

— Elizabeth Warren

If you have firm trust in God, the success that comes to you will always be that which is most useful for you whether it appears good or bad in your private judgment.

— Francis de Sales

She said it was no use waiting for trust to come to you fully formed, and then go and create a life and home together; you just had to start living with the person you loved best, and trust would build over time.

— Oddný Eir, Land of Love and Ruins

Mom was adamantly pro-choice. She had a bumper sticker on the car that read If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child? But in her case the choice was to keep me.

— Gayle Forman, If I Stay

I’m a dirt person. I trust the dirt. I don’t trust diamonds and gold.

— Eartha Kitt

We develop trust when we show that we are reliable, by doing what we say we are going to do to take care of that treasure, and then stepping it up by doing more, by anticipating problems and handling them before they even happen.

— Michele Jennae, The Connectworker

Believe what you see with your eyes, trust what you hear with your ears; know what you feel with your flesh. The rest is dream and delusion.

— Brian Staveley, The Emperor’s Blades

My father always said, ‘Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf’ – so I make sure I read.

— Emilia Clarke

The time is approaching when you will have to decide whether you trust Jesus enough to follow him into the unknown.

— Kristelle Angelli, Agnes’ Gift: A heartwarming story about the power of the Rosary

Quakers almost as good as colored. They call themselves friends and you can trust them every time.

— Harriet Tubman

Guns are like cars: you can trust a good used one better than one that’s brand new.

— Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

This Bush administration has a growing credibility gap, maybe even a credibility chasm, on environmental policy. The President has lost the trust of the American people when it comes to the environment.

— Jim Jeffords

No one has got close enough to use or abuse me, and even if they did, I wouldn’t get too emotional about it. The only thing I ever get emotional about is my family. I am kind to everyone but I trust no one. That keeps me from getting hurt.

— Akshay Kumar

Never, ever, trust a man who is willing to die in glory but is unable to live with pride.

— Mike Klepper

Are you living up to your potential? God made you with potential – potential for greatness! If you do what you can do, and trust Him to do what you can’t, you will grow into the person He gave you the potential to be!

— Joyce Meyer

I can trust in Jesus. And this Gospel that we preach does work. So those who are hurting and suffering today, hang in there. The sun will shine again.

— Tammy Faye Bakker

I don’t know what love is, But i know what true love is, It is when two people encourages each other to grow , Who will let you go out the world and trust that you will come back. This is what true love is about.

— Lyza Matociños

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.

— Maya Angelou

And trust dies from ifs and buts

— Aidan Chambers, Dying to Know You

Never trust the captain who has never taken any education from the School of Storms!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

One cannot trust a path, because the path is different for each person who takes it. One can only trust a person to choose the path that best represents their values and experiences.

— April White, Cheating Death

I’m yours for ever–for ever and ever. Here I stand; I’m as firm as a rock. If you’ll only trust me, how little you’ll be disappointed. Be mine as I am yours.

— Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Me, I trust people who show you what freaks they are. It’s the ones who blend in that ya gotta watch out for.

— Hope Larson

Fatuous words I don’t trust you I trust silenceMore than beauty more than anythingA festival of understanding

— František Halas

Deep down within the heart there is a stillness which is healing, a trust in the universal laws which is unwavering, and a strength which is rock-like. But because it is so deep we need both patience and perseverance when digging for it.

— Paul Brunton, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

Relationships are all about trust and equality. If one person shares, then the other person should share, too.

— Sophie Kinsella, Can You Keep a Secret?

You can try to reestablish your connection to Heaven – the connection we all have available to us but have forgotten, or are afraid to use. Then trust the wisdom and guidance that comes forward.

— Paul Stefaniak

I used to trust people easily, but now I’m a little careful because some experiences have taught me to not trust anyone blindly.

— Shraddha Kapoor

The first lie of life is to say that there is such a thing as trust. Can you truly say you even trust yourself?

— Michelle Horst, The Land of Shadows

I don’t trust liberals, I trust conservatives.

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

For the outside world, it may seem easy to enter into the industry if you belong to a film family, but, trust me, it’s even harder, as you have to not only prove your talent but also carve your own niche and identity.

— Armaan Malik

Do you love me?What?Do you?I love you. I don’t know if I trust you.Maybe you shouldn’t do either.Maybe I’m the one who should decide!

— Joss Whedon

I have only one rule in acting – trust the director and give him heart and soul.

— Ava Gardner

In the digital domain trust is now important not only because we really need to know how to trust people and whom to trust but because we need others to trust us and have to learn how to help them do so.

— David Amerland, The Tribe That Discovered Trust: How Trust Is Created, Propagated, Lost and Regained in Commercial Interactions

When you break the promises, you loose the credibility. When you loose the credibility, you loose the trust. So, keep your promises, because trust is the foundation of soulfully inspired life.

— Vishwas Chavan

Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.

— Pope Francis

What I’ve learned in these 11 years is you just got to stay focused and believe in yourself and trust your own ability and judgment.

— Mark Cuban

Have the discipline to listen to and to trust your instincts.

— A.D. Posey

There was a time when the United States government earned the trust of its people. There was a time when most people believed that the United States government was protecting them.

— Rush Limbaugh

Actually, I never work in movies for money. I’m glad when I get well-paid, but it’s not always the case – trust me.

— Vincent Cassel

In the road of right and wrong, trust me and hold my hand. Let’s walk into the cave none has ever strayed into, where nothing matters except us. With the light, you hold in your eyes, let me destroy all the darkness in there.

— Akshay Vasu

People’s trust in their public institutions depends on their government getting results.

— Martin O’Malley

Writers need faith, or else we can never trust the action of our words!

— Leslie Austin

I don’t trust or love anyone. Because people are so creepy. Creepy creepy creeps. Creeping around. Creeping here and creeping there. Creeping everywhere.

— Vincent Gallo

I trust in God. He is my provider, refuge, and shelter.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Helen likes Brussels sprouts. How can anyone trust her opinion?

— Lisa Kleypas, Marrying Winterborne

Never trust a hippie. That’s definitely my motto.

— Sam Taylor-Wood

After all, if you can’t trust governments, whom can you trust?

— Terry Pratchett, Raising Steam

I feel like the majority of the fear that I had or that we have we hold from other people. They’re like people that we trust they’re their fears. All of a sudden we think that they’re our fears.

— Alicia Keys

This world of ours… must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Don’t trust people who tell you other people’s secrets.

— Dan Howell

Humble leaders trust more easily because they realize that the world does not rest solely on their shoulders.

— -Shandel Slaten

You don’t have to fear your own company being perceived as human. You want it. People don’t trust companies

— they trust people.

You could be a very trustworthy person. It doesn’t matter! If they just met you, they decide to trust you or not in the 1st 3 – 4 seconds…

— Assegid Habtewold, The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For Continued Success in Leadership

Brains are like toddlers. They are wonderful and should be treasured, but that doesn’t mean you should trust them to take care of you in an avalanche or process serotonin effectively.

— Jenny Lawson

There is only one thing for us to do, and that is to do our level best right where we are every day of our lives; To use our best judgment, and then to trust the rest to that Power which holds the forces of the universe in his hands.

— Orison Swett Marden

Leaders empower individuals by building trust and coaching competence in their job roles and networking skills.

— Kenneth H. Blanchard, Collaboration Begins with You: Be a Silo Buster

One must gauge one’s trust carefully.

— Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Chosen

Once you know what you want, even if you can’t see it, even if you do not know how you will get it, you have to trust that it is there.

— Stephen Richards, How to Get Everything You Can Imagine: Volume 1: How Mind Power Works

I can’t believe that’s true. Why would Giacomo fall for someone like me? (Simona)Because you’ve given him what other women haven’t. You’ve given him your trust and honesty. (Leena)

— Grace Kagni, Giacomo’s Patience

The desert shatters the soul’s arrogance and leaves body and soul crying out in thirst and hunger. In the desert we trust God or die.

— Dan B. Allender, The Healing Path

In a time when consumers desperately want to trust businesses – but they just don’t – influencer marketing is one way to overcome this problem.

— John Rampton

Relationships like this are built on honesty and trust. If you don’t trust me-trust me to know how I’m affecting you, how far I can go with you, how far I can take you-if you can’t be honest with me, then we really can’t do this.

— E.L. James, Grey

You are a true success if you can trust yourself, love yourself, and be yourself.

— Debasish Mridha

The smarter you are, the more you know, the less reason you have to trust or love or confide.

— Keri Hulme

The more you believed in yourself, the more you could trust yourself. The more you trust yourself, the less you compare yourself to others.

— Roy T. Bennett

A relationship is built on trust and faith, and not on rules.

— Taka Sande, Little Tough Tips On Marriage

When life’s adversities overwhelm you, look beyond your circumstances with an absolute trust that God is in control.

— Mamur Mustapha

You can’t trust anybody with power.

— Newt Gingrich

A dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.

— Johnny Depp

I force people to have coffee with me, just because I don’t trust that a friendship can be maintained without any other senses besides a computer or cellphone screen.

— John Cusack

Pond’s is a name that everyone is familiar with, and I know that I can trust them when it comes to skincare.

— Amy Jackson

We’re paying the highest tribute you can pay a man. We trust him to do right. It’s that simple.

— Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

The only way that we can protect each other is if we are together. If we face things together. If we trust each other.

— Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls

I want you to trust me, ” Gabe whispered against her lips.Lauren closed her eyes and fought the urge to kiss him. “I still don’t.”Gabe laughed. “Yeah, you do. You might not want to, but you do.

— Kishan Paul, Blind Love

I know betrayal can unravel a man. I learned early on from watching my parents that men are capable of doing terrible things to women when they feel deceived. When the bubble of trust and honesty bursts, nothing is off-limits.

— Sadeqa Johnson, Second House from the Corner

Prior to email, our private correspondence was secured by a government institution called the postal service. Today, we trust AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, or Gmail with our private utterances.

— John Battelle

Your crew becomes your family and you trust the director and the other actors on the set, and it’s a very safe place.

— Aleksa Palladino

You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.

— Anton Chekhov

Trust is just a choice. Someone can’t earn your trust if you don’t choose to let them, to give them the chance to show you.

— Sarah Robinson, Becoming a Legend

Blessed is the person who desired to read the Holy Scriptures. It’s brings great reward to those who believe, trust and obey the Holy instructions.

— Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Use your intuition. Just trust yourself and keep true to that.

— Christina Maharaj

Trust means there is no question.If there is no question then no need for any answer, which means complete balance.Always keep in your mind trust is the base for any kind of relationship.

— Deshwal Sachin

It was true; books had saved me in my home remodeling projects, but they fell short in teaching me how to trust my instincts, and how to stop thinking with my educated brain and more with my kneecaps and butt cheeks.

— Dee Williams

To question reason is to trust it.

— Mitch Stokes

Kindness has no religion – no boundaries. It is the trust of the soul.

— Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

Advertising teaches people not to trust their judgment. Advertising teaches people to be stupid.

— Carl Sagan, Contact

For the first time in a long time he decided to trust that the woman next to him, who smelled like peaches and cream and made him think of nothing but sex, wasn’t going to kill him in his sleep.

— Katie Reus, Shattered Duty

I was so afraid of wanting too much that I couldn’t trust her handing me a shot at getting it. I don’t want to be that senselessly fearful ever again.

— Tammara Webber, Where You Are

When the people we love stop paying attention, trust begins to slip away and hurt starts seeping in.

— Brene Brown

He lifts my chin and looks at me. “I don’t want to break you, Lou-Lou.” He leans his forehead against mine. “But sometimes you have to break in order to be fixed. And if you trust me enough to fall apart, I swear…I’ll put you back together again.

— Ashley Jade, Blame It on the Shame

we are affirming our trust that creation means well within us all, and that whatever painful growth and change may lie ahead, it is leading us to Life, not destruction

— Margaret Silf, Sacred Spaces: Stations on a Celtic Way

thoughts feelings actions emotions behavior , which one have most powerful effect to change you ? , which one of them can control the others ? which one come from your soul?which one come without restrictions? Which one should you trust more ?

— Sherif Mansy

We pledge to you that we will create jobs. End economic uncertainty and make America more competitive. We will cut Washington wasteful spending and reduce the size of government. And we will reform Congress and restore your trust in government.

— Kevin McCarthy

All I want from you is to trust me with what little you can, and grow in loving people around you with the same love I share with you. It’s not your job to change them, or to convince them. You are free to love without an agenda.

— William Paul Young, The Shack

In order to heal themselves, people must recognize, first, that they have an inner guidance deep within and, second, that they can trust it.

— Shakti Gawain